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Moon Knight's Best Covers

Get ready to gaze at some very cool covers.

Moon Knight month continues! This week, we're taking a stroll down memory lane and highlighting some of his best covers. Marc Spector's been around for several decades, so you can bet there were a whole lot of excellent covers to choose from. We've picked 11 that we love and hopefully you'll enjoy them, too. When all is said and done, don't forget to share your favorites in the comment below. Otherwise, you'll be on Khonshu's naughty list, and that really isn't a list you want to be on. Anyway, let's check out all of the cover goodness!

Feast your eyes upon the first cover Moon Knight appeared on! WEREWOLF BY NIGHT #32 went on sale way back in 1975 and it's full of action between the new character and the main lead, Jack Russel. Gil Kane had the honor of creating the cover and it tells you everything you need to know about the contents of the issue: it's a whole lot of fighting between Werewolf by Night and a dude armed with silver weapons!

Moon Knight made his debut in WEREWOLF BY NIGHT, but it wasn't until 1980 that we really got to learn about the hooded hero. In this first issue, Moon Knight's origin story is revealed and Bill Sienkiewicz's (you'll be seeing that name a lot) cover teases what makes the character unique: his different personalities. And in case you're wondering, the two extra identities were made so he can get information at different levels. Overall, this is an unforgettable cover for any fan of the Fist of Khonshu.

Moon Knight made a return in 2006 with an all-new series and man, it was dark. In fact, calling it just "dark" feels like an understatement. It was a brutal opening story arc and David Finch's artwork felt like a perfect fit. He makes Moon Knight look so formidable and this cover does a tremendous job establishing the tone for the story. Even if you have no idea what happens in this opening storyline, the fact remains this is simply a very, very powerful cover. It's a simple pose and something we've seen so many times before, but Finch makes sure its incredibly well done and pulls you right into the dark setting.

If you know Moon Knight well enough, then odds are you know the guy's had his fair share of encounters with Werewolf by Night. Artist Bill Sienkiewicz created a lot of stellar covers for the character, but this one leaves such a strong impression. Take a moment to really stare at this one. It's legitimately frightening, right? It almost makes you feel like the creature will emerge from the darkness and attack you next.

In 2009, Moon Knight had yet another new volume. Leinil Francis Yu's primary cover is a real attention-grabber and shows off the character's new armor, but Alex Ross' variant is a jaw-dropper. Everything about it is phenomenal. Moon Knight looks terrific as he strikes an authoritative pose, two of Manhattan's famous skyscrapers (the Empire State Building and the the Chrysler Building) look great without becoming distracting, and then there's the cloudy sky which is beautifully brought to life and illuminated by the full moon. It's a magnificent cover.

Arthur Suydam provided a number of impressive covers for Moon Knight's 2006 series, but the one for #15 always keeps my eyes locked on it for a good amount of time. It's a creative piece of work which manages to speak volumes about what's going on in the series. It touches on what's occurring in Moon Knight's head and the overall narrative. There's even some foreshadowing in there!

Moon Knight made another return in 2011. Opinions are definitely mixed on the volume's story, but the artwork? Not so much. There's an overwhelming amount of love for the talented Alex Maleev's art and understandably so. You can't help but stare at this cover for the volume's final issue and truly appreciate the clever design. Maleev really is an extraordinary fit for Moon Knight, isn't he?

Bill Sienkiewicz strikes again! This engrossing cover marks the very first appearance of the villain Black Spectre. This piece of artwork makes him look every bit as intimidating as he should and the fiend puts a major hurting on the anti-hero within the issue. It's a fitting pose and a proper dose of foreshadowing, too, since Black Spectre does indeed flank Marc in the story.

In the latest volume of Moon Knight (which will hopefully last more than a dozen issues...), Declan Shalvey has been producing some seriously praiseworthy covers. This latest one, issue #4, is delightfully trippy and places a firm grip on your attention. The shades of blue give it such a relaxing atmosphere, as well. It's a thoroughly powerful compliment to Warren Ellis' superb script and quite an awesome cover.

Remember when we said the 2006 series was really dark? We forgot to mention it's ridiculously violent and David Finch's cover for issue #6 makes that crystal clear. Moon Knight's at a low point in the series and he engages in some viciously brutal fights. He's at a point where he's okay with taking a punch and then sending one back twice as hard. This cover perfectly illustrates that point and is easily one of the character's most badass covers.

So many of Moon Knight's covers aim to impress with cool poses and immersive environments, but Skottie Young delivers one that'll simply make you smile. You've seen Moon Knight strike fear into his enemies and you've seen him bloodied and bruised, but have you ever seen him look so... adorable?! There were a couple of remarkable variants for the debut issue of the latest series, but this one just warms your heart and absolutely earns our praise.

What's your favorite Moon Knight cover? Don't be shy, share it below! Be sure to keep checking the homepage throughout June for more Moon Knight articles!

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Posted by Grey56

No Stephen Platt issues? Color me surprised. Still, glad to see issue 2 from Huston & Finch.

