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More Casting Rumors for X-Men: First Class

The newest casting rumor has hit the net!

The Playlist recently reported that two roles at the new X-Men First Class have been rumored to either be filled or close to it. These are the roles of Mystique and Moira McTaggert. Rosamund Pike, pictured left, is rumored to be in line to play Prof X's assistant Moira McTaggert. She's probably most known for her role as Maggie in Surrogates or as Miranda Frost is the 007 film Die Another Day. Amber Heard, pictured right, is rumored to be in line to play a younger Mystique. Amber is best known for her roles as Angie, the high school girlfriend in Pineapple Express and the character 406 in last year's Zombie land. According to The Playlist, the casting department has a "strong interest" in both of these women to play the parts. Sadly, a "strong interest" doesn't mean much. 
As for the rumors, they seem interesting. If Moira McTaggert was in this film, that would be pretty cool to show her and Charles working together on a constant basis. I'm not understanding, if this is even real, why Mystique would be in the film. Did anyone even really care about that character in the trilogy? I'm hoping this is the rumor part of the story because I'm personally not too interested in Mystique as a villain in the film... as a member of the X-Men academy though? Well, that's a different story. I'm on board 100% with Rosamund playing Moira. She seems to fit the part. As for Amber, well, I'm apathetic. I've never really seen her "act." She's really only done bit stuff, at least the films I've seen her in. What do you guys think? Would either of these women work for these roles?
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Posted by danhimself

I was under the impression that First Class would be a reboot film and not be connected to the original trilogy or I wrong?

Posted by Hellsword18

One day Pike is supposed to play Emma Frost, and a couple of days later Moira McTaggert? Chances are she won't even be in that film...

Posted by Gylan Thomas

What's Hollywood got against brunettes?
First Carol Ferris now Moira McTaggart? :(

Posted by Green Skin

Pike would be good in the role.  I really hope they leave Mystique out of the movie though.  Her casting is always more about the actress being hot than about any acting ability.  If they are going to add other mutants besides the original 5, then one of then should be Mimic.

Posted by BaronVonDredd

Do we care? Are we caring right now?

Posted by longbowhunter
Yeah, I'm wondering the same thing.
Posted by sora_thekey

I actually liked Mystique's role in X2.... subtle but important!
Either way I hope this movie is a reboot, cause there hasn't been any hints or rumors as to what it's going to be about except for casting rumors for roles that seem very far fetched. 
I mean really where are the rumors on who will play Scott, Hank, Jean, Bobby or Warren?

Posted by inferiorego
@danhimself said:
" I was under the impression that First Class would be a reboot film and not be connected to the original trilogy or I wrong? "
Yes, it's a reboot.
Posted by danhimself
@inferiorego said:
" @danhimself said:
" I was under the impression that First Class would be a reboot film and not be connected to the original trilogy or I wrong? "
Yes, it's a reboot. "
then there may be an opportunity for them to go the Ultimate route...since Mystique and Xavier used to date before he started the school in the Ultimate universe and Xavier and Moira had worked together before splitting up and doing their own things
Posted by Peevo

Everything about this movie is just so weird, it will be the nail in the coffin for X-movies (well any good ones).

Posted by kerukun878


Posted by SystemID

Umm... I thought Mystique was old like Logan... she doesn't really age? w/e this movie is sounding like it's going to be just as lame as the rest. The only reason Emma Frost should be in it at all is for a visit from the prof. That's it. I ****ing hate Fox. Just about all-around these days.

Posted by doordoor123
@danhimself said:
" I was under the impression that First Class would be a reboot film and not be connected to the original trilogy or I wrong? "
i wish :(
Posted by daken_2513

Pike would be perfect as Moira McTaggert 
Amber Heard would be good as a younger Emma Frost(if shes still even in the movie) 
Or maybe even Jean Grey or Polaris they were both students early on 
Amber Heard is hot and she aint a bad actress 
still hoping for a REBOOT!!!
Edited by scuzz2.0

its not a reboot. its a prequel. 
Posted by X-93

that's what I thought too.  What is the dealio?

Posted by cattlebattle

ugh, Schuler Donner and Fox has ruined the franchise. X2 will always be the last X-Men movie for me. 
Posted by the_fallen11

I really really hate that this isnt a reboot.
Posted by the_fallen11

if this were a reboot, they would not be caring about casting emma and Mystique, they would be concerning themselves with whos going to be the original five.

Posted by Kid_Zombie
It's a  prequel. Still routing for it to become a reboot though, but with deadpool also coming out and wolverine 2 then most likly wont become one. We are stuck with a  prequel.
Maybe they can do something in the movie that will change the course of their futures? like in the star trek film?  That would be sweet.
Posted by the_orange_crush

I'm all for Amber Heard......although she would be good as Emma Frost as daken_2513 said. But I think she could pull off a good Mystique. I'm actually pretty excited for X-Men: First Class.

Posted by uncanny89

Is it too much to ask for the hellfire club in one of these films?

Posted by Dark Cell
@kerukun878 said:
No, its not a reboot
Posted by Chane

A better   Moira McTaggert than Emma Frost imo

Posted by ComicMan24

I don't like prequels.
Posted by Cherry Bomb

Mystique has to be in the movie, I found her extremely interesting in the first X trilogy, she just seemed so cool. i loved how they made her shapeshifting transition seem very reptillian, pretty awesome.
as for Amber Heard? i'm not too sure, mystique should be model-like: tall and very thin. rebecca romijn was perfect, and since Mystique doesnt age, Rebecca should play her again.

Posted by Bruce Vain

I guess this is an ok casting news  if it turns out to be true.
I'm curious if they're gonna show a younger Mystique, are they gonna show baby Nightcrawler & how she abandoned him ? 
I'm just wondering how young is Cyclops, Jean and the others are gonna be ? Cause seeing James playing a young Prof. X it would seem like they would be more like the X-Babies . ha ha
Posted by scuzz2.0

mystique doesnt age but romijn does. she hasnt got the body for it anymore.
Posted by Sheep-Kill

So if Moira is going to be in this film Im hoping that Proteus would be in there to maybe being a minor/major villain with Magneto and an early Brotherhood. 
Personally if the brotherhood were to be in this film and were an early version, the members should be: 
Quick Silver  
Scarlet Witch(maybe) 

Posted by pentagram

why dont they do what they did with the begining of x3 & make younger versions of the actors already playing them using old pictures & computer generation.

Posted by Joe Venom

I love Rosamund Pike face its just so welcoming...............if there is anyway of saying that and not coming off as being creepy lol