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Millar's NEMESIS Advertised on Billboards

For real?


Ha! I’m surprised this didn’t wind up on Snopes. For anybody who hasn’t heard of the site, it’s a regularly-updated archive devoted to debunking urban legends and hoaxes. If you ever been curious about whether or not “sex” really IS spelled out in the sky in THE LION KING, for example, then this is the site to check out. You’ll find far more detail on the subject than you ever probably desired.

I bring this up because apparently Mark Millar’s been busted for starting his own hoax.

"Times Square, New York City, 15 minutes ago. Is this what happens when you give a comic-book writer some movie royalties? Issue 1 is out today, my friends. Steve and I hope you enjoy."
He wrote those words on his own Millarworld blog before posting this image...

Considering that probably the only time that comics have ever been advertised on a billboard, I believe, was when the original GI JOE rolled out its own, the image of this is an inviting fantasy.   It’d certainly be a measure of success and acceptance for comics to see a title advertised in such noticeable fashion, in such a busy section of New York.    

 Yep.  That's Eminem.

Alas, it seems it is only a doctored photo and, actually, not the first hoax Millar has authored.  I recall him creating huge buzz for WANTED’s movie adaptation way back when by announcing that Eminem (who was obviously the model for the Killer) was attached to star.  Of course, the rapper hadn’t been approached about the project nor had he even heard about the title.   He also put together an elaborate one about Orson Welles being the first director to consider making Batman in the 40s.
Huh... I was about to say that the Obama Weatherproof was an obvious giveaway about this being a doctored fake, but apparently, that thing's actually real.  Anyway, I’ll give it to Millar, though. This is how you promote a book.

-- Tom Pinchuk is the writer of UNIMAGINABLE for Arcana Comics and HYBRID BASTARDS! for Archaia.   Watch out for the HYBRID BASTARDS! hardcover collection this March - - available for pre-order now on

Posted by Ahmed Sherif

Pretty Cool! Now put a poster of X-Men if you would.
Edited by greenenvy

That is what I call a comic promotion and Nemesis is the sh!t thumbs up and recommend reading it.
Posted by Agent Buttons
Just got the first issue...
Posted by k4tzm4n

Funny, I walk by there every day and didn't spot that.
Posted by No_Name_

Waste of money. The average person won't know what this is for.


thats weird Tom, i actually saw one myself the other day like that as well.

Posted by blade hunter
Posted by Nyogtha

The first issue was sick.

Posted by Korg
@Babs said:
" Waste of money. The average person won't know what this is for. "
I doubt it cost that much money to put that together in Photoshop.
Posted by aztek_the_lost
@Korg said:
" @Babs said:
" Waste of money. The average person won't know what this is for. "
I doubt it cost that much money to put that together in Photoshop. "

doesn't Photoshop cost a few hundred bucks?
Edited by Korg
@aztek the lost said:

" doesn't Photoshop cost a few hundred bucks? "

Yes. Anyone who has access to Steve McNiven probably also already has access to Photoshop however. Pretty unlikely that a new copy of Photoshop was bought specifically for this joke, IMO.
Posted by No_Name_
@Korg said:
" @Babs said:
" Waste of money. The average person won't know what this is for. "
I doubt it cost that much money to put that together in Photoshop. "
Posted by xerox_kitty

And I was impressed to see posters for Kick Ass around... 

Posted by jamdown
when does the first isue come out
Posted by Korg
@jamdown said:
" @greenenvy: when does the first isue come out "
Posted by jamdown
holly $H!t I gotta go get that now, i was expecting it in April
Posted by jstarzyk

Well, considering they are already talking about a movie, perhaps they are viewing this as an early marketing push for the infant franchise.

Posted by k4tzm4n

FYI guys, that billboard has already been taken down. (I walked by there going to work tonight)
Posted by bingbangboom

I just read the first issue and it was interesting but don't know if I am feeling it. Seems like another book that is trying to go over the top just for the sake of it, plus McNiven's art isn't as solid like other books. I think he is using a different inker/colorist. It is pretty much another, excuse my language, dickhead that gets powers or skills and kills people. Was cool in Wanted, but seems like this character is part of that universe but again it is the first issue. I can really just see this playing out that the Nemesis still wins and kills whom he wants to whenever he wants.

Posted by Jotham

HAHAHA! Millar, you saucy Scotsman.

Posted by No_name_here
@CATMANEXE: I figured I'd break it to people quietly, but I suppose the cat's out of the bag now.  Pfizer found out that my distilled essence is a much more portent natural enhancer... 
@Tom Pinchuk: 
must be. that billboard was only an inch long before they put your picture on it, now look at it.