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Mighty Avengers #3 Preview: the Sentry Unleashed!

It's no big secret around here that I'm not too crazy about Tony Stark these days.  The fact that he's part of the "mighty" Avengers makes it a little hard for me to swallow.   I gotta admit I'm not too crazy about the rest of the team either.  But what makes it work for me is Bendis and Cho.   If it wasn't for them, I'd have to really think about reading this.  There's also the return of the WORD BALLOONS!!!  Only Bendis could bring them back and make them work.  It adds a whole new dimension to the characters.  It almost makes them more human.  Sure issue #1 may have gone a little overboard with them but it was toned down a little in #2.  So with that, how about a preview for issue #3?

The biggest new series of 2007 continues in Mighty Avengers #3, as Tony Stark’s new team of government-sponsored Avengers battle the all new, all female Ultron. And just what happened to Tony Stark? If Ultron has her way, this bold new team of Avengers won’t have a chance to find out! From the all star team of writer Brian Bendis and artist Frank Cho, Mighty Avengers has been a sales hit and quite a smash with the critics!

“Marvel fans of all stripes should give this one a shot,” said Augie De Bleick of, adding, “Bendis gets the team up and running in a most entertaining fashion from the get-go.”

Troy Brownfield of Newsarama.Com raved that Bendis & Cho, “Knocks it out of the park,” continuing, “Mighty Avengers plays exactly as a team comic should.”

Aint It Cool News said, “this is one very strong issue--one worthy of the MIGHTY tagline in the title.”
“Mighty Avengers is THE Avengers title for me,” gushed Phillip Hayes of PaperbackReader.Com.
With the full fury of the Sentry unleashed and Frank Cho’s stunning rendition of guest star Tigra, Mighty Avengers #3 is a can’t miss for any Marvel fan. With issue #1 sold out at Diamond and excitement at a fever pitch for issue #2, Marvel urges retailers to check their orders for this action-acked upcoming issue. Bendis. Cho. Avengers. Nuff said.

Pencils and Cover by FRANK CHO
Rated A …$2.99
FOC- 4/26/07, On Sale 5/16/07

And who would've thought that Ultron could look so...appealing?

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Posted by wolvie

isn't like tigra making out with Hank Pym in that one