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More Avengers Vs. X-Men Event Reveals

The "Marvel Architects" divulge more information regarding the upcoming big event at Marvel Comics.

Yesterday Marvel announced that the next big event to take hold of the Marvel Universe will pit the Avengers against the X-Men in a major battle. The event will not only bring Marvel's two biggest franchises together, but it will showcase the return of the Phoenix Force to the Marvel Universe. Marvel got their "architects" together to discuss the upcoming story and to answer many questions ranging from what the connection between X-Sanction to Avengers vs. X-Men will be, to whether one of these groups will actually lose the battle.

Avengers writer Brian Michael Bendis was quick to compare the upcoming event to Civil War in that the reader will have the opportunity to choose between the two sides, and that one of the two groups will ultimately lose.

There's never been an Avengers vs. X-Men story. We as creators are scared of it; we're nervous...and like Civil War there will be a winner and there will be a loser. The heroes are being tested. How is the world seeing the Avengers? It takes a toll on society and the Avengers. [This event will] connect what's been happening with the Avengers, with the X-Men and what's been going on with Scarlet Witch in Children's Crusade.

Current Wolverine writer and fellow "Marvel Architect" Jason Aaron divulged that Hope will take center stage in the event and that her role as the "Mutant Messiah" will come into play, as well.

== TEASER ==
We will see the X-Men pushed to their limits like never before. The mutants have been fighting against extinction. Then they got a miracle in the birth of Hope. She is the "Mutant Messiah." Without her mutants would be falling into non-existence. Since SCHISM, Cyclops had a falling out with Wolverine, he had to become harder, he's still fighting for survival and has to protect this little girl; this Messiah. Wolverine is also in an interesting place, going into this...we're trying to deal with the Phoenix in a way that is accessible. Youd don't have to have read the Dark Phoenix Saga. This is a new reader friendly take on the Phoenix.

The writers also implied that the Phoenix Force will be searching for a new host and that this host will have "red hair and green eyes." Hope, perhaps? The event will also divulge Hope's connection to Jean Grey and Scarlet Witch. What could that mean?

Fans who have always wanted to see Captain America and Cyclops throw down will be happy to hear that this battle will indeed take place, and will likely be written by Matt Fraction. The writer will be penning a "strategic battle between Cyclops and Captain America" that is "definitely interesting."

Writing the strategic battle between Cyclops and Captain America is definitely interesting. I love Hope and love writing her, writing Hope at her best is definitely exciting. And the opportunity to write Scarlet Witch is exciting. A new armor for Iron Man...putting Iron Man in this new suit is exciting. And Thor is going to be involved in some "cosmic shenanigans."

Writer Ed Brubaker also discussed the strategies that the two leaders must employ in order to win and stated that they may have more in common than either of them thinks.

Cap and Cyclops and similar characters in that they are both patriotic characters that will do what it takes to get the job done. I think Cyclops is definitely more willing to do what it takes than Captain America.

The creative team for this big event also expressed that the upcoming X-Sanction will serve as a sort of a prelude to Avengers vs. X-Men, which will officially hit stores with issue zero in February. What do you think of the reveals? Are you looking forward to the event? How do you think Hope will factor into the story? What would you like to see happen?

Source: Marvel

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Edited by sinful

too many events, but still getting me some mutants vs superhumans

*crosses fingers for Scarlet Witch vs Phoenix* /wishful thinking

Posted by Zhakaraz

Well it needs to go back.

(Thanks Babs)

Posted by unicornpuncher

Is there any chance that Hope could copy the Scarlet Witch's power?

Posted by Rowen545

Kinda want to see if the two X-Men groups will unite in this. In the picture it looks like Wolverine is going after Emma, so maybe not. I also need to catch up on the cable rebirth to see if he will factor in.

Posted by hydrabob--defunct

@unicornpuncher said:

Is there any chance that Hope could copy the Scarlet Witch's power?

I don't see why not. She is a mutant.

Posted by Malhavok

So which of the 16 X-Men teams will be fighting in this battle? >sarcasm<

Posted by Reluctant_Hero

And every issue will be a $3.99 book, right? In that case, I'll wait for the trade.

Posted by Wattup

I've been ruminating on this when it was announced yesterday and even though I've been suffering from event fatigue, I can't help but get a bit excited at this. It's the stuff that young comic book fans dream of, with two big entities battling it out for supremacy, like when Hulk Hogan took on the Ultimate Warrior.

