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Mighty Mouse - - The Movie

The superhero reboot you didn't expect.

This is one you’ve been waiting for, the one that’s coming to save the day… Mighty Mouse will be flying into theaters for a decidedly-modern spin, courtesy of Paramount and Nickelodeon.  According the Los Angeles Times, the companies have scrapped the numerous scripts and directors that have been attached the project over the years and are now seeking new talent.

Seeing as how this cartoon is a little old (it originally ran in the 50s, and, I believe, the last incarnation rolled out in the mid 90s) I suppose I ought to give some of you youngin’s on this board a little primer on Mighty Mouse’s complex premise….

He’s what Superman would be like if he were a mouse.

With that out of the way, I think it’d be appropriate to get a battle thread going. See, Underdog is what Superman would be like if he were a dog, so it’s only apt to question which one of them would win in a knock-down, drag-out, no-holds-barred, Hell-in-the-cell, steel cage match where pin falls count everywhere in the amphitheater.
== TEASER ==

There’s not much to comment upon here, aside from the fact that this fits into a lot of the talk I’ve been hearing in “insider circles” in LA about how “old cartoons are going to be the next superheroes in Hollywood.” That is, THE SMURFS, SPEEDY GONZALES, POPEYE, et al, are following a trend started by the success of things like ALVIN & THE CHIMPUNKS and its SQUEEKUEL. So, expect to see more of these. Fittingly, just as Superman bridges the worlds of Krypton and Earth, so too would the MIGHTY MOUSE movie bridge the worlds of superheroes and funny animal cartoons.

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Posted by defaultdefaultdefault

I'm for it. i hope nothing of a cross-over into real world reboot though, make it just like either the original
and/or Kricfalusi stuff. would be a good CGI. MMouse was one of my favorites when i was a tot. I used
to carry a beaten stuffed toy of him everywhere i went.

Posted by goldenkey

I bet its better then Superman Returns
Posted by Astroknot

I liked the old 50's version as a kid. And the theme song was awesome, so I'm at least optimistic about this right now.

Posted by GothamBat

"here he comes to save the day!" 
Mighty Mouse is awesome. cant wait for this.
Posted by RedK

I wonder if they'll do a danger mouse film

Posted by Decept-O

Why is Hollywood insisting on mucking up perfectly classic characters?  
Just leave Mighty Mouse alone as the classic cartoon character he is.
Posted by doordoor123

i dont know if ill watch this.
i didnt watch astroboy.

Posted by Mbecks14

fuck yes!
 wait...Mighty Mouse? never mind.

Posted by gui22
@goldenkey said:
" I bet its better then Superman Returns "
If it  is that i´m can´t wait to see(but it isn´t hard to make a better movie)
Posted by joshmightbe

as long as its absolutly nothing like underdog or alvin and the chipmunks it could be good
Posted by Gylan Thomas
Think of it as reintroducing Mighty Mouse to a new audience. He may be a classic but people will forget him if they're not reminded from time to time.
Posted by SuperXAsh

probably going to have him be in the real world, that's the latest trend. Like Underdog, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Rocky & Bullwinkle, and the upcoming Marmaduke. e_e
Posted by InnerVenom123
@goldenkey said:
" I bet its better then Superman Returns "
Posted by Decept-O
@Gylan Thomas:    
I think audiences can be re-introduced simply by watching re-runs on TV or DVD in the original cartoon form.  I admit, a movie isn't a bad idea per se, but I think Hollywood will totally screw it up, just like they did with the other cartoon properties (my opinion).   MAYBE it could be good if they did something really unique but I am not holding my breath.
That's what I'm afraid will happen.  Maybe kids liked those movies, I really don't know.  I just prefer Hollywood left the classic cartoons alone just as they are--classic cartoons.  No need for "CGI" crap, just put out some more cartoons.  Cartoons are still being made, so why not?   
Posted by NightFang
@goldenkey said:
"I bet its better then Superman Returns "
             I hope so or i'll just die.