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More On Batman Beyond: Adam Beechen Talks To Comic Vine

Find out more about what you can expect.

When DC's The Source announced yesterday that Batman Beyond would be returning to comics, I had to find out more. I contacted the man set to write the mini-series in June, Adam Beechen.  

Comic Vine: Congrats on writing the June six issue Batman Beyond mini-series. Obvious question, were you a fan of the show?
Adam Beechen: Oh, yeah, absolutely!  I thought it was a brilliant way to reinvigorate the concept.  Setting it in the future gave longtime fans the fun of speculating what happened in the intervening years, while new fans could come to it cold and just enjoy it for what it was. It appealed to people who liked comics, science fiction, or both.  Plus, some of my favorite animation and comics writers worked on the show, so I was glued to the TV.

CV: How closely will the mini follow the TV series? Where would it fit in terms of continuity?
AB: It picks up not too long after the television series proper, but before the character’s appearance at the end of the Justice League Unlimited series.

CV: Will the mini immediately follow the events in Paul Levitz's Superman/Batman annual?
AB: Our stories will be pretty separate, I think, but I haven’t read Paul’s story yet. I’m anxious to!

CV: How would you feel about a Batman Beyond ongoing series?
AB: Obviously, I’d love it, both as someone who’d hopefully have a shot at writing such a series, as well as being a fan of the show.

 CV: Do you feel pressure from the Batman Beyond fans?
AB: I feel pressure any time I take on a new project — mostly from myself.  I want every story I write to be my best possible effort.  If the project involves a pre-existing character, I put even more pressure on myself — to be true to the original spirit and creators of the project while still accomplishing the goals the editor and I have come up with for the book; to give fans of the original series a story that fits with and extends what they’ve seen before; and to give fans of Batman mythology who might not be familiar with Batman Beyond a cool and satisfying introduction to the character and the world.  Luckily, I think we’ve come up with a story I think will excite both fans of the show and its continuity, as well as longtime fans of the mainstream Batman comics.  I can’t wait to hear reactions to the last page of the first issue.
CV:  What was your favorite episode?
AB: Well, “Return of the Joker,” while not an episode, was pretty darn amazing. It was a brilliant way to bring the Joker back, and the horrors they put poor Tim through were genuinely chilling.

CV: What would you like to add to Terry McGinnis' story? Since we've seen 15 years after the last Batman Beyond episode (in Justice League Unlimited), are there limitations as to what you can do?
AB: Somewhat, but I take that as a challenge: here’s where the character is at the end of the animated series, and here’s where he is when he appears at the end of Justice League Unlimited.  Is there a story I can tell, within the continuity of the show, that fits inside those bookends?  I think there’s a ton of stories to tell within that frame, and we’ve come up with one of them — a really good one.

CV: In your quote on DC's The Source, you mention "old faces return." Will we see any 'old villains or characters' that haven't already been seen on the show?
Yes. Two in the first two issues alone. And you’ll maybe even see new iterations of old villains or characters. How’s that for cryptic?

CV: Nice! Have you seen any of Ryan Benjamin's pencils or designs for the series yet or is it too early?
AB: No, I’m just as excited as everyone else on that front!  I’m a big fan of Ryan’s work, and could not be happier to be working with him.  The energy in his art just crackles off the page!

CV: In regard to WildCats, things are heating up. How far along do you have the stories mapped out for (I know in #23, it's the start of a 3 story arc)? Any teases as to what we can expect?
AB: We’ve got the stories worked out up until issue 30, which will tie up two of the main big questions that run through the year I’ve been working on the book. One is, Who is currently the Earth’s Doctor?  The other, you’ll have to guess at.  But there’s some very fun stuff along the way, including a fight fans have wanted to see for a very long time, and more info on how some characters survived (or didn’t) the Number of the Beast incident. 
CV: Awesome! Thanks Adam!  
AB: You're welcome!
Posted by Tyler Starke

When I heard about his series I immediately thought Dustin Nguyen should do the art because he already loves to draw Batman Beyond in his spare time and he's the best there is at drawing batman, lol turns out he's doing the covers as seen above, which is awesome! But also a shame he's not doing the interiors. I'm also dissapointed that the story takes place before the Justice League episode 15 years in the future, but I can see why. I'm still excited about the series can't wait till it comes out.

