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Mike Allred's MADMAN 20th ANNIVERSARY MONSTER HC is Coming!

New Madman material from well-known contributors will be featured.

Take a guess who's excited about this? Here's the press release.

This is THE BIG ONE! This December, 20 years after Michael Allred's independent comics icon was introduced to the world, a celebration of all things Madman will take the form of a gigantic 11 x 17 hardcover! The MADMAN 20TH ANNIVERSARY MONSTER HC will include an all-new MADMAN story from Allred, as well as contributions from an impressive list of industry giants such as Darwyn Cooke, Frank Quitely, Jeff Smith, and Erik Larsen.

The jam-packed 264 pages of this epic coffee table book will weigh in as the perfect selection for those looking for the most ginchy of gifts this holiday season. The MADMAN 20TH ANNIVERSARY MONSTER HC will appeal to any fan of the heartfelt, retro-pop heroics of MADMAN and Allred's other critically acclaimed work like X-Statix and iZombie.

Twenty years on, Madman still holds the same appeal with fans, and with his creator, more than ever. "In my new story I was inspired to take Frank "Madman" Einstein on an adventure that took him on retrospective time trip, an inter-dimentional detour, a jungle excursion, and a kind of faux-family therapy exchange. I pulled out all stops," Allred said. "We're making sure that everyone will be getting some serious bang for their buck!"

Nearly every great artist to ever work in comics is in this book! That means more new Madman strips from Peter Bagge, Kyle Baker, Philip Bond & Peter Milligan, Darwyn Cooke, Dave Cooper, Dean Haspiel, Los Bros Hernandez, Erik Larsen, David Mack, Pat McKeown, Bernie Mireault, Michael Avon Oeming, Paul Pope, Eric Powell, Frank Quitely, Steven T. Seagle & Teddy Kristiansen, Jeff Smith, Jay Stephens, Craig Thompson, Matt Wagner, Joe Quinones & Maris Wicks. Plus, almost every Madman illustration collected over the past 20 years from all the greats will be included, including images by the likes of Frank Frazetta, Jack Kirby, Alex Toth, Moebius, Frank Miller, and Dave Stevens.

MADMAN 20TH ANNIVERSARY MONSTER HC (OCT110429, ISBN: 978-1-60706-472-5), a 264-page oversized full-color hardcover graphic novel for a hundred bucks, will be on sale in stores on December 21, just in time to make the list of perfect gifts!

And here's a look at some of the work by other contributors.


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Posted by Daveyo520

Too bad you are not looking foreword to this Tony.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Phil Bond rocks

Posted by sora_thekey

I bet Tony is counting pennies reserved for this book as I write this.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Man, I'll take it!

Posted by The Impersonator

I'm so mad in getting this book! :P

Posted by moywar700

he seems kinda lame

Posted by fables87

Mike Allred is the man! Loving iZombie btw.

Posted by Meteorite

Ehhh... I read two volumes of Madman and to be honest, I didn't really enjoy it that much.

Posted by G-Man

@moywar700: @Meteorite:

You guys are dead to me.

Posted by moywar700

@G-Man said:

@moywar700: @Meteorite:

You guys are dead to me.

oh don't be mad g-lad, I'm just having harmless sporting

Posted by Mumbles


Posted by Decept-O

Had a feeling Mike Allred was going to put out something epic. The price tag is beyond my reach but it sure is nice to have this offered to Madman and Mike Allred fans.

I can not believe it has been 20 years. Damn.

Posted by christopherwalken

Madman is old.

Posted by JairamGanpat


so is superman :/

Posted by Meteorite
 I don't have anything against Madman, and I can see why people would like it, it just didn't grab me that much.
Anyway, no one I know likes Zot!....
Posted by negamegas


Posted by Bastion the Master--Sentinel

that david bowie page did it for me

Posted by KRYPTON

20 entire years, awesome!

Edited by Eyz

I've been waiting for a big Madman special collection like this one for so long!!