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More From G-Man's "Crib," Mad About MADMAN

Don't judge me...

There just wasn't enough room in the last video to show all this stuff.


And there is more.  I forgot to mention there's a Madman clock in there too.  You can sorta see it in the background.
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Posted by Decept-O

  OMG!!!!  I'm famous!!  Sorta....You posted my past comment about your Madman Mini-Bust when I was using my "old" user name of "mrenb".   My heart is all a-flutter...well, not really, but thanks anyway.

Holy Shnikey.  You ARE a serious Mike Allred Madman fan!!   It is really awesome to see all your Madman swag, you've got quite a few unique pieces.  The fact you modiifed the Superboy action figure shows you really like the character, along with the Madman bolt tat.  Plus you placed a stuffed doll with your daughter, now that's showing your devotion! 

Thanks for giving a run-down on all the Madman stuff, now I MUST get back into collecting Madman again.....blast you, G-Man!! 

I agree with your sentiment about Mike and Laura Allreds' unique comic, artwork, and stories, they are absolutely fun, and can appeal to people across different age gaps and readers.  It's like the "Pop Rocks" of comic books.  I recommend Madman to anyone wanting something to read.  Aces on this vid!!!!

Posted by danisgod6491

To quote Spider-man. "You've had sex?"

Posted by Vance Astro
danisgod6491 said:
"To quote Spider-man. "You've had sex?""
Posted by Crimson Orchid

Hahaha!  You really are mad about Madman...

Well, we all have our little obsessions...  I can't even count all the dragon things I have in my apartment... A friend came over for the first time not so long ago and couldn't get over it... XD

Posted by AlexIsStillAThreat

i really have to start collecting MadMan! - what ongoing series with TPB's are there?

Posted by Legacy_
danisgod6491 said:
"To quote Spider-man. "You've had sex?""

Posted by Mr Mofo
danisgod6491 said:
"To quote Spider-man. "You've had sex?""
Says the guy probably still living at home with mommy.

Posted by danisgod6491

I do because i'm only 17

Edited by .Mistress Redhead.


well not anything... but i will swap you.... my..... umm..... ill get back to you

your two lunch box tins make me feel better about my 3 copies of Texas Chainsaw massacre XD

Its good to see someone else with a comic book tatt as well ^_^

Posted by G-Man
AlexIsStillAThreat said:
"i really have to start collecting MadMan! - what ongoing series with TPB's are there?
The current series is Madman Atomic Comics.  You can get trades of Madman Comics and he had some appearances in The Atomics.  Some of the trades available can be found HERE or even your local book store.