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Muppet Peter Pan #1 REVIEWED

G-Man reviews the first magical issue.

Who doesn't love the Muppets?  How about the Muppets doing Peter Pan?  This comic may not be for everyone but I guarantee those that do decide to pick this up will be pleased.  We've seen several variations and adaptions of these classic tales.  Boom! Kids is adding a new take on them with the Muppets (there's also Muppet Robin Hood).  The tricky part is to present the Muppets as drawings when we're so used to seeing them as...Muppets.

What is important with the Boom! Kids line is that they are offering a great line up of comics for the younger readers.  I've mentioned before how it's important to get the kids started reading (in other words, get them hooked at a young age).  It's also great seeing these characters in comic format and done so well.  If you're looking for a comic to give to a younger relative or loved one, this is simply a beautiful, fun, light-hearted comic.  You know I like the crazy and violent stuff as well but it's nice to see things from a lighter perspective.
So if you're in the mood for something that looks great and is fun, check out the Muppets comics (or any of the other Boom! Kids comics).  It shouldn't be all about zombies and superheroes dying. 
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Posted by xerox_kitty

I'm reminded of Sam the Eagle in the Christmas Carol: the AMERICAN way! ;)

Posted by FoxxFireArt

Ah yes, let's treat reading the same way the cigarette companies do. Get them hooked while they are young.
You certainly did pick a good cover. Mind you, I haven't seen the others, but this is a very nice image. I like that they are sticking to a pretty traditional Muppet story style, rather then going so childish it's closer to Sesame Street. Yes, I know they are all Muppets, but you get my point.

Posted by ryanwh

Graphic novel of the year, calling it.

Posted by Media_Master

I haven't seen the muppets in a while

Posted by Decept-O

Just want to say I think its GREAT that an effort is being made to provide comics for kids that are light and entertaining.  Can't go wrong with the Muppets!
Posted by Green ankh

Looks like fun.  Like i most of us i grew up on the Muppets i'll check this out thanks.
Posted by _brandon

Terrific start to this mini. 
The casting of Bean was a good move. The use of Sam as the narrator's narrator was very clever.  
Boom! has been knocking all the Muppet series out of the park.
Posted by Moomin123

Muppets are funny. I liked that part on the Christmas special where Miss Piggy is a cameo on Scrubs. My favourite Muppets are Beaker, Statler and Waldorf and Sam the Eagle.