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More Info on The New 52's Doomsday

Get a better look at the updated design and a little bit of new info on the villain!

Villain Month will hit our wallets extra hard in September and one of the exciting announcements is that Doomsday will get his very own issue. This will be the first time the man who punched Superman really, really, reaaaallllly hard will appear in the post-Flashpoint universe and today DC has offered a better look at his updated character design. If I had to take a guess, I'd say it seems like this version of the character likes to keep trophies.

"But who is Doomsday? In The New 52, the legends surrounding this character have become stories told to terrify Kryptonians. Nobody knows who created him, where he comes from, or even dares to utter his name louder than in a whisper. But are the various myths about what the Doomsday creature is real? Was he really let loose on an army? And if nobody knows the truth behind this villain’s origin, is there really a way to stop him?"

Written by Greg Pak and illustrated by Brett Booth, Doomsday's solo issue will go on sale September 25. Are you going to pick this one up, Viners?

Source: DC

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@mk111: Yeah well... I didn't read any of that. Death of Superman is the only time Doomsday matters.

Posted by mk111


You should read the Doomslayer arc then. It was really good. A smart Doomsday from the future leading an army of Doomsday and starting a war against the whole Superman family. Its good stuff.

Posted by ComicStooge

Am I the only one who loved this design?