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McFarlane Speaks Out On Animated 'Spawn' Project

The creator discusses his plans for his upcoming project!

The creator discusses his plans for his upcoming project!

There has been plenty of talk in the recent months about another television adaptation of Todd McFarlane's 'Spawn' series. A little bit over a month ago, McFarlane had taken to his twitter account to announce that we would see an animated cartoon within the next year. In a recent report from MTV, McFarlane confirms that now that he has settled the legal issues that were related to the character and the series, he will finally be able to work on his latest project.

"We developed another 85-minute, movie-length storyline, but things got complicated near the end and there were some legal issues, so it got frozen because of that," explained McFarlane of the long delay between the animated series' final, award-winning season and now. "Recently, we were able to come to a compromise where everybody is happy. As a result of that, at the end of this year—as long as both parties do what they're supposed to—then all the rights come back to me."

McFarlane went on to explain that a lot of the work on the project has been completed. In fact, much of the animation and voice recording has already been finished. McFarlane stated that the issue is not whether the 85-minute long feature will make it to the big screen, but whether it will be presented as a full length feature or if it will be split up into several individual shorter episodes.

"Arguably, January 2 I can go into Hollywood and start knocking on doors," said McFarlane.

We shall have to wait and see what happens with the upcoming project! Do you think that rebooting the animated 'Spawn' is a good idea? What did you not get from the first animated 'Spawn' series that you would like to see in this one?
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all i have to say "get busy i want to see it!!"

Posted by KasadyCarnage

Posted by Bruce Vain

I'll still wait patiently for this.
Posted by Isaiah Bradley

I hope it is as good as the HBO spawn

Posted by goldenkey

I got to satanic the last time around.  It wasn't bad and Keith (Never touch another mans fries) David was great as the voice of Spawn.  Just as good as Kevin Conroy as Batman or Mark Hamill as the Joker, but it just got a little to satanic for me.  It translate a little better in comic then animation.  It got a little to old after a while.  The Overtkill episodes were good and Chapel were good,  but then it got stupid.

Posted by TheDastardlyHippo

Ugh... Spawn needs to go away.  It was the most overhyped series of the 90s that gave us one mediocre movie and only two interesting characters (Sam and Twitch, and I give most of the credit for their awesome dynamic to Brian Michael Bendis).  The animated series was pointless, embodying the worst parts of "adult animation" (cartoon characters boning and a general tendency towards style over substance) and a complete lack of a coherent story line.  McFarlane is clearly a talented artist and the best businessman in all of comics.  I hope he gives us new properties sometime soon.

Posted by OzzerOzby

I'm curious to see if this is gonna continue were the series left off, or if they are gonna start over from scratch.
Posted by Om1kron

The spawn animated series actually got ADULTS to watch animation back in 1997-1998 and opened the floodgates for mainstream MANGA styled artwork to make it into comics. McFarlane has opened so many doors. So hopefully people don't assume it's reruns when it does come back, hopefully HBO will pick it back up. 

Posted by Media_Master

Sounds cool!

Posted by the marvel
my thoughts exactly golden key
Posted by Spawn Godslayer

Hell Yeah!

Posted by Spawn Godslayer

The first Animated Spawn was great! There was not a single part I didn't enjoy 
I am hoping for the same with these