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Mouse Guard: Winter 1152 Is A NY Times Best Seller

Have you read this book? If not, you really should.


Mouse Guard is a book that you ought to check out.   Mouse Guard Vol 2: Winter 1152 is an official New York Times Best Seller.  Not only is it a best seller, it debuted at #4 on the Hardcover Graphic Books Best Seller LIst for the week ending August 1.   
According to the NY Times, the rankings "reflect sales of graphic novels, for the week ending August 1, at many thousands of venues where a wide range of books are sold nationwide.  These include hundreds of independent book retailers (statistically weighted to represent all such outlets); national, regional and local chains; online and multimedia entertainment retailers; university, gift, supermarket, discount department stores and newstands.  In addition, these rankings also include unit sales reported by retailers nationwide that specialize in graphic novels and comic books."   
In other words, the book rocked the sales charts.  Here's what creator David Petersen said: 

I am amazed and honored that Mouse Guard Vol. 2: Winter 1152 even made a list like The New York Times Best Sellers.  I'm already proud of the work I did on this book, so to see the fans are eager to read it only makes the whole experience more fulfilling and I thank them for that. 

You know that we've been praising this book for a while now.  You should check it out to see what everyone has been digging all this time.
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Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau


Mouse Guard is where its at son
Posted by No_Name_

Yes! Huge congratulations to Archaia Comics for making the NY Times Best Seller list. This book completely deserves all of the success it has received.

Posted by Pheeke

damn i knew it was good and i consigerd buying it when i saw it in my comic shop but i didn't have enough money.
Posted by G-Man
@Pheeke said:
" damn i knew it was good and i consigerd buying it when i saw it in my comic shop but i didn't have enough money. "
Considering it's now offically a 'best seller,' its bound to be in stock longer.  So you should be able to pick it up and find it at more locations.  You can also buy it online.
Edited by MysterioMaximus

I've heard of it, but didn't know much about it. Just based upon the pictures, it strikes me as Watership Down meets Lord of the Rings, but I don't actually know anything of the story. The cloaks and backpacks and pipes all looks so very Tolkien. Maybe I'll pick it up.
Posted by Pheeke

i think i might pick it up the next time i'm there.  
That watership down movie was so scary! those poor bunnies i don't think its like that, i hope its not like that! 
i still have nightmares of it!
Posted by MysterioMaximus

AAAH! The nightmares are rushing back!
Edited by Jean_Luc_LeBeau
@Pheeke: You wont regret it I promise.
Edited by Media_Master

soo...its about mice     %Pr