That being said, if this event is as disastrous as Fear Itself was, I'm done with this company.

Don't break my little fanboy heart, Marvel. Don't do it. Please. 8 (

Posted by DXmagma

"The writers also implied that the Phoenix Force will be searching for a new host and that this host will have "red hair and green eyes.""


Posted by DEGRAAF

@unicornpuncher said:

Is there any chance that Hope could copy the Scarlet Witch's power?

Scarlet Witch doesnt seem to have the same powers she had when she said "no more mutants"

Posted by davelecave

So what characters have red hair and green eyes?

Posted by cmaprice

Oh, great. So, let me guess: Hope is a reincarnated Jean, made by the Scarlet Witch?

Posted by Bestostero

Can Jean come back please? :)

Posted by pspin

This will actually be an interesting crossover event, which is different from events in series

Posted by Rabbitearsblog

I really hope that Jean Grey comes back this time...

Posted by Owie

I think they just mean that after SW said "no more mutants," Hope was the first new mutant to appear.

I know I keep saying this, but I think one of Marvel's biggest mistakes is having writer architects instead of editor architects.

All that said, I am cautiously optimistic. I'd like to see Cyke vs Cap. The brief Avengers vs X-Men battle in Children's Crusade was pretty cool, it was nice to see the X-Men get to use their powers on other heroes for once. So I'd like to see more of that.

Posted by Honor_Finesse

I'm tentatively looking forward to this, but am pretty sure I'm gonna be seriously disappointed. And I swear to god if they reveal that Hope is actually a reincarnation of Jean or some such crap...

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

If X Men by some miracle lose this I'm done,

Posted by davelecave

so... Jean Grey? Madelyne Pryor? Hope Summers? Rachel Summers? Firstar? Tigra? Lol

Posted by CombatSpoon86

This is exactly why I avoid event books like this monthly and just wait for trade.

Too much stuff going on plus spending extra money on more issues when you know you can't afford it. Especially when you have an enormous pull list. If you have the money go for it, if not choose your books wisely on what you wanna pull.

Posted by azza04

Lol I won't be reading this, but I still get interested in the fan reactions. I think this will be almost as dissapointing as that last X-men event that everyone was pissed about.

Posted by unicornpuncher

I kind of wonder if both teams of x-men are going to be able to get along for long enough to fight the avengers. Otherwise its avengers vs. cyclops xmen vs. wolverine x-men. Which is confusing, because wolverine and beast are also an avengers and running wolverines school.

Maybe the avengers are going to have a bigger problem with Cyclops' team than Wolverines.

In the end they will all hug and be friends, so heres to hoping there are some meaningful deaths, cameos and background characters get some time to shine *raise glass*

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

they should make it a X Men/Avengers/Defenders three way

Posted by Dernman

They will not let the Avengers win.

Posted by WarMachineMarkV

- A new Iron Man armor, thank god, that god awful looking light brite Bleeding Edge suit is finally replaced

- Doing my best to keep lowering my expectations so I might actually enjoy the event

Posted by Lvenger

@DXmagma said:

"The writers also implied that the Phoenix Force will be searching for a new host and that this host will have "red hair and green eyes.""


Ha lol. Would be great if this actually happened.

Posted by frozenedge

Nooo not another Phoenix host. I was getting used to the absence of over-rated red-headed, green eyed women (excluding Rachel Summers). Just let Scarlet Witch repower the mutants that want their powers back and throw Hope in the comic book limbo where she belongs.

Posted by madrid_san

X-Men better not job to the Avengers. It can't happen. Like Brubaker said "Cyclops is definitely more willing to do what it takes than Captain America." And this could make the difference if Colossus, Magneto, and Namor don't.

Edited by frogjitsu
The event will also divulge Hope's connection to Jean Grey and Scarlet Witch. What could that mean?

Oh, so Hope is a love child between Jean/Phoenix and Wanda. Thanks for clearing that up.

Remember when Cyclops used to bounce his optic blast off of stuff and hit multiple targets like Cap does with his shield? Cyclops and Cap better have a battle to see who can ricochet their projectiles the best.

Posted by BMEZY

don't worry you guys, jean is not coming back in this one..i refuse to let these writers get me worked up only for my disappointment.. hELL NO it's not happening, i'm preparing for the worse..

