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Matthew Vaughan Says Superhero Movies On the Way Out

Do you agree with him?

 I'm pretty sure this is just the beginning.

Matthew Vaughn has positively scandalized the internet fan community by saying he thinks the superhero genre's on the way out at the movies. In his eyes, the subject’s “…been mined to death and the quality control is not what it’s supposed to be…" Soon, it’s “…going to be dead for a while because the audience have just been pummeled too much.” It might seem counter-intuitive for him to say this, given that he’s just about to start shooting X-MEN: FIRST CLASS, but Vaughan asserts that he chose to direct that movie now precisely on anticipation of this decline. He’s always wanted to do a blockbuster-sized superhero flick (you’ll recall he was originally attached to do X3: THE LAST STAND for a while) and he fears he may not get many more chances after this. The LA TIMES relayed his comments and responses have been popping up. CHUD thinks the real issue is that the scope of these movies has been too narrow while First Showing thinks there are too many exciting superhero movies in the pipeline for any enthusiasm to abate.

I think the answer’s even more basic. Superhero movies are going to keep going on, just as they have in comics and cartoons... for decades.   A lot of the commentary I’ve read about the “media takeover” of Comic Con explains studios’ presence there as a direct attempt to woo the comics fanbase. That is, the elusive “18 to 30-year-old demographic” who’ll be so enthusiastic about their entertainment that they’ll keep coming back, month after month, year after year, buying the collector’s editions and the reissues and so on.  They’ve more or less transferred that kind of fandom to these movies, and I think Batman's movie fanbase is going to endure as long as his comics fan base has endured.  That is, almost endlessly. == TEASER ==

I do definitely agree with Devin Farraci at CHUD over scope being an issue. Above anything else, what I liked about the DARK KNIGHT was that you finally had a super villain - - a genuinely-menacing threat instead of some misunderstood soul who's focused on getting revenge on just the hero.
Anyway, this sure to be plenty of gristle for the gnashing. Do you Comic Vine maniacs agree with Vaughan? Are superheros' days at the theater numbered?

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Edited by ComicMan24

I don't think their days are numbered. There are still stories to be told and characters outside the usual ones that can be transfered in the movies. They just need to slow down a bit and be more careful with their choices. Now I have even more doubts about X-Men First Class.

Posted by Skogen

I really hope so, for all of our sakes...

Posted by Affeinvasion

Perhaps conventional Superhero flicks are on their way out, but I think the popularity of and hype of things like Scott Pilgrim will continue to support comic based movies for a while.  I would really love to see a movie based on the Fables universe.

Edited by Amegashita

  The Superhero movie is on its way out as much as the action movie, or comedy movies are. 

Posted by Kid_Zombie

He should stop working for FOX then. They are the ones ruining it. "Superhero movies" have been around since the 30's and comic based movies are doing so well half the people dont know it was based off a comic, Road to Perdition, History of violence, ghost world ECT. Comics are just like books where its an endless source for story.  And i think the hayday for "superhero movies" is just beginning
His comment makes me want to see X-men first class even less.

Posted by dondasch

LOL.  This is awesome!  Great jov Vaughan, you've now guaranteed your movie will suck !

Posted by ArtisticNeedham

I once heard a person who worked for a TV network say, over 5 years ago maybe, that superheroes where on their way out and that studios wanted to stay away from them.
So there you go.

Posted by skaarason

i guess he didn't get the memo , that every comicbook is being made into a movie , lol !

Posted by EnSabahNurX

Rather them make a 1000 more superhero movies(preferably some less uber famous ones) than another parody movie or pointless predictable romantic comedy

Posted by johnny_spam

I think we might see a decline in superhero movies obviously stuff like Batman will stick around and the occasional other hero will come out but he is right to the main public it could be a fad that goes away and now that every publisher wants their stuff made in a movie it will get worse not all of them will be of quality. 

Posted by CaptainUseless

As long as their are superhero/supervillian comics, there will be comic-based films.

Edited by Terrific_T
Nah. As long as the superheroes are around, the movies will be around. 
@CaptainUseless:   Ninja'd! lol
Edited by doordoor123

I really dislike him because of this. He looking at comic movies from a movie industry perspective. Fans are always demanding different kinds of movies. But i strongly disagree. I think anything that comes out of Marvel or DC will have great success. The superhero movies that are failing are the ones that have been brought up for no reason. Like Hitchcock or more recently Megamind. Marvel and DC movies are aimed tward all ages and will get more attention. Everyone thinks the money is in making superhero movies, but thats not where the money is. The money is DC and Marvel. The well recognized, already developed characters. 
There are only so many good directors in this industry, and as long as they levitate to DC or Marvel (which is where the money is) i dont see superhero movies going anywhere for quite some time. And we all know how directors want money.
Posted by Gambit1024
@dondasch said:
" LOL.  This is awesome!  Great jov Vaughan, you've now guaranteed your movie will suck ! "
QFT lol
Posted by turoksonofstone

Eat bat-nipples Vaughan!!!

