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More Smallville: Absolute Justice Images

What do you think about these?

We're getting closer and closer to the two-hour Smallville: Absolute Justice episode written by Geoff Johns.   We posted another trailer for it yesterday.  Mania and Screen Rant have posted new images for the episode.   
I know people have asked if we'll be seeing other members of the Justice Society will be showing up since we've seen some memorabilia from the others in the various promos.  I would think that we won't since we haven't seen images or heard about casting.  Unless the CW has managed to keep it under wraps. 
Here's some more images to check out (click to enlarge): 

Was there any other members you were hoping to see?  Alan Scott?  Jay Garrick?  I have faith in this episode but I will still have my fingers crossed that it will be great as I watch.
Posted by superman77777

hawkgirl would probily be hot in smallville
Posted by Namor1987

Green Arrow looks ill & Martian Manhunter looks cool

Posted by superman77777

and stargirl looks sexy

Posted by starkiller95

nice costumes

Posted by FoxxFireArt

I really wish they would stop showing off Hawkman's wings. I laugh out loud every time. His little chest emblem even changes color. Looking at that I keep thinking Thundercats.
This Stargirl looks like she's late for the Tour de France.

Posted by superman77777
 heres 2 more images i made from my nintendo dsi
Posted by FoxxFireArt
It's the skin tight biking clothes that make her look silly. Works in the comics. Not so well in real life. Add in that KMart Mask. It looks like fairly decent cosplay at best.
I've thought about getting a DSi. I already have a DS Lite so I'm in no rush. I'm curious. Can you access sites like Twitter on that and post your pictures?
Posted by sfizzle

i still can't get used to hawkman's look

Posted by superman77777
yep  but you can only upload photos to  unless you have a sd card to put in the dsi and if your computer has a sd card slot to put an sd card in and theres 2 built in cameras on the dsi and a longer ranged wi-fi chip in the dsi and i e-mailed nintendo asking them to put an upload feature on the dsi so people would be able to upload photos to alot more websites and the dsi can get classic games and other things on it from the internet
Posted by goldenkey

Clark looks like Neo with black Superman shirt on.  It's like a comic convention. 
Posted by superman77777

lets hope they give clark the superman suit when martha kent comes home to smallville
Posted by NightFang

Love MM's new look!

Posted by Sylar0

Where's Dr.Midnight!!! I want to see Dr.Midnight, and what is up with Hawkmans helmet it looks like he bought it at walmart. But I can't wait to see the episodes.
Posted by MKF30
Posted by AtPhantom

Ah, Smallville. Raping our childhood one character at the time...

Posted by MKF30

Yeah, 10 years of joy is really "rape" that no other comicbook tv series has even come close

Posted by TheMess1428

Who is the white kid?

Posted by Thor'sHammer

I'm sure the final image on the final episode will be Supes in uniform.

Posted by Bruce Vain

Looking forward to the premire of this :D
Posted by AtPhantom
@MKF30 said:

Yeah, 10 years of joy is really "rape" that no other comicbook tv series has even come close

I didn't say anything about the quality of the show. I'm talking about the character designs. Excuse me if I'm not in the mood of seeing some of my favorite characters dressed as throw-away power rangers villains.
Posted by jefprice

I'm a HUGE fan of Hawkman, always have been since I was like 3. Except for the breastplate he looks just like the comics, I'm VERY excited for this ep

Posted by Yung ANcient One

WHy oh why is Clark wearing all black and a F@$# up... Silver S (SUpes logo)?

Posted by Bearded Justice
@Sylar0 said:
"Where's Dr.Midnight!!! I want to see Dr.Midnight, and what is up with Hawkmans helmet it looks like he bought it at walmart. But I can't wait to see the episodes. "

yes, thank you!  Where is Midnight?!
Posted by superman77777
the guy playing hawkman didint want to show his chest off accourding to in interview i read a few months ago so they built thye armered chest plate for hawkman since he was a coward 
Posted by Omega Ray Jay

Ok, I don't and naver have watched this show but one thing does puzzle me, how can be become 'Superman' if they all know his face?
Any assistance in my question would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by reaper2923

1 more week!

Posted by CrazyAsAFox
@TheMess1428: I think its supposed to be Icicle
Posted by TheMess1428
@CrazyAsAFox: That's what I was hoping.
Posted by mrrpm01


Posted by hpwaz
@CrazyAsAFox said:
" @TheMess1428: I think its supposed to be Icicle "

It is. And also, I found this picture on Smallville Wiki:
Posted by Bullseye1930

So Chris Benoit is back as a Black Lantern, and he's using the ring to play Hawkman?
Edited by MKF30

 @AtPhantom, I thought you were making a general statement about the show...thanks for clarifying though. On the costume gig, that's just the thing....I didn't hear anyone complain about "The Dark Knight"/Batman Begins look because most people feel the comic look Batman looks how do you say...lame compared to the all black, ninja like more badass look in film perspective..even the original Batman was all black and yellow batman icon on the chest...I respect the original look of all of them obviously, but for TV and film in general, sometimes you have to add some "style" and "modernness" to it..that's all, outside of that they all look close enough to the comics if you ask me. As long as they don't alter their looks "drastically" I'm fine. I personally don't see how any of these heroes look anything like Power Ranger villians but to each his own man. 
No way...Icecicle kills Fate? No way...

Posted by 00 Raiser
@superman77777: Definitely agree. They should have went with Donna Troy
Posted by Illyana Rasputin

No Wonder Woman, eh? Stargirl is nice, but...

Posted by daveydavey

Posted by LP

Hey, this put a smile on my face - the costumes actually look good now and this looks like it'll be a nice episode!

Posted by Argentino_18

Icicle is from the '80 or what... 
That Punk look is horrible...

Posted by Dro

I don't think I'd be able to watch this with a straight face. Those costumes man...

Posted by RaDicalCannibal

I'll probably watch it, the trailer was kinda sweet.
I liked season 9 so far, i skipped every smallville season and just watched season 9, i prefer the *** kicking over the 'angstyness of clark in the past seasons.

Posted by jacobyLIVE

I'm not sure how much crime Hawkman can fight with that plastic mace and all...

Posted by MKF30

Might be rubber or softer metal actually...who knows right? He'll fight as much crime as cops do in movies with their rubber prop guns :)