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MORIARTY Takes Over Kickstarter

Looks like there could be more MORIARTY comics coming from Daniel Corey.

Everyone knows about Sherlock Holmes. There's probably a few that know about Moriarty as well. There's been a couple different versions on TV but you may recall the 2011 series from Daniel Corey and Image Comics.

The comic series took place twenty years after the death of Sherlock Holmes. What's a 'villain' to do when his arch rival has been dead for so many years? That's where the crazy adventure began when a woman from Moriarty's past shows up.

Check out this video to find out more!

To see more of Moriarty in the lead, that's where you and Kickstarter comes in. Making comics isn't cheap and this is a project that could use a little kickstart in order to continue.

There has been two collected volumes plus a hardcover omnibus. Daniel Corey and artist Anthony Diecidue are ready to give us more. Here's what Corey had to say:

“Few the past few years, Anthony and I have sent the Professor on an epic, globe-trotting adventure that has far-reaching ramifications, both for himself and for the world he lives in. This next story will bring a close to an important chapter of his life, taking him in exciting new directions.

Indie comics is a wonderful and tough business to be in, and for this outing, we really need the fans’ help.”

Visit the MORIARTY Returns! project homepage HERE to pledge your support and help MORIARTY fight another day. Check out the pledge goals! The campaign launches at 3 PM on Tuesday, October 1st, and will conclude at 3 PM October 31st.

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Posted by thespideyguy

Looks cool but I don't do Kickstarter.

Posted by G-Man

@thespideyguy: A lot of time Kickstarter is like pre-ordering. Other goals can be really cool. I really hope this makes it.

Edited by M3th

MetH would love to Help but MetH can't currently afford to even buy tHe comics tHat interest MetH. MetH needs to do a oil cHange and Has to pay His cellpHone bill tHis week. MetH cannot Help but MetH does Hope if enougH fans exist tHey will Help out, tHen again... tHe question is, can MetH spare a dollar?


Edited by Provehito

I've been interested in reading this series since a while ago. I read the entire first volume of Sherlock Holmes, and I am fascinated by great villains. The fact that there was a Moriarty series made this a must-read for me. Good to see there'll be more stories, that way it serves as an entice to read the first one.

Posted by longbowhunter

I remember this series. Never read it but it look like something I'd like.

Posted by deadpool25mm

Hmm sounds realy cool, I'll try and pledge. :)

Posted by CitizenJP
Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Moriarty was a great comic I'm all for more of that

Posted by thespideyguy

@g_man: The only time I'll do a kickstarter is for a Firefly Sequel.

Posted by Renchamp

The BBC version was capital. I'll have to check into this to get another read on the character.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

This looks AWESOME. Sure hope this one succeeds.

Posted by sagejonathan

@thespideyguy: Why don't you use kickstarter? It's a wonderful thing.

Edited by Hit_Monkey

Can't stop slobbering over my keyboard over here. Just thinking about the prospect of a continuation.... Oh I am so in.

Posted by CoffeeWithBagels

Moriarty returns ... this was all apart of plan since the beginning.