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More Live Action Wonder Woman in Action (and with no pants)

The Wonder Woman pilot won't be airing on television but more footage has now become available.

For better or for worse, the Wonder Woman television show is not going to happen. We saw early images and heard portions of the script. A review of the pilot didn't have too many good things to say about it. NBC decided not to give the show a greenlight and so we will not get a weekly dose of live-action Wonder Woman.

Since the pilot has been made, the question is, when will we be able to actually see it for ourselves? There was a few seconds that made it online but it was basically a super short teaser with the logo. But now, we get just over a half second of Wonder Woman in action...and she's not wearing pants!

What do you think? Could the show have worked? Wouldn't it have been a better idea to try to tweak whatever problems the pilot had rather than completely give up on it?

== TEASER ==

Not sure if the video will get taken down from youtube. Just in case, here's some screencaps.

Warner Bros. and/or NBC should just make the pilot available on iTunes before it completely leaks out. That way we can watch a high quality version and they can maybe make up for the money they spent on the pilot.


As you can see, Warner Bros. had the thirty second clip pulled. All it had was a bunch of muscle dudes in this warehouse. They're talking about the place being locked down and steel-reinforced. They don't think she'll make it past security. Suddenly the sound of a jet passes overhead. Wonder Woman opens the door and heads towards a chain-link gate. The head muscle dude orders a guy named Chris to lock the gate. Wonder Woman snarls at him and pushes the gate open, sending Chris flying back. That's it.

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Posted by Vendel

Bad acting, bad costume....just bad.

Posted by SupahGiggles

I can tell you how it ends. The same way it ends in every porno, except the acting is much worse.

Posted by blaze503
@Vendel said:
Bad acting, bad costume....just bad.
Posted by fitchy101

Speaking as someone who knows nothing of Wonder Woman, I would watch a series of this. It looks interesting, and I'd be more than willing to give it a chance.

Posted by sesquipedalophobe

It looks like a reimagining of Walker: Texas Ranger.

Posted by Doctor!!!!!

There is a reason for everything.... the reason for this is that this show was gonna kill Wonder Woman's dignity.

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

whe are we actually going to see the pilot

Posted by CrimsonAvenger

Doesn't look terrible, but It doesn't look great either. If it had been picked up I would have watched out of curiosity.

Posted by EnSabahNurX

The writing is soooo bad O_O and the actress is trying to walk intimidatingly but just looks uncomfortable but hey i could suffer through a bad pilot if the series progressed into something decent(i give shows 3 eps to convince me) just so wonder woman could have more media recognition in the long run

Posted by maemmfc
@Doctor!!!!! said:

There is a reason for everything.... the reason for this is that this show was gonna kill Wonder Woman's dignity.

Yes! Thank you. My thoughts exactly.
That, and although I've heard some positive things about the chick who played her... when I see her, she doesn't emit the Wonder Woman vibe.
Posted by Tsemasi

I'd have watched it. Just for the fact it's a comic book adaptation... Like EnSabahNurX said- it takes about 3 to get a good or bad feel about something like this.

Posted by goldenkey

the one from the 70's looked less cheesy.  wow was this bad.  the chic is hot, but not Linda Carter hot. 
Posted by goldenkey

I would have watched it for the booty shots.
Posted by Deranged Midget

Damn she's hot...

And thats a lot of guys on steroids.

Posted by HexThis

Yikes, never cast fitness models and stunt doubles in TV shows. They're not trained actors and furthermore, they look too pristine to be thugs.

Posted by cosmo111687

It honestly just looks like a bad porno. Thank god it never aired.

Posted by danhimself

kind of looked like a cheap porno

Edited by War Killer

Am I the only one who didn't think those 36 seconds wasn't that bad? O_o

Posted by Osiris1428

I thought she didn't have powers in this show.

Posted by TheMadMonkey

As a TV show, I wouldn't have watched this. 
As a "cheap porno", I would.

Posted by cattlebattle
@sesquipedalophobe said:
It looks like a reimagining of Walker: Texas Ranger.
hahaha....I thought the same thing. Or like some cheesy SyFy original movie
Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau

@SupahGiggles said:

I can tell you how it ends. The same way it ends in every porno, except the acting is much worse.

I was actually thinking the same thing.

Posted by sj_esposito


Posted by TheMess1428

Maybe they can just transfer the project into a movie. Could be a lot easier, actually.

Posted by jenesis
@maemmfc: i was just@maemmfc said:
@Doctor!!!!! said:

There is a reason for everything.... the reason for this is that this show was gonna kill Wonder Woman's dignity.

