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More Marvel Teasers: ATONEMENT and ASSASSIN

Time for your daily guessing game. What could these two teasers be for?

You knew it was coming. Marvel has released even MORE teasers. We actually decided to wait before posting the first.

ATONEMENT is for something by Nathan Edmondson and Phil Noto. What do the colors say to you? So much orange! Who needs to atone for something? We can also see this will be revealed during the AVENGERS panel.

Here's the second teaser for today.

Zeb Wells and Mike Del Mundo on a title with an assassin? During the Superior Spider-Man and Friends panel? Silver color? Could we finally see the return of Silver Sable?!?

Next week the answers will be revealed.

What are your thoughts on these?

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Posted by Perfect 10

@citizenbane: the atoning ant-man? lol. these arent necessarily ongoings, they could be storyarcs or mini series. scarlet is getting a huge spotlight in uncanny avengers and will be in the avengers 2 movie so i can see them giving her a mini to put her out there to hype the movie up but it really can be anyone

Posted by Teerack


Silver Sable