Posted by MrCipher

Sounds really good. If they can hold onto the mood of the TV series, this will be a huge hit.
Posted by FLStyle

I loved that show, never figured out why it was renamed to Batman of the Future for some (including mine) countries though.

Posted by inferiorego

I'm super excited for this. Great interview!

Posted by darkestknight2.0--defunct

i watched the tv series as i was growing up so i am really looking forward to this. I still ca't believe that they cancelled the tv series. hopefull it'll be worth the wait 

Posted by SUPER-MAN 23

It would have been good if they did the comic after the episode in Justice league unlimited called "Epilogue" Then Terry would be married, and probably have Matt as his Robin Or nightwing 

Posted by zombietag

this should be cool since its not like a Kids WB rip you kno? its just a stand alone series, even though based off the animated show its not like a promotional item. i think that opens a lot of doors for coolness hehe

Posted by Toastalchemist

The show ended in 2001. It's about time we got a comic. I hope it doesn't suck. 

Posted by johnny_spam

They just had to bring it in continuity damn. 

Posted by sora_thekey

Wait so it wont follow the TV show!
Posted by ArtisticNeedham

 This is so exciting, I want to buy it now!
Does this pick up after the Batman Beyond series?  Or does it pick up after the JLU Batman Beyond where Terry is older and about to propose, Batman is very very old, and we found out Terry is really Bruce's cloned son?
Either way, I can't wait.

Posted by MichaeltheFly

I just hope this will be done properly, I don't care in what universe is done. Great interview .

Posted by ArtisticNeedham

Oops, just read the part where they cleared up my question.  Just too excited about it.

Posted by The Hottness

I loved Batman Beyond, im getting this
Posted by G-Man
@sora_thekey:  It sort of follows the show as in in takes everything under consideration. It just occurs after the last episode and before the JLU ep. set 15 years after.
Posted by sora_thekey
@G-Man said:
" @sora_thekey:  It sort of follows the show as in in takes everything under consideration. It just occurs after the last episode and before the JLU ep. set 15 years after. "

Wait... so to understand what happens in this mini I have to re-watch the series... plus an episode of JLUlimited I never watched before?
Posted by G-Man
@sora_thekey: Probably not. You'll just wanna know who Terry is.
Posted by ComicStooge

I can't wait for this! I loved Batman Beyond!
Posted by jamdown

sweet can't wait for it
Posted by The Sharp Dressed Lady

I'd love to see any BB developments. That's a character and a premise that always attracted me. 
WildCats could go far if they really take it.

Posted by primepower53

I will love this!!!! I would also like to see BB's JLU, I loved that roster!
Edited by NightFang

Batman Beyond is great and I can't wait!

Posted by Cylencer

AWESOME!!!! Terry is coming back! I loved Batman Beyond and Return of the Joker was something else. So glad this is coming

Posted by darkestknight2.0--defunct

does anyone know who did the cover?
Posted by ArtJoker
@darkestknight2.0: Dustin Nguyen, yeah it's a pretty sweet cover, cannot wait for this!!!!!
Posted by weapon154
@The Sharp Dressed Lady said:
" I'd love to see any BB developments. That's a character and a premise that always attracted me.  WildCats could go far if they really take it. "
I agree, really looking forward to it. 
Posted by Golden Cod
@johnny spam: 

I don't see it mentioned anywhere that it's going to be made part of DC's current continuity.   The article just said that it's going to be faithful to the existing Batman Beyond continuity.   Probably takes place on one of the other multiverse Earths.
Posted by Paranormal_Life

I'm looking forward to it. I've been waiting for an on-going Batman Beyond title ever since the show debuted. Maybe in time.