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McFarlane and Portacio Take Over Spawn!

Spawn's making a comeback

I always liked Spawn.  Like practically everyone, I was a huge McFarlane fan.  I ate the stuff up.  Was it the most original character?  Maybe, maybe not.  It didn't matter.  Todd went on to create a universe of characters and along with his visuals, they all kicked ass.

Then Todd started getting busy building his empire.  I'm not complaining.  More power to him.  His action figure lines were phenomenal.  They really raised the standards in the toy industry.  Todd became quite the businessman.   As he grew busier, there was no way he could continue the art chores.  I stuck with it for a while.  He was still involved.  

Eventually Todd left completely.  I stuck with it until issue #100.  It was still enjoyable but I was just reading too many comics and there was no Comic Vine to give me a reason (and be able to justify my spending habbits) to wife.  I started cutting some comics off my list and Spawn was one of the casualties.  

After all this time, Todd's coming back.  I'll assume it's as writer or co-writer with Whilce Portacio on art.  Not bad.  Check out the artwork.  Looks pretty groovy to me.  I think I'll have to start picking up Spawn again.  I have picked up a couple lately.  The colorist, Geirrod Van Dyke, really caught my eye. 

Here's the announcement.

Posted by Mr Mofo

I've liked the darkness of Spawn.  I do think the character has drifted a bit in recent issues.  This is great news that McFarlane is getting involved again.

Posted by pinksage

This art just made me milk my pants.

Posted by Shatterstar

Should be great for Spawn, Portacio has always been one of my personal favorites, I'm interested but I'm wondering where they could possibly take the character that hasn't already been done.