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Matthew Vaughn Compares X-Men: First Class to Star Trek

I'm still betting that time travel is involved.

 The comparison to STAR TREK only brings this my mind.

Matthew Vaughn’s been answering a lot of fans’ concerns regarding X-MEN: FIRST CLASS and where it’ll fit in the already-established mutant movie mythos, but his answers seem to raise just as many questions in turn. He’s clarified that this will be a continuity-fitting prequel to the previous movies, not a total reboot, but his comparison of FIRST CLASS to the latest STAR TREK movie raises the possibility that the plot might have something to do with time travel and alternate universes. His further statement about how Bryan Singer’s cooked up a “very, very smart story” that not only ties the X-Men into the period they’re set in, but also involves them in contemporary world events… well, that would certainly bode well for chronology-twisting plot.

You know, if you step back and think about it, time-travel plays a significant part in the X-Men mythos. What’s one of the most memorable storylines? DAYS OF FUTURE PAST. Who are some of the biggest characters? Time-travelers Cable, Bishop and Rachel Summers (or whatever she’s calling herself today.) Hell, the whole MESSIAH COMPLEX: SECOND COMING crossover centered around Hope and Bastion, who’re both from the future.  Time-travel’s so regular in the X-Men mythos, it's basically matter-of-fact. 
So, think about.... aside from time travel, what’s the last major X-Men concept that's yet to be addressed in the films? The Sentinels. I still think there’s a good possibility that Kevin Bacon could be some playing some understated riff on Bastion or Nimrod. == TEASER ==

Anyway, a lot of you Comic Vine maniacs have had concerns about there being too many characters in this movie and Vaughn’s been hearing those concerns. He still doesn’t think it’ll be a problem, though.

So did he say to Coventry Telegraph

"In terms of having a lot of mutants, it doesn't feel that busy. I don't feel worried about it. I think it will be really cool to see all these guys doing their stuff.”

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Posted by turoksonofstone

This movie will Fail.

Posted by Sapphire Warlock
@turoksonofstone said:
" This movie will Fail. "
Posted by daken_2513
@Sapphire Warlock said:
" @turoksonofstone said:
" This movie will Fail. "
Agreed. "

Agreed as well but ill see it anyways
Posted by Mumbles

triple agree

Posted by doordoor123

Its going to be Age of Apocalypse. Theres no way its not going to be now. They already have a Sinester. X-men movie series has been ruined anyhow. I dont really care what they do.
Posted by Chaos Burn

 i wanna kick Matthew Vaughn in the nuts, maybe then would he get some sense about this franchise... at the moment he just seems like "duuuhhh lots of pretty mutant powers = audience"

Posted by TheMess1428

If they do it how I think they're going to do it, then it might work.

Posted by War Killer
@TheMess1428 said:
" If they do it how I think they're going to do it, then it might work. "
What are you thinking?
Posted by XFan616

ehh. Time travel makes me nervous. Done right it can make for an extremely good movie, but done poorly it just comes off as cheesy. I'm gonna wait to pass judgment, but like I've commented elsewhere what I'm hoping for is a halfway decent movie, then a standstill while Marvel and Disney get back the reigns and do a reboot, although I actually haven't hated any of the X-films to date.

Posted by TheMess1428
@War Killer: I was thinking this.
Posted by -Eclipse-
@daken_2513: LOL, if you go and see it then it won't be a failure, cause it'll be making money :P
Posted by Cherry Bomb

I just wish they'd release an OFFICIAL  casting statement already.

Posted by coolbeans


Posted by Iron Fist Angel

I'm going to hate this. It's a slap in the face to the true first class of X-men. And any extremely slim hopes I had of seeing Iceman and Angel are officially dead now.
Posted by bleedingheart

I'm not going to lie...I will be in line for this, but not with enthusiasm.

Posted by Agent Buttons
@Cherry Bomb said:
"  I just wish they'd release an OFFICIAL  casting statement already. "
What she said!!
Posted by Technoman
@daken_2513 said:
" @Sapphire Warlock said:
" @turoksonofstone said:
" This movie will Fail. "
Agreed. "
Agreed as well but ill see it anyways "
You haven't even seen it yet! It could turn out to be fantatic!
Posted by FadeToBlackBolt

So long as it's a good film and Cyclops is the main character, I don't really care what they do. Granted, I have little hope for this being a good film.

Posted by tonis

time travel would be better than vampires :)

Edited by cmaprice

Please go to production hell, First Class.

Be at a stand still for another year before Fox lets Disney know their buyout amount for their remaining contract.  
Then, maybe we'll see X-Men in the larger Marvel movieverse.
Unlikely, sure.
Fox'll run the franchise into to ground (well, deeper than they have already) before they allow the fans to hope for another great installment.

Edited by Amegashita

  The only time travel needed in this movie is the one that I'll need if I ever see this movie so I can go to an earlier time and tell myself not to watch this movie.

Posted by AxlReznor

Wow... it's not even got past the casting stages yet, and already people have made their mind up that it's gonna suck. 
Some people need to get lives.
Posted by SupremoMaximo

If it has an X on it, I'll go see it.  I'll get the video and watch it when it comes on FX.

Posted by Sapphire Warlock
@Technoman said:
" @daken_2513 said:
" @Sapphire Warlock said:
" @turoksonofstone said:
" This movie will Fail. "
Agreed. "
Agreed as well but ill see it anyways "
You haven't even seen it yet! It could turn out to be fantatic! "
Really? Fox has ruined any hope I had for this series with that dreadful "X-Men: The Last Stand" and god awful Wolverine movie. And with all the news we've been getting about how this mutant will appear and then this one will be in and then the greatest of casting rumors ever: Kevin Bacon, You're telling me, another overloaded movie with a bunch of characters who have nothing to do with the main story line other than to look pretty, is going to make a movie turn out "fantastic"? No. Sorry if I don't agree.
Posted by Shadow_Thief

I desperately want to be optimistic about this film, but it's rather hard to, given the past couple of X-films. There's still a lot of potential for this to be a good film, but given Fox's track record, potential doesn't mean much. I'm certainly not going to see it on its opening weekend; I'm going to wait for the reviews to come in, talk to some people that did see it, and then decide if it's worth seeing in the theater or waiting for it to hit dvd.

Posted by Fade+

lol lots of people freaking out over a movies that might suck or might not .... personally i think its gona be a huge waste of time
Posted by The Impersonator

Not a reboot? WTF? Oh, that justs great.