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MASS EFFECT... the Movie?

The gears are turning for a big screen version of this space opera.

I haven’t gotten the chance to play any of the MASS EFFECT games, myself, but I’m certainly more than aware of them. Not only is there a seemingly-endless supply of rave reviews floating out there, but any comics fan should be abundantly familiar with game #2 after seemingly every comic was running multiple ads for it a while back. Dark Horse even just wrapped up a MASS EFFECT mini, as I recall. Video games, comics, print advertisements… it’d be reasonable to assume that movies are next, right?

More than reasonable, actually. The Hollywood Reporter… well, reports that a MASS EFFECT movie is in the works and the personnel involved so far should be familiar to all you maniacs. The screenwriter, Mark Prostevich, is writing the THOR movie.   Legendary Pictures, who brought us THE DARK KNIGHT and 300 movie, is getting the whole thing together. And Avi Arad, the man basically responsible for Marvel’s current multi-media renaissance, is one of the producers.
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The funny thing is… the trailer for this game pretty much look like a blockbuster movie, already. Those performance captures look pretty damn near photoreal to me. We’ve had all this talk about multi-media awareness and creative personnel here.... but what about how cool this whole game looks? I’m a big fan of space opera and if I had the time for some gaming, I’d definitely be eager to experience the adventures of heroic elite Commander Shephard and the SSV Normandy starship throughout the galaxy. I’m sure there’s got to be more than a couple of you in the Comic Vine community who've played this. Is it everything they say it is? Would it make it good movie? Fill me in!

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Posted by Tainted-Cell

The game pretty much IS a movie - making a movie adaptation seems a bit redundant.

Posted by Jordanstine

Could we get to decide if the main character should be John or Jane Shephard just like the game? 
That would be "crazy sauce!"
Posted by Nighthunter

Mass Effect is awesome

Posted by LT1085

Commander Shepard  - Matthew Fox   

Posted by the_fallen11

Not a fan.

Posted by LT1085
@the_fallen11 said:
" Not a fan. "
Thanks for nothing.
Posted by Kastiel

I hate video game movies so much. They usually suck.

Posted by lostlantern13

The game essentially does play out like an epic saga, but the comics didn't...neither will the movie. 
The reason the game is so highly regarded is because it's a bit more than the game. The main character is designed by you and you make the choices for him/her. The abilities, the decisions, the fact that you can playthrough it a few different ways......the draw is how personal it feels.  Heck, the sequel threw in the wonderful idea of fleshing your team's backstories.
The comics couldn't replicate that connection and the movies will miss on that and the backstory.  You'll get a protagonist with his motley crew...but it'll be streamlined...and that depth just won't be there.

Posted by Halberdierv2

oh no, another one?

Edited by Jordanstine

Hold on a sec... 
Did you just say (or typed) Dark Horse Comics and Marvel's Avi Arad...??? 

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@LT1085: hey we all have a right to voice our opinions here.
Posted by ArtisticNeedham

Didn't they base most of the characters on actors anyway, like the woman from Chuck?

Posted by MrLeadFoot

Wow I would love to see Mass Effect into a movie. If I could I'd already pre-order tickets.

Posted by LT1085
@the_fallen11 said:
" @LT1085: hey we all have a right to voice our opinions here. "
That is absolutely correct. However, your contribution to the thread didn't...well...contribute anything; Making it pointless. 
Posted by CaptainGenisVell

I just heard about this from the facebook group....isn't Shepard actually based on a model, wonder if he can actually act too? hmmm....won't have that great voice though :P

Posted by LT1085
@CaptainGenisVell said:

" I just heard about this from the facebook group....isn't Shepard actually based on a model, wonder if he can actually act too? hmmm....won't have that great voice though :P "

Mark Vanderloo 
Posted by Nova`Prime`

I actually like the idea of a Mass Effect movie, but I doubt it will involve the same characters and story from the game. Afterall there are so many choices to be made in game it would be impossible to replicate that in a movie. Although to tell a totally different story that isn't beyond reason, the Mass Effect universe is a vast place and we could get a story of a different SPECTRE or perhaps even a prologue about the First Contact War with the Turians. There is a mass of back story that a movie can help flush out.

Posted by CaptainGenisVell
The first book they brought out touchs upon the First Contact War, though it would be easier to follow one of the stories in the books. 
I think they will use the characters from the game though as if they didn't then it really wouldn't be a Mass Effect film...Just another space opera :P
Posted by the_fallen11
@LT1085: easy killer, lets move on.
Posted by Sarpio__

Would be great to find out when the movie will be set. Up until that point, I am just going to go back in to hibernation.

Posted by NightFang

I think it would make a great movie if do right.

Posted by ninjadude853


Posted by superboy12
@LT1085 said:

Commander Shepard  - Matthew Fox   


Dude I tottaly agree! I think if they follow the game close enough it has great potential
Posted by Caligula
@Tainted-Cell said:
" The game pretty much IS a movie - making a movie adaptation seems a bit redundant. "
agreed. I love the game, but I don't see the point in making a film of it, it's pretty much a cinematic masterpiece already.
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YES! My favorite game ever made into a movie! Oh, and Matthew Fox would be an amazing Commander Shepard.
Posted by Dark Cell

Look ME film would be cool...and id go see it...buuuuuut 
well I think ME is waaay to big and epic to be turned into a film...kinda like Metal Gear Solid 
also my Commander Shepard is female....I liked it that way *sniffle* XD

Posted by TheGreatFedora

Eh.  The thing with the ME games is that they take so much inspiration from cinema in general that to make them into a movie is rather pointless.  It's sort of the same situation as the Heavy Rain movie - what makes it work is the fact that it's all these very cinematic cliches and situations in a game which you control; when you convert that into an actual film, it'll probably just come off as really predictable and boring.

Posted by Insignia

Look, this should either not happen or not involve Shepard...I'm sorry but for me, there's no Commander Shepard but mine and therefore I don't want to see the adventures of "Default-Man."

Posted by Shattered007

Noooooo they are going to ruin one of the best game franchises ever =[

Posted by HaloKing343

Mass Effect is basically a movie as it is now. The game is so intense and realistic that it feels like you are playing an interactive movie. Anybody unfamiliar with Mass Effect needs to start playing that game.
Posted by The Sadhu

Not yet... haven't even finished the game!
Posted by Blindside002

One of the best games I have ever played was Mass Effect 2, I can't describe how perfect I thought it was. Although I'm not a fan of making it into a movie because you can't add in all the desicions that made the game what it is like the romances and hard choices.
Edited by SirSparkington

I'd rather not have a movie of Mass Effect.

Posted by Bio Guyver

Give us f#cking Garrus and Liara!

Edited by rightprice

I don't think a movie would work out well.

Posted by mewarmo990

Please please please don't be about Shepard.

Posted by Mokey

No. You can't make a BioWare game into a movie. The point of the games that BioWare make is so you can tell YOUR story and play it out the way YOU want it played out. This is stupid. I will not be seeing it.

Posted by Bio Guyver

How about a prequel to the Mass Effect game franchise? This could make room for new characters and stories, as well as filling the blank gap prior to ME1, ME2, and the future ME3 game.

Posted by obie1103

What they should do is use one of the backstories you see when you create you character's profile (Psych Profile stories). That could make for a better structured movie than anything else

Posted by victimblue

One of the best games I've played this year.

Posted by damswedon

i've posted this everywhere i've seen this story. 
They should either do the story of the First Contact war with the Turians or adapt the Kahlee Sanders story.