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Matthew Vaughn decides not to direct 'X-Men: First Class' sequel

The director changes his mind and one of the film's producers is being considered to take his place.

Mixed news for the future of the X-Men film franchise. According to Deadline, Matthew Vaughn, who directed X-Men Origins: First Class, has opted to not direct the follow-up. However, he will stick around to produce.

So who does Fox apparently want to take the director's place? None other than Bryan Singer, the director of X-Men, X2 and producer of X-Men: Days of Future Past is supposedly at the top of their list.

Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence and James McAvoy are all set to return for the sequel. Meanwhile, Deadline then claims that Vaughn will focus on another comic book movie for Fox -- Mark Millar's Secret Service.

What say you, Viners? Would you rather have Vaughn or Singer direct the upcoming comic book movie? X-Men: Days of Future Past currently has a release date of July 18th, 2014.

Source: Deadline

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Posted by TheCheeseStabber

Boo/Yay Wish he could do both :[

Posted by CRTrobinson

ugh two bad hits to marvel properties today. Fox sucks.

Posted by pulseangel666

Don't know about this, it could ruin a great movie and possible new series of film

Posted by Scott757

lol thats funny because Singer was supposed to direct First Class, but chose to produce because he decided to direct Jack the Giant Killer instead.

Posted by mk111

Thats too bad, buuuut I did really like X2, so this film could still be good.

Posted by BlueLantern1995

I don't know how to react to this, it could be either the best thing or the worst thing that ever happened to the series...we'll have to wait and see.

Posted by spidermonkey2099

I don't know if this is good, bad, or just plain ugly.

Posted by Doctor!!!!!


Dammit Fox! They should at least team up with Marvel or something... Oh GOD! PLEASE DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT Bret Ranter!

Posted by Chaos Burn

This is great news, Bryan Singer's films were the best

Edited by CircularLogic

I feel this means they will use the time travel part of this story to rewrite continuity to make all 6 films fit together, especially if Singer is back on.

5$ says this trip through time gives Deadpool his mouth back.

Posted by JamDamage

I'd rather have Vaughn then Singer.

Posted by Scarlet_Rogue

@spidermonkey2099: I think it's a little of all three.

Posted by guttridgeb

I reckon they should scrap all these plans and work with Marvel in the MCU. Its mutually beneficial and we fans might finally be appeased ;)

Posted by LordRequiem

X2 was mediocre, And absolute rubbish in comparison to First Class. Didn't singer write X-men 3. I can see no good coming from this.

Posted by johnkmccubbin91

He was always going to put Secret Service ahead of X-Men Days of Future Past as he's co-plotting it. If they get Singer it could be alright as he did a good job on the first two films.

Posted by Crash_Recovery

@LordRequiem: X2 is the second best X-Film next to First Class. It may be mediocre now, but when it came out, it was one of the best comic films to date.

Posted by BushidoBlack

Fine with me. X2 is still the best X-Men film. As long as we don't get another Superman Returns, I'm good.

Posted by spidermonkey2099

@Scarlet_Rogue: You're probably right...

Posted by cattlebattle
@LordRequiem said:

 Didn't singer write X-men 3.

Nope, actually one of the guys who co wrote Avengers wrote X-Men 3...certain ideas from the script Singer and his crew came up with were the Dark Phoenix and San Francisco being a battle ground. Some of Singers ideas for X3  were also used in First Class.
Singer made the best X-Men film....and also created the "practical, realsistic" atmosphere nearly every comic film adapts these there is no better man for the job honestly. Matt Vaughn is a great director though.
Posted by Omega Ray Jay

This is very interesting, hope Singer comes back.

Posted by StMichalofWilson

Bryan Singer or George Miller. I think they can make it work

Posted by Smurfboy

Oh no. :( Vaughn is awesome director for First Class. Singer is okay in my book. Let's hope he step it up and do a lot better this time.

Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau

@JamDamage said:

I'd rather have Vaughn then Singer.

Posted by The_Tree

My level of interest for this movie is now at zero.

Posted by TheCrowbar

What was the plot to X2?

Posted by hunter5024

I think the first two xmen movies are good and great respectively, in fact I think the second was better than first class, so with all that the industry has learned about superhero movies in the time since X2 I'm pretty optimistic that Singer could make a good film. However it's still disappointing to lose Vaughn, he's an awesome director.

Posted by RedQueen

It's disappointing news, got to admit. As long as Brett Ratner stays well away.....