Yes! Thank you. My thoughts exactly. That, and although I've heard some positive things about the chick who played her... when I see her, she doesn't emit the Wonder Woman vibe.
i was just discussing that with my mom the girls pretty n all but just not wonder woman she agrees with me
Posted by blackair9
and your still giving the acting to much credit lol
Posted by Samimista

Unsure what I think about the clip...

Posted by obscurefan

I thought the costume looked cheesy in pictures, but in action, woooooow does it look cheesy, it looks like someone from a Halloween party is trying to beat people up.

Posted by Kal'smahboi
@EnSabahNurX: The walk is exactly what caught my eye. It came off to me like a girl in a mall trying to catch a guy's eye.
Posted by mikeclark1982

why dont they just put it on itunes like they did aquaman? heck that show burned up the itunes charts. and it was only ONE episode!

Posted by m0nk3y80y

This show may have been bad, but man, I'd watch the hell out of it. Way to fill out a costume!

Posted by NightFang

This scene didn't look to bad, and the actress looked okay in the "no pants" costume.

Posted by Trodorne

I like to imagine im an open minded person so I would give the show the benefit of the doubt and watch it if it were to come out. Im a fan of the good old fashion campy stories and acting. I think people here need to give it a chance before you knock it.

Posted by King Quisling

Don't care for the show but I'm sooooo getting that outfit for my special lady. :D

Posted by StarKiller809

I think it looks good. I don't know why people are all bashing it because of it's cheap budget. I think a lot of people didn't even give the show a chance. Everyone who says bad acting, how would you know? Everything I heard people said the acting was good especially from Adriane. 

Posted by Herx

wow........ As much as I'd hate to say it, it was sort of giving off that porno vibe with the bad acting, stunt double surplus, costume and lighting. Obviously whoever worked on the scripting, lighting and costume designe got the wrong idea of what they were doing.  
 If Aquaman couldn't get past it;s pilot episode this one definatly didn't stand a chance.

Posted by HumanNumber

I actually kind of liked those 36 seconds, yeah the costumes cheesy but how can you make the old Wonder Woman costume not look cheesy? The only thing i didn't like was the plane, WW should just be able to fly because it's rather goofy having an invisible jet.

Posted by StrikeHavok

That scene seemed very cliché. If the rest of the show was like this I can see why they chose to not greenlight it.

Posted by spystreak

I don't know what to make of this
Posted by RazzaTazz

Looks not so good.  

Posted by The Sadhu

This showed me nothing... I want to see the actress playing Wonder Woman actually act!
Posted by Decept-O

She's hot.  However yeah, I can see why this wasn't so well received judging by the clip shown.  Maybe one day...Wonder Woman will see light of day in terms of a movie on the big screen so we won't have to worry about any TV issues.  One can hope. 

Posted by They Killed Cap!

It is...didn't you hear the original working title was Wonder...Texas Ranger
Posted by flamingBurrito

Is that a snowmobile that she just rode in on?

Posted by MiraTheGoddess

I wish this would've aired.
Posted by MrDirector786

The clip was okay I guess.

Posted by fred9101

Nice clip but the actress is sooooooo too thin to play Wonder Woman... Sad.

Posted by lostlantern13

The people making comments about the "cheap" feel should realize that most pilot episodes often look cheap/corny. Pilots like "LOST" are extremely rare.  
That said, this is doesn't look too bad for 30 seconds. I would like to see more. The main negative is that the costume just doesn't work in the modern day.

Posted by azza04

She looked really powerful there. It was H O T :P

Posted by ltbrd

yeah that looked horrible.......can't believe that after a decade of Smallville people didn't learn that audiences don't mind superheroes on tv as long as you take the comic book camp style out of it. It's what killed the 90's try of getting a few comic book characters to the screen (even the Flash didn't last more than a season) and we saw it get shot down just recently with the Cape. 
I've said it before......comic books and live action do not mix well if you only go off the source material. You can't simply convert 2D images into real life and think that a characters history is going to carry a show. Comic books work because of fthe imagination they put in their readers. You have the chance to inject your own spin on a character (what they sound like, the actions they take inbetween panels, etc....). TV and movies don't care about imagination. They want you to watch the story as they want it to be told. At the same time people aren't look for outrageous ideas on tv as they are when reading a comic book. They want the premise of the show to make sense to the world they live in. Straight comic book translations can't do that and so you have to improvise. That's something the Smallville creators and guys like Nolan have understood and why Smallville lasted a decade and the Batman films are so popular right now. 
Think Wonder Woman can work as a live action show or a movie series and would love to see it happen but it never will without some adaptation.