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More Avengers VS X-Men: Round 1 Teasers

Marvel teases more match ups to place your bets on. Not that we or Marvel condones actual gambling, of course.

It's day two of the Avengers VS X-Men teasers. Who are we going to see today? Yesterday we saw the first batch of teasers featuring Iron Man Vs. Magneto and Psylocke Vs. Black Widow. Now we can see who else just might be duking it out.

The first features two of our favorite Amazing Friends, Spider-Man and Iceman.

Normally I would say Spidey has the upper hand but Iceman has started displaying a new way of handling his powers. That might give him a little more of an advantage. But I think Spidey simply has the smarts and experience (he's clearly been in way more fights than Bobby has). My money's on Spidey.

== TEASER ==

The second match up is one we've seen before, Storm Vs. Thor.

This has to be a fight that has popped up on the battle threads here. Mutant Goddess versus a Thunder God. But wait, who's Thor? Isn't he dead and non-existent in MIGHTY THOR? Hmm...what are your thoughts on this one?

The biggest superhero brawl in the history of the Marvel Universe begins this April in Avengers Vs. X-Men #1!

Which team will reign supreme? Join the conversation on Twitter with #AvX!
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Posted by BatClaw89

Marvel is desperate. 

Posted by RavenT2


Posted by cattlebattle

In Ultimate War, where the X-Men also fought The Ultimates (Avengers) Storm and Thor shared a cover as well..probably due to the weather manipulation factor they share
Just thought of that 

Posted by cobra88king8

So does Schism and Fear Itself still count? I feel like Marvels forgetting their own books

Posted by Outside_85

I dont know, some of these match-ups seem horribly one-sided, mostly in mutant favor.

Posted by Edgeworth_11

Gman is either a Spidy fanboy or hasn't read a comic. Try asking on the battle threads who wins Spidy or Iceman, see the masses LOL at your answer.

Iceman STOMPS!

Thor also stomps Storm.

Posted by BatMark_

Marvel need to relax with the events and crossovers it's getting a little out of hand at this point..

Posted by Azrael66

Spidey vs Bobby. Oh lawd.

Fail matchups are fail.

Posted by Chaos Burn

isn't Iceman on Wolverines team? I thought Wolverines team was staying out of this

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

And that's how catastrophic storms come about! ::turns around puffing on a pipe::

Posted by jcj145

Thor could possibly be back by then, we all know its not if he's coming back into the MarvelU but when... or could it possibly be the Thor clone Ragnarok?

Posted by MrFantastic

This will be another split. Iceman is an Omega-Level Mutant. Petey doesn't stand a chance if Bobby turns up the juice. On the other hand Storm has weather powers and nimble hand to hand combat, but the mighty Thor is raw indestructible power. With a healing factor.

One victory for each side again

Posted by ReVamp


Edited by Skaddix

lol well hey storm vs thor is still more fair then iceman vs spider-man although i gotta say marvel is not really creative on these match ups. although storm vs thor has more collateral damage possibility then any other fight

Posted by Daveyo520

Spider-Man wins.

Posted by notarandomguy

So DC has no continuity now and Marvel is filling us with crossovers? I think I'll stay with my collection from the 70's till now... btw I'm only 14 I'm I choosing wrong? xd

Posted by Gambit1024

Why would Iceman and Spider-Man even fight each other?

Posted by goldenkey

Thor vs. Storm..........................................stupid. This is a good idea, lets just hope they don't screw it up. We now have a Nightcrawler back in the AOA Nightcrawler so why not put him up against Spider-man. More of a threat then the one died, since the AOA one is a killer.

Posted by Sawcesome

Spider-Man won't job to Iceman.

Posted by madrid_san

Instead of focusing on one on one battles, they should try to make it fair cuz Spidey can't beat Iceman alone never! Gman is a Spidey fanboy! Namor vs Thing, Magneto vs Ironman, Psylocke vs Blackwidow are all mismatches. Maybe if they had Thing and Ms Marvel vs Namor it'll be more fair. So far, mutants stomp. Avengers will need WIS and PIS in larges doses to keep up.

Posted by Edgeworth_11

@Sawcesome: YOU must be joking, right? Please say you are... Spider man has ZERO chance to win.

Posted by notoriousmistersims

match ups aren't great creativly collolous vs red hulk 2moro or next day its gon happen come on marvel pull the finger out

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous
@notarandomguy said:

So DC has no continuity now and Marvel is filling us with crossovers? I think I'll stay with my collection from the 70's till now... btw I'm only 14 I'm I choosing wrong? xd

Choose to forget both and buy IMAGE. 
These match-ups are all kinds of wrong. MARVEL get a grip before you feel the back of my hand 
Posted by saoakden

Spider-Man vs. Ice Man fight should be some what interesting. I know these two have some kind of a friendship. Isn't Ice Man considered an Omega level mutant or something?

Thor vs Storm should be a good one. Two powerful superheroes who can control the weather. It's either Thor or his clone fighting Storm. If it is Thor, then this is some kind of spoliers for the Mighty Thor Comic, like when Marvel showed some Avengers carrying Thor's unconscious body and releasing some promo about a new god of thunder Tanarus. Plus it kinda looks like Storm might be leaving the Avengers after the whole Osborn thing is over with.

