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Mike Allred's Red Rocket 7 Celebrates 10 Years

Mike and Laura Allred to celebrate anniversary with signing, party and original art gallery!

I think I've made it pretty clear that I absolutely love Mike Allred's work.  His artwork along with his wife's amazing colors always manages to bring new life to the story involved.  Being that music was involved, Red Rocket 7 was also published in a non-tradition comic format.  Each issue was published in the dimensions of an LP record.  Mike has played around with different formats over the years.  It's pretty cool to see something different and I think it shows that he's actually giving some thought about what he's doing.  He's not just on automatic and churning out the pages.  He's all for experimenting. 

It looks like there will be a little celebration for this event in San Francisco.  I will have to check my calendar and see what I need to do to make it there.

Here's the press release with all the details:

In their only public appearance this year, MADMAN ATOMIC COMICS' Mike and Laura Allred will celebrate the tenth anniversary of their RED ROCKET 7 graphic novel at San Francisco's Neon Monster on Saturday, October 4th!

“While Laura and I have held off from appearances this year, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to celebrate RED ROCKET 7's tenth anniversary with our friends at Neon Monster with their own one year anniversary,” Mike Allred said. “Like RED ROCKET 7, Neon Monster celebrates the common ground between comics and music on a daily basis and the enthusiasm they're bringing may even surpass our own!"

Neon Monster will be celebrating RED ROCKET 7 in a big way with a traditional signing from 5-8 PM and an anniversary party from 8-12 PM featuring the first ever public gallery showing of Allred's original art from RED ROCKET 7 and a rarely heard mix of the RED ROCKET 7 album sequel, THE GEAR: SON OF RED ROCKET 7.

The event will also be the debut of the NEON MONSTER ARTIST EDITIONS, a limited edition boxed set containing store exclusives, with the Allreds edition featuring a dozen 14” x 11” silkscreened prints reproducing art from RED ROCKET 7 in their original black & white state, each hand-signed by Mike and Laura, and a new compact disc pressing of THE GEAR. In addition, all copies of the RED ROCKET 7 hardcover sold at the event will feature an exclusive tip-in plate, also signed by the Allreds.

The RED ROCKET 7 10th Anniversary party will take place at Neon Monster, located at 901 Castro St. in San Francisco, CA on Saturday October 4. For more information, please call 415-206-9644 or visit

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