Posted by Inverno

It seems like they shot themselves in the foot.

Posted by CitizenJP

Super bummer. ;/

Posted by Mr_Athrilla

Absolutely not. Singer has butchered every x-man character I ever loved. Iceman, Rogue, Storm, and Cyclops were all unlikeable shells of there comic book counterparts, all because they wanted wolverine to be popular by comparison. Seeing someone like Cyclops who is normally a strong tactical leader get reduced to a quiet one note character really made me mad.

Speaking of which, they also failed with Wolverine. Im not talking the actor, but the character. One of the best parts about Wolverine is his relationship with other characters. But he had next to no ties with any of the x-men or villains. The love hate rivalry with cyclops was downplayed. As well as the friendship he has with Rogue. Oddly enough he does love Jean, which is weird because in the movie universe Wolverine only spends collectively 48 hours together. and most of that time he was either unconscious or working with a team.

So no to Bryan Singer. He failed with X-men, he failed with Superman. he just shouldn't make anymore superhero movies.

Posted by geoff2005

ill probably wait for DVD for it now

Posted by Danial79

I know I'm in the minority, but I really wasn't a fan of First Class. I absolutely loved the Charles/Eric chemistry, but the rest of the film was average. I'd say X2 is still my favourite X-Men film, so hopefully Singer can channel that if he gets the job.

Posted by Ama_Sama

I'm so disappointed he won't be directing, but at least he'll be producing. Some involvement is better than no involvement.

Posted by sora_thekey

Welcome back Bryan Singer!

Posted by LoganRogue24

i hope singer returns but with are luck it will be brett ratner again.

Posted by Barubal10

Sad, but intriguing

Posted by AngeTheDude

Singer is a good director but I'm wary after the snoozefest that was Superman Returns.

Edited by MexFaletti

Hmm... i might be some of the few that enjoyed First Class over any other previous X-Men movie. I should be dissapointed, but i prefer to wait and see the outcome of Singer's involvement...

Edited by Smurfboy

I wonder if we the fans can scream and yell at FOX for getting a better director? I mean, heck, the TMNT-fans literally screamed like a monster and Micheal Bay actually heard them and replied! I really want for X-Men fans to scream at FOX and tell them to get a better director!

Posted by ValendianKnight

Since First Class was by far the best Xmen film to date in my opinion, this doesn't exactly give me confidence that the follow up will be as good....which is sad, I loved First Class.

Edited by Lokheit

Just when I though they couldn't do it worse... Bryan Singer... the guy who wanted Sigourney Weaver to play Emma Frost in X3 if he had directed the film...

This smells like complete crap now, please FOX, stop making crap and re-sell those right back to Marvel while you can still do it at a good price...

Posted by Agent9149

I don't even care anymore. The x-men films have been about fan service and flashy stuff. No substance. No art. I want a Great film that plays tribute to the original supporting themes. Not a good movie that nods to the stuff.

Posted by StellarDream1

Please don't bring back brett ratrashner to make this movie, just to make a quick buck. Matt Vaughn is the best director out if the x-men films by far, too bad he left, they should bring a new face to direct the sequel. i would say Tim Bekmambetov the director of Wanted 2008 film, or a director thats not too hollywood like ratner

Posted by modunhanul

Wishful thinking, Vaughn directs one of the DC Comics characters.

Posted by nerfherderIV

Vaughn did fantastic but Singer is better than Ratner or Gavin Hood.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Well I guess that's Fox's way of saying that they want the First Class line of movies to be over with now, isn't it? :/

Posted by DaltonMunnal

What's with all the disrespect for Singer here? His X-Men (along with the first Spider-Man) practically invented the modern comic book movie. Not too mention he worked on First Class which most people, myself included thought was great. Singer on Days of Future Past? Awesome news. Secret Service movie? Awesome news.

Posted by scuzz2.0

I could honestly cry, i thought Fox was finally getting there $#it together. this had the potential of being the best series ever and now it's over.

The only reason i liked X2 was because my expectations were so low after the huge disappointment of X-Men. The singer films were barely based on the comics. The only way i could be more upset right now is if they announced Brett Rattner.

I would love to know what really happened, if fox were getting to involved or were trying to force him to compromise. Maybe Vaughn is just unreliable, I mean this is the 3rd time he left a marvel film.

Posted by YMCMB

:( ... I did like X2 a lot though.

Posted by RoastedRay

I wish I could say I was surprised but i can't. It would seem they want to screw up X-Men anyway they can.

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