On a side note, MARVEL SERIOUSLY TAKE A BREAK FROM GIANT CROSSOVER EVENTS! AFTER THIS SHOWDOWN IS OVER TAKE SOME TIME TO MAKE STORYLINES THAT ONLY AFFECT A PARTICULAR CHARACTER IN HIS OR OWN SERIES AND NOT MAKE IT A COMPANY WIDE THING! Seriously they had Spider-Island, Fear Itself, and Schism going on at the same time. All three events are suppose to change the Marvel Universe.

Posted by Teerack

Oh no not ice man D: I was kinda hoping the conflict would be the avengers verse the mutopia x-men not the westcester guys :C

Posted by JoseDRiveraTCR7

@Chaos Burn:That's what I was going to say. Maybe this is just a bluff. Marvel does this often.

Posted by Mr. Kamikaze

So Storm joins the Avengers for a whole...two or three issues and is already turning on them? Meanwhile...Iceman, who chose Wolverine's side, who is likely siding with the Avengers, is now back on Cyclops' side just to tangle with Spidey?

I feel like this isn't as well thought out as they claimed it to be...and more about gratuitous fan servicy matchups. =/

Posted by sora_thekey

@Edgeworth_11: I think that Spider-Man has the smarts to beat Iceman. Sure, Bobby might have the power advantage but Peter has the tactical advantage to beat him.

Spider-Man has been in situations where his opponent's power set should triumph but he always finds a smart way to beat him.

Posted by kingjoeg

These matches are very one sided. Spider-man vs Iceman shouldn't take 5 minutes for it to be over.

Edited by Deadcool

Storm vs Thor...

Thor has showed to be far more powerful than her (I don't care what the Storm fanboys could say) i will not agree with that, Thor is more powerful than her...

Iceman vs Spider-man

Seriusly? Iceman could kill him , What the hell are they thinking?!

Edit: Or maybe they are just the covers, and they would not actually fight...

Edited by frogjitsu

Those covers look awesome, and YAY for Storm wearing her cool uniform, but why does Spidey have to fight Iceman? It will be awesome if Storm whoops Thor's butt though.

Oh, and just as I predicted, Thor is conveniently back alive, just in time for the Avengers movie. Why must Marvel constantly do this?

Posted by illmatic06

Iceman is signifcantly more powerful than Spiderman, but he is often potrayed as an underachiever. He has moments when it appear that he will transcend into excellence, but then he returns to mediocrity. I will have to go for Spiderman because he overperforms and beat much more powerful foes and he is Marvel's Cash cow. The Spidey movie will be out and he cant take random primetime beatings.

Posted by Mega_spidey01

luke cage vs. red hulk or collosus make it happen !

Posted by ApatheticAvenger

Iceman and Spider-Man could go either way. Bobby clearly has the power advantage, but Peter has the brains to take him down. Storm is no contest for Thor, he's exponentially more powerful and more experienced.

So far, the X-Men are coming out on top. Psylocke takes down Black Widow, and Magneto beats Iron Man.

Posted by skaarason
@Mega_spidey01 said:

luke cage vs. red hulk or collosus make it happen !

 luke vs rulk wouldn't work , both avengers lol
Posted by Pyro_Jack

Thor destroys Storm and Spiderman is pwnd by Iceman. Some battle results are just too obvious on those images, because c'mon, Magneto vs IRONman, Black Widow vs Psylocke, which means a spy vs a ninja with telekinesis and thelepathy. None of the rivarlies have attracted me until now.

Posted by Mutant God

Mutant Goddess vs Ghost Thor, I guess Mutants can beat ghosts

Posted by lectriccolossus

how does Spidey have more experience than Iceman, unless im mistaken they both started their heroics around 16. Anyone?

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

I am most excited for the Spider-man and Iceman fight that should be interesting to see.

Posted by Baddamdog

So from all this fanboy outrage I gather no one's excited about this? Well I am! These teasers are epic and the all of marvels brightest writers and artists are helping out so I'm thinking this is gonna be good, despite all the battle thread arguments it's gonna cause. Which is exactly why I avoid those threads like the black plague!!

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

I would hardly call it fanboy rage

Posted by SecretKnight

I wish they would have not put Storm against Thor. It seems to obvious.

Posted by Dernman

UG! No matter who wins in the Storm/Thor match we all lose because of her fanboy's reaction. 
Why does Marvel hate us so.

Posted by Mercy_

Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww JR JR.

Posted by sweetesttoaster

These match ups are pretty lame. Most of these have clear winners, except for BW and Psylocke. Wonder how that will play out. Either way...meh.

Posted by jcbart

Well, I'm looking forward to it.

Yes, it's a crossover event, but it has a very substantial weight to it, making it moot for people to bash Marvel for their choice to have one. We all knew Scarlet Witch and Hope's story wouldn't end with a fizzle.

Posted by Mercy_

@sweetesttoaster said:

These match ups are pretty lame. Most of these have clear winners, except for BW and Psylocke. Wonder how that will play out. Either way...meh.

Why does not having clear winners make them lame? I think it makes them more interesting and less prone to PIS or jobbing.

Posted by Inverno

Thor owns Storm. And I say this not because I like Thor but I have seen this before in Contest of Champions II.

Posted by Kid_Zombie

@notarandomguy said:

So DC has no continuity now and Marvel is filling us with crossovers? I think I'll stay with my collection from the 70's till now... btw I'm only 14 I'm I choosing wrong? xd

Yup. take this time to expand your horizons and read books from other companies. Top Shelf, Image or Vertigo as just a few

Posted by Bestostero