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More WonderCon Updates

I got to WonderCon yesterday a few minutes after it officially opened.  There was a huge line at the convention center.  As a guy was trying to direct people where to go, I walked up to him and asked where "press" goes.  He directed me to a door and I got to skip the line.  I walked up to the counter and gave them my name.  They had a press badge waiting for me.  Walking into the main room, you see a ton of vendors.  It's like every comic store you could image was there.  If there was any sort of comic-related merchandise, (t-shirts, action figures, back issues, statues, etc) you could probably find it there.  I browsed a little through there but was really interested in the "Artists' Alley."

The first artist I saw and rushed over to was Chris Giarrusso.  Chris is the guy that draws the Mini-Marvels.  I got to see an upcoming 4-page Skrull story he has coming up.  I talked about doing an interview with him soon and got him to do a sketch for us (as you can see).

Talked to several other artists.  They were all pretty busy doing sketches for folks.  Basically you have to get there first thing and get your name on a list.  Like J. Scott Campbell was already booked for the day.  Even though they were all busy, they all made time to talk to people as they walk by.  They were all more than willing to talk about things. 

When I say Mark Bagley, I had to ask him about Spider-Man.  I asked him if he was tired of drawing the character after so many years.  He said he still loves the character but felt it was time to move on.  With his stint on Mighty Avengers over, he's now doing an exclusive contract with DC.  He's looking forward to "playing" with their characters.  His first project with be the "Trinity" weekly series with Kurt Busiek.  Looks good.

I saw a funny bit with Mike Mignola.  He was doing a sketch for someone (don't recall if he was charging, don't remember seeing any money exchange hands).  The girl wanted Pyro but he asked if he could do Hellboy instead.  It was amazing watching him crank out a Hellboy sketch with ease. 

Sergio Aragones was in a great mood also.  I asked him about his stint on Will Eisner's The Spirit.  His first issue (writing) came out last week.  I liked it.  After reading his "funny" stuff for so many years, I have to admit I was surprised.  I asked him how long he would be writing The Spirit and he said for as long as people like it.  Hear that?   Go out and buy it if you haven't already.

I talked with a few of the publishers too.  DC Comics had some cool temporary tattoos with the Superman and Batman logos.  They also had ones of the Tiny Titans. 

Oni Press is really excited about the Jumper license they have.  I made sure that we'll be getting more previews from them.

I spent a bit of time talking to some of the editors at IDW Publishing too.  I found out the new Doctor Who comic lands this Wednesday.  It was originally advertised as coming out in January.  I flipped through the first issue.  Looks good.  It'll be nice seeing new adventures with the Doctor and Martha.  I also found out that their Ghost Whisperer comic was surprisingly a big hit.  I suppose having Jennifer Love Hewitt on the cover didn't help.  The Editor for Star Trek was really excited about some stuff they have coming.  And I was told that John Bryne is going to be doing a Star Trek story.  That I'll want to see.

I also got to see the LOST video game in action.  Looks pretty cool.  There were too many kids on it for me to wait my turn.  Maybe I'll have to pick that one up.


The panels were...okay.  Nothing really major related to comics, surprisingly.  It seemed more geared towards entertainment.  I mean they even had a thing for Harold and Kumar.  I'm looking forward to the San Diego Comic-Con.  I will be there in full force.

The images below are of me and the original Hulk, Lou Ferrigno, Kurt Busiek, Mike Mignola and Sergio Aragones.


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