Posted by NightFang


Posted by dondasch

@Gambit1024 Wha..?

Posted by Shatterstar
Posted by DeadlyWolverine

Well, only movies like Kickass should be escorted out of the cinemas. They suck.

Posted by ForbushBug

I don't think "Kick-Ass" is a good barometer because it was rated R unlike most superhero flicks and based on a comic unknown to the general populace.

Posted by SupremoMaximo

Maybe he meant Vampire Love Fest movies are on their way out...

Posted by XFan616

Not in the slightest. A few series may go out, like the Christian Bale batman films or Hugh Jackman's x-men, but superhero movies themselves will go no where. If anything that's the problem: superhero films are SO popular with general movie goers that most of the creators no longer have to appease the comic book fans. an example is the Avengers film. With the hype of the Iron Man movies, Thor AND Captain America (plus a distant memory of the Hulk) It doesn't matter if they make Thor speak normal english or Captain America a drunk: the movies will draw so much attention that original comic fans will be the minority, making the filmmakers jobs that much easier, and themthat much more likely to trod all over our favorite heroes.

Posted by batmanboy11

I disagree. Due to the marvel films where there is continuity between movies, I think superhero movies have just begun. And its starting to look like DC is seriously thinking about doing a JLA movie, since Batman is doing well, there'll be a new Superman movie, GL comes out next year and the Flash is being written.
Edited by jefprice

I think he's lost his mind. With the exception of Inception,nearly  every huge blockbuster recently  has been a comic film. Kick Ass may not be on it's way back, since the only people I know who want I #2 are fans of the comic, but comic films being dead? Really? DC has at least 3 planned for the next few years, and Marvel has more then 9 just from their own studios

Posted by MemnochZERO

I don't know if they're completely  "on the way out" but most of the young folks I talk to in RL (who usually love seeing these films) seem to agree the genre's getting stale and slowly dying. I would have to agree with that, you can't keep making the same kind of film over and over again because it WILL get stale. There needs to be more thought put into the developing these films rather than just what looks cool on screen or trying to please the people who want their movies to look like the 4 colour spandex driven panels of old. 
Comic book films and superhero films really need to have intelligence behind them and the filmmakers/producers putting them out really need to think of them as FILMS first instead of big budget B-movies or franchise starters. When quality and variety return to the franchise, we'll see an upswing. Watchmen, the Nolan Batman films, and Kickass are fine examples of the genre reinventing itself. We need these future films to tell unique stories and not treat the characters in the film as stereotypical "types" of characters or that they "think" people want to see from "Superheroes". They should all be able to tell a concise    story and people, fans of the book and the average cinema goer, shouldn't walk out feeling ripped off and that they should've seen something more (like XO:W and countless others before it).

Edited by whitelantern2814

I like how he says this as his about to direct the new X men film the one franchise that just plain sucked, he can't talk about what makes a good film didn't he also direct that piece of crap called 'Stardust' 
If he doesn't like the Superhero Genre Here's a tip for him 
Posted by TheMess1428

Superhero movies will survive the Apokolips. (Pun Intended).

Posted by Comiclove5

This is why X-Men: First Class will suck and everyone will blame it on you.

Posted by conformist21

ain't nobody wanna see a non-reboot version of x-men, prequels?
wtf, just scrap it and do it right,
same with batman, nobody wants to see them soon again and again, 
fantastic four needs to be handled well,
the industry is dying for the "old" heroes that already got movies,
no it's time for something fresh, like Avengers and Green Lantern,
here's to evolving into dr. strange and black panther, and even non-costumed heroes.

Edited by comix christian

Well if it is on the way out, it's beacuse of movies like X-MEN First class....ohhh it's gonna suck so bad..
Posted by Prizm

That explains why Kick-Ass was a dissapointment.
Posted by phantomzxro

no i don't think they are on there way out and i would go so far an say that is a stupid statement to make. i also feel anyone who makes that statement are only thinking about batman, xmen and ironman etc. What been big in the movies lately is the art of taken a non-faction as in a novel, book, or comic series and turn it into a movie and if it does well they know they can put out two to three more movie and make the same amount of money if not more. 
I don't think that will change for a few years until we get some movies that just bomb at the box office. Not all superhero book are the same so i don't think they will end soon. The main people i see is that can't flood the market with too many because a few a year will get families, hip-sters, and comic fans going to see them. If you put out too many that is when people will get tried of them.
Posted by Agent Buttons
@turoksonofstone said:
" Eat bat-nipples Vaughan!!! "
Posted by GraphicCasualFreak

I think Matthew is mad that Kick Ass movie and video sales weren't high enough.

