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More "G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra" Scenes And Interviews

Check out more footage and discussion to get you hyped for the new movie

The more action packed scenes I see, the more excited I get over the "G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra" movie. It is amazing to me that they managed to fit more action scenes I have not yet seen in addition to interviews in these brief three minutes. Out of all the new footage and trailer footage I have seen, this has got to be my favorite. Whether they just jam-packed all of this information into a brief two minutes and 50 seconds; or if it is really just that awesome, I don't know. I cannot wait though; especially after catching a glimpse of that scene between Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes. Is it just me or did I catch the Baroness totally making out with Storm Shadow?!  Does this make you want to go check out the movie this Friday?

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Posted by Kurrent

I like Channing Tatum and Marlon Wayans this should be a real good block buster

Posted by NightFang

Are they makeing the Baroness a slut or something?

Posted by Media_Master

They have good chemistry together, so I'm looking forward to seeing this

Posted by FoxxFireArt

I'm actually the reverse. I'm getting more cautious about this movie. There is even the news released about how they aren't permitting critics to see this movie before release. That is often a bad sign. Once they had a Baroness without an accent. They lost me.
I really only want to watch Snake Eyes.

Posted by Incredible Hulk-Prime

I'm going to see it on Friday. I can't wait.At first I didn't like G.I.Joe when people created them,but now I do and this movie will show me an idea how cool and awsome they really are.Snake Eyes looks good in this movie.
Posted by jefprice

No matter what it can't be worse then the other movies that have come before it Lol I'll enjoy it no matter what.

Posted by danhimself

I read some reviews online and surprisingly it's gotten some good reviews
Posted by Skies327

Poor Channing Tatum just looked lost in that 2nd interview segment with him and Marlon. 
I'm really looking forward to the movie though. Whether it holds true to the actual G.I. Joe content or not it should at very least end up being a fun action movie where you can just sit down and enjoy some explosions.

Posted by moecah

I have always hoped for the best but every extra thing I see on it kinda makes me hesitate. 

Posted by Bruce Vain

I'm definitely down to see this friday night. 
Posted by MJ Styles

I haven't read any reviews or anything, but I feel like this is the kind of movie you go into expecting a ton of action and a very weak plot.  Guess I'll have to wait and see. 

Posted by Selty

It got 1/5 in my city's newspaper. :/ I'm still seeing it for Snake Eyes, though.

Posted by Phorqe

This movie is going to be the worst thing to happen to America since crack hit the streets.

Posted by Mutant X
@Phorqe said:
" This movie is going to be the worst thing to happen to America since crack hit the streets. "
Posted by Phorqe
@Mutant X said:
" @Phorqe said:
" This movie is going to be the worst thing to happen to America since crack hit the streets. "
Blasphemy. "
1/2 of the clips you see on the trailers happen in the same 3 minute scene. Obviously I haven't seen the finished product but it looks mind numbingly stupid. I don't want this movie to be bad, quite the opposite. I just question any movie that has its trailers accompanied by a Kid Rock song. That guy has a Ph D in Douchebag.
Posted by Piotr Nikolaievitch Rasputin
@NightFang said:

Are they makeing the Baroness a slut or something?

she kinda was in the cartoon
Edited by Kurrent

I hope it does well so they can make more movies....hopefully we'll get some Lady Jaye

Posted by Final Arrow

I am so over the damn interviews and random shows from this, I was more interested in two trailers then all this marketing, sometimes you can go to far. This film would have done so much better with a trailer about four months before another one two months before and then a couple of TV spots here and there the weeks leading to the actually showing. I have seen countless adds over the last eight months for this almost every week I log on vine there is something new about this film and on many other sites. I get the need to pull people in but omg already. Freaking money making studios.

Posted by Shipwreck

LatinMoviesreview already has the movie at  an A.  
@Selty: I thinking politcal and war views are going to be looked at this movie too. I'm ready to hear. "It's pro war propagada!" Like a lot of people were saying about Transformers. I wouldn't go fully on local reviews for that reason, espiecally American reviews for that reasoning. 

Posted by Luthorcrow
@Kurrent said:
" I like Channing Tatum and Marlon Wayans this should be a real good block buster "
Please tell me you haven't bred yet?  Oh wait, I get you are joking.  Oh man, for a moment there actually thought you were suggesting there was more than a single pinky finger of talent shared between the entire Wayans family.  That would just be crazy talk.
Now this is something deserves to be aborted.  If there was a god everyone that sees this movie Friday would be sterilized.  Sadly, its probably too late they have brough their packs of inbreed kids to watch this as well.
When I see these previews and just fist to the sky and yell, "Why!  Why!"
Posted by Shipwreck
Latin Movies Reviews has a review out since Tuesday?  
[quote]  Marlon Wayans – Yes folks he delivered. He wasn’t corny in the least.[/quote]  
And a Joe nut wrote the review. The histories are lined up closley and what not. Don't judge something that really hasn't gotten a chance out of the box. This is a Fox Screw up movie like Wolverine. I only read one bad review and basically said he hated the movies because of who was in it and wasn't going to see it. 
Posted by mv

I have a gut feeling the film will suck