Posted by longbowhunter

Some good selections. I just picked up Essential Moon Knight vol.1 a few weeks ago. Excited to get started on some of those early stories.

Posted by G-Man

I just wanna say, I had zero input over this. I would've selected some others. Gregg asked for input while I was traveling back from Long Beach and was not aware he was going to push this live. So apologies over any missing awesome covers.

Posted by ScrappyDont27

Should just have posted all of Bill Sienkiewicz covers because they are amazing

Posted by PunyParker

It's Moon Knight month?

I totally missed that.

Posted by Hermatt

Most of the covers Finch did for the 2006 series could have been on this list.

Edited by AllStarSuperman

No Adi Granov?

Your opinion is wrong!

Edited by Jonny_Anonymous

These are some of mine

Posted by MadeinBangladesh
Posted by AmazingWebHead

That's pretty badass

Posted by Teerack

With the exception of the one cute cover I actually hate every cover chosen. I see some of my favorites in the comments though.

Posted by slade_wilson

No love for my boy Ron Garney?

Posted by BeaconofStrength

I'm glad Huston's Moon Knight run is getting some love.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous
Posted by RedLantern23

Super happy to Declan Shalvey's latest cover on here. That issue has some of the best art I've ever seen in a comic hands down.

Edited by Chaos Burn

how could anyone not think of this?

Vengeance of Moon Knight #1 (2nd printing variant)

Edited by Hit_Monkey

Always really liked vol 1 #23

Edited by Hit_Monkey

These are also all time favorites

Posted by k4tzm4n

@chaos_burn: It was most certainly considered -- I looked through all of the volumes/variants! However, when that issue also has an Alex Ross variant... ;) I did strongly consider that one, though!

Posted by The V0id's Moon Knight month. No wonder there's so much Moon Knight news lately, because no one actually cares about Moon Knight.

Edited by patrat18


Edited by Danial79

Most of my favourites have already been shown, but here's another one I've always liked.

Hey @k4tzm4n, would you play this video game? :P

Posted by Hit_Monkey

@danial79: That's an absolute beast of a cover. I'm gonna look though Marc Spector: Moon Knight again now.

Posted by Renchamp

@the_v0id: Still trolling. *sigh

See the comments? People care. Stop commenting on the Moon Knight stories if it the topic doesn't tickle your fancy.

Posted by Night Thrasher

What no love for Liefeld?

Edited by Hit_Monkey

I think this cover is worth a mention. As though the mini it belongs to is nothing to write home about. I've always had a soft spot for it. It was the first Moon Knight book I ever bought and its cover alone totally sold me. The opening page is also pretty badass.

Edited by DoomDoomDoom

I loved Suydam's covers

My all time favorite Moon Knight cover

So much brooding.

Posted by Grey56

@g_man said:

I just wanna say, I had zero input over this. I would've selected some others. Gregg asked for input while I was traveling back from Long Beach and was not aware he was going to push this live. So apologies over any missing awesome covers.

Not a problem sir, just surprised is all. There's certainly a good bit to choose from.

Edited by Overlander

@g_man said:

I just wanna say, I had zero input over this. I would've selected some others. Gregg asked for input while I was traveling back from Long Beach and was not aware he was going to push this live. So apologies over any missing awesome covers.

It's a grand list. I like seeing the other suggestions the community has come up with.

Perhaps there's enough covers for another installment next week (or later this month).

Edited by BlackPan1her

Besides the ones shown here, I have a few favorites of my own. (Yes, some of them are West Coast Avengers, but these center on Moon Knight as a member)

Posted by Deadpoolwins23

I have everyone of those books!

Posted by GraniteSoldier

I really like the Finch covers.

Edited by ptigrusmagus

Skottie Young is beyond over rated, after everyone sees how tried his style is on Rocket Raccoon he will disappear thankfully

Edited by Jessica_Spector

Gabriele Dell'Otto's covers

Posted by CyberWarrior

Love absolutely every single cover displayed!

Posted by E1000

Is the Bendis run worth it ? It was so short, I didn't have time to grab it at the time !

Posted by Hit_Monkey

@e1000: If you feel the need to read every series, yes. Otherwise, no. It isn't very good. Bendis handles Moon Knight very poorly.

Posted by SilverPool

@hermatt said:

Most of the covers Finch did for the 2006 series could have been on this list.

Yeah, his covers for Moon Knight were beautiful. That'd be great if he did some variant covers for the character now.

Posted by Owie

Moon Knight has really been surprisingly graced with great artists...Sienkiewicz, Finch, Shalvey, really couldn't ask for more.

The Norman Rockwell cover is a funny one.

Posted by ScarletBatman

I wish comics were still 25¢...

Posted by marvelman2099
Posted by wundagoreborn

Moon Knight month is SUCH a good thing.

Posted by Hit_Monkey
Edited by Greder8

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Posted by Danial79

I wish comics were still 25¢...

Same. Even with inflation that's only $1.07, which I would still be fine with.