Posted by goldenkey

I think the next 2 years will tell us that or not with GL and Cap, Thor, and the Avengers.  Not going anywhere since there are so many movies still coming out, and we still have SM, BM, and DP yet.  DC has not even really started.
Posted by Jotham

Well, I never! My monocle positively shot from my eye when I saw this!

Posted by Dark Cell

They have been making Super Hero films since...well a long while back, why would it stop now?

Posted by CaptainGenisVell

Or it's his 'Get out of Jail Free' card. He knows he's going to cock it up so badly that he comes out and says they are on the decline. I think so long as the studios are true to the comics, make wise decisions in the cast, then it will be fine. How can you truly say that a genre is going to disappear from the screen, the answer is you can't. Yes less maybe made, but they will still be made. Example, Westerns, they have declined over the tears, yet we still get the occasional one and we are seeing more and more set in the WIld West.

Posted by Quest

i do not think the genre will ever die out beacause comic fans would love to see all of their favorite heroes in movie and normal movie veiwers will go to the superhero flick if it is good 
Edited by johnny_spam

Wow he said his opinion and has gotten jumped on. He has a point we can't see it since we are comic book fans but what we don't know is if mainstream audiences consider it a fad that will pass.  
We may always see Batman and a few others but it's not guaranteed the genre will be this strong. 

Posted by Shadow_Thief

Well, if studios keep delegating the creation of such movies to talentless hacks that lack even a rudimentary level of knowledge or respect for the source material or its fans, then they probably are on their way out, and none too soon. In fact, I would breathe a great sigh of relief if Fox would heed his words and get out of the superhero business, altogether.

Posted by Mediant

I feel like comic book movies I really just growing into something substantial. Marvel is finally establishing its universe in film. DC is expanding to the heavy hitters of their universe (outside Batman and Superman). And the public seems excited about it all. So I have to disagree.

Posted by DannoMan

They're trying to do too many too quick. So the story and development is lacking.

Posted by Video_Martian

Not if they haven't made a Flash movie yet!!!

Posted by Formidable 1

He's just another pretentious, condescending-faux-lisp-using director pretending to be omniscient and precognitive.
These guys get on such a power kick that they think they can speak for everyone.
Superhero movies and television shows have been around since the inception of the mediums and ever prior (radio) and will continue to be around as long as movies and tv shows are made.

Posted by VanTesla

.... If there is enough B-rated movies of the genre then ofcorse it will die... 
Seems Vaughn is setting his movie to fail purposely and to blame it on every one but himself.... 
 He already has changed scripts by my understanding, action scenes blameing other movies like Inception and the casting sounds not so great... 
Fox is scary for they have helped in screwing DD, Elektra, and X-men.  
off topic: My best films of the top of my head are Tim Burtons Batman 1&2, Nolans Batman 1&2, X2, Iron Man, 2008 Hulk, Kick ASS(not as good as comic but it had it's moments), Superman 1&2, Batman Phantom Menace(cam out in theatres so I count it), Spiderman 1&2, and Fantastic Four(I liked it...). 
Hate: DD, Elektra, Punisher WZ, X3, Spiderman 3, 2000 Hulk, Batman and Robin, Wolverine, Superman 3&all, Wanted, Watchmen, Shield, Captain America, Flash, and rest I am in the middle. 
I hope Green Lantern, Captain America, and Thor do good. Iron Man 2 disappointed me. 
Edited by ArtisticNeedham

I can see the case made for this in maybe Marvel comic films, but not DC and not really Marvel either, not to mention the various other comic related movies that have the possibility to get made.
Now that GL is getting made there is the chance for various other movies and their sequels and franchises and spin offs of them:
Wonder Woman
New Gods
and various other DC properties like Suicide Squad 
Captain Marvel
Sgt Rock
Teen Titans 
Blue Beetle
Booster Gold
JLI (I would love to see this made in some way)
Star Man

non DC:
and others.
Savage Land
Ant Man
Heroes for Hire
Captain Mar-Vell
Werewolf by Night
Black Cat
the android Human Torch
I am just saying there are lots of movies out there if the studios and directors will take a chance on them ort get to actually making them like they said they would.

Posted by Bossjugg

the movies are for the general populace and not us comic fans :(

Posted by Kenshiro28

Remember when pirate movies were supposed to be dead?

Posted by Gregomasta

As long as I can buy my comics, I'm happy.

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