Posted by Meteorite

"There's never been an Avengers vs. X-Men story".
Evidently, Bendis hasn't heard of the Avengers vs. X-Men mini, which was, y'know, released in hardcover a bit over a year ago.

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

I hope this story arc is good

Posted by GBrutality

in the picture it looks like wolverine is fighting frost and beast is about to tackle storm who is attacking iron man. it's funny how half of these people are honorary members of both teams (wolverine, storm, beast, namor etc..)

also, i know cyclops is willing to do more in a tactical way. i get that. and yes, he is tough. there is no way he could take captain america. not as a victory.

Posted by TheMess1428

X-Men win: Everyone hates mutants even more. Especially the X-Men.

Avengers win: X-Men lose all credibility in the eyes of the people who see them as heroes.

Posted by narwen

Even less impressed than I was yesterday. This type of thing is the whole reason I quit marvel.

Posted by bluehulk11

AVENGERS vs X-MEN round 3

Posted by Sir_Deadpool

greaaaat. first schism now regenesis and x-men vs avengers coming. i dont know why so many have problems with the amount of marvel story arcs, especially if they are this great or might be great (still to come)!

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Hope's connection to Jean Grey or Scarlet Witch? Can only mean one thing..that we could conceivably see the return of Jean Grey. After all...we're creeping up closer and closer to the 50th anniversary of X-Men #1 so, why isn't that possible? I think it is...

Posted by BritishMonkey

i'm already siding with the avengers lol

looking forward to it

Posted by RaidenAzreal

Come on X-men don't let me down

Posted by BlackArmor

Cyke Vs. Cap!!!!! My fanboy dreams are coming true this is a battle anyone could win and it will surely be the fight of the year if it's written well, wait....who's wrighting this............Fraction....ahhhhhhh F***

Posted by RainEffect

New armour for Iron Man?
That's signed me on.

Edited by Gambit1024
There's never been an Avengers vs. X-Men story.

Uh... Yes there has.

What a douche...

Posted by danhimself

this actually sounds like it could be pretty good....hopefully it is

Edited by ApatheticAvenger

@BlackArmor said:

Cyke Vs. Cap!!!!! My fanboy dreams are coming true this is a battle anyone could win and it will surely be the fight of the year if it's written well, wait....who's wrighting this............Fraction....ahhhhhhh F***

I know, right? The best writer to handle these two in a strategic battle would be Brubaker, but they pick Fraction? A guy with little to no experience with Cap and a lackluster history with Cyclops? F*** indeed.

Hopefully the event ends with the two of them coming to terms with each other's side of the argument, especially considering that Scott is indeed much more likely to do what it takes to come out on top.

Also, please let Jean stay dead.

Posted by Lt_Cmdr_Kicker

Sometimes I just wish I could see Cyclops finally get his. I am no fan of his character, but as much as I enjoy certain X-Men teams & stories I find it hard to see this event having any lasting impression on 616. It's always been kinda hard for me to grasp the X-Men & Avengers in one universe due to the alternate X realities that barely make any mention of the Avengers or any other super human characters outside of Mutants. (Age of X being the exception.) As if all those characters were of no consequence. Now with that being said, I think it's high time for "X-termination". I'd like to see a Marvel Verse without these Mutants. Now some of you may see this as a rant, but when I saw this I had mixed emotions & felt the need to express them. But I do believe I will be picking up all the issues but reading my side's first ;]

Edited by The Impersonator

@davelecave said:

So what characters have red hair and green eyes?

It's basically one character. But I do believe that another mutant is the opposite side of Hope. If she's called Hope, then what's the opposite? Destruction? I'm assuming the host could be another mutant with similar powers as Hope. Or Hope might be the chosen one. I have a feeling that either Bishop could be wrong or....even right.

Posted by Dernman
@Lt_Cmdr_Kicker: I honestly do not see them letting the Avengers win this. There is a small chance because they have mutants themselves on the team but still. I think that is why Cable attacks the Avengers because they did win and now he is changing that by going after them.
Posted by VanAce

My theory that Scarlet Witch had planned for Hope when she wiped all the mutant powers.

Also I want the X-men to win but since it is the year of the Avengers it looks like the Avengers will probably win.

Posted by mikeclark1982

SO! now wolverine has sided with the avengers but decked out in an x-men outfit? like wwe wrestler zack ryder would say

are you serious bro?