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Michael Bay On 'Transformers 4': "Will Start Smaller"

The director reveals in a recent interview that the next film in the franchise will have a new cast, be set four years into the future and more.

We all thought that Transformers: Dark of the Moon was to be director Michael Bay's final venture into the franchise that truly solidified his career as a big-budget, action director. In fact, even Bay himself thought that the third film was to be his last. However, after hitting the well over $1 billion dollar mark, the director reconsidered. Bay recently spoke to Forbes about the future of the franchise as well as what fans can expect from the fourth film.

Back in September it was confirmed that actor Mark Wahlberg would be appearing in the fourth film and that this time around, the movie would be set four years into the future and the robots would look very, very different. Bay's next film titled Pain & Gain will star Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Mark Wahlberg and is scheduled to hit theaters on April 26th of this year. Unlike the Transformers films, this next one will have a considerably smaller budget ($25 million) and will be different than the type of movie that Bay is most well known for. So with Pain & Gain expanding the director's horizons, so to speak, what does that mean for Transformers 4?

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According to the director, Transformers 4 will "start off smaller," which already is a huge change to a franchise film that is built on this idea that "bigger is better" and the more explosions, the more entertaining the film. However, although it will be "starting smaller," and will feature Wahlberg, it won't be a reboot.

We’re going to start off smaller. There’s a brand new cast. To freshen the franchise we’ve redesigned everything from top to bottom. The history of the first three movies is still there, we start four years later and there’s a reason why we’re meeting a new cast...Mark is really excited about it and it’s a great redesign. I said that 3 [which grossed $1.1 billion] was going to be my last one. Paramount was letting me do Pain & Gain and the Transformers ride was opening at Universal and it was bittersweet to think of passing it off. I wanted to set it up on a really sure footing and to bring someone else in on that, it would have been overwhelming...No, that’s [reboot] wrong. We keep the Transformers the way they were, it’s just four years later. There’s a reason the Transformers are redesigned. We’re trying to broaden the franchise and give it more places to go.

The success of the first three films, which combined grossed over $1 billion in revenue, might be enough for fans of this franchise to have faith in Bay. Time will tell. Transformer 4 is set to hit theaters on June 27th, 2014.

Source: Forbes

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Posted by AmazingWebHead

Translation: no Unicron. Okay, I'm cool with that. Will Skids & Mudflap be back? Did Wheelie and Brains survive?

Posted by notarandomguy

Can't suck as much as the third one OR the second one...

Posted by Bad_People

@DJ1107: That doesn't make it right.

Posted by Darcsteel

@danhimself said:

ugggghhhhhh there's only one Transformers movie for me

no matter what else he did, this made me hate hot rod for ever

Megatron didn't kill prime. He lost the battle. Prime's death was the fault of one over eager idiot bot that didnt know enough to stay out of the fight

Posted by mrdecepticonleader

I am not pleased he is directing another one.

@Darcsteel said:

@danhimself said:

ugggghhhhhh there's only one Transformers movie for me

no matter what else he did, this made me hate hot rod for ever

Megatron didn't kill prime. He lost the battle. Prime's death was the fault of one over eager idiot bot that didnt know enough to stay out of the fight

I disagree I reckon Megatron would of shot Prime anyway.Hot Rod just provided an easier distraction.

Posted by Mbecks14

I have no problem ignoring the Transformers movies, but if that Ninja Turtles movie happens I will storm Hollywood in a blinging rage.

Posted by BoyWander

Mark Wahlberg? And Transformers? In a movie together? Where they've been redesigned so they may not be ugly spider monster anymore? YES. This and the news about Hulk movies. I am so happy today.

Posted by JamDamage

@Z3RO180: Because it's still Hasbro and they're doing what they did when they released the animated cartoon. They're cashing in on toys, etc. I'm wondering what characters they'll use. Ultra Magnus, Hot Rod, Galvatron, Cyclonis?? Any guesses.

Posted by MuyJingo

I really don't understand the Michael Bay hate. There are far worse directors out there. The man does action movies, but he tends to do them well.

Posted by wmwadeii

Would have liked to have seen a reboot starting with the division and eventual war. Something like the current Aligned Continuity Hasbro is trying to create. Make three movies, first is War for Cybertron showing the events leading upto and the start of the war, Fall of Cybertron were the war continues leading to the exodus from the planet, and Rise of Earth where the battle is taken to our planet.

Posted by CrimAldan

Dumb. I'm still waiting for the Tetris movie.


New cast.

4 years later.

same Bay.

still sucks.


Unless I can find my free movie ticket, from when the Mechanic showing never actually showed. & its still valid.

Posted by GodDamnIronMan


Posted by michaelthemighty17

really another movie there trying to make it all sci fi if its like the video game it will be good

Posted by Urban_Ronin

@danhimself said:

ugggghhhhhh there's only one Transformers movie for me


Posted by Pyrogram

I want cybertron!

Posted by DeawonCDelaney

At the end of the day whether you like it or not Transformers is a successful franchise, and each movie made a truck load of money. We as fanboys want to see a movie with No humans and robots the entire movie......and do you no how much of a bust that movie would have been when making movies like this Hollywoods goal is to make a movie that will attract everybody not just diehard transformer fans because we will still go see it anyway. Bottomline if they can make your girlfriend go watch a comic book movie..........Mission accomplished.

Posted by Batnandez

@inferiorego: The action scenes aren't even enjoyable because it's impossible to tell what's happening. I actually thought the first movie started out ok, I thought they were going to go a realistic aliens coming to earth route, but boy was I wrong.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

He caught fire with the first film, failed quite dismally with the second movie, and only barely broke even in his reputation for the third movie. Call me cynical, but I don't think this is going to do that well no matter how small and how much in the future or how redesigned the Autobots become.

Posted by jwalser3

@danhimself said:

ugggghhhhhh there's only one Transformers movie for me

The first one wasn't to bad. The rest just sucked.

Posted by Super_SoldierXII

It's funny how the Transformer cartoons of yesteryear are complete crap, and yet the live action movies somehow ruined them.

I don't think any movie can do 'childhood' memories justice. I also think our memories and opinions are grossly over romanticized.

The movies were not bad given the material.

Posted by randolphdefreese

Does smaller mean more humans,less robots?

Posted by TheHulk

These films actually got Hulk interested in Transfomers as a whole. So, Hulk love the movies.

Posted by Yung ANcient One


Nerds, Geeks, and weirdos of all ages will talk smack about this movie, buy tickets, go watch it, and complain saying they knew it would suck.