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Marvel's Secret Invasion Panel

Secrets Revealed?

What do you think?

I knew there would be a lot of people wanting to sit in on this panel.  I figured I'd better go the panel before this in order to get a decent spot in the room.  It was for the tv show Pushing Daisies (again, why is this at Comic-Con?).  When I got there, there was already a big line.  Not willing to give up easily, I got in line.  Then we were told that Pushing Daisies was full.  So what did that mean?  Were there that many people there to see that or was the room pretty much full of others wanting to hear about Skrulls?  I stayed in line to find out.  When it came time for me to enter, I was surprised that it wasn't as full as I thought.   Maybe there were a lot of Pushing Daisies fans.  I've never watched it.  During my wait in line, I did get to thinking.  There's no way any major juicy information would be given out.  But I felt it was my duty to attend.

On the panel was Joe Quesada (moderating), Greg Pak, Christos Gage, Chris Yost, Daniel Way, Fred Van Lente, C.C. Celbulski, Joe Pokaski, Brian Reed, Nick Lowe, Jim McCann and Peter David.  Notice any names that seem to be missing?  Yup, Brian Bendis wasn't there.  Why?  In a moment.

This was shown, but in color

Some announcements were made.  The new creative team for Thunderbolts (starting with issue #126) will be Andy Diggle and Roberto De La Torre.  When Secret Invasion is over, we'll get War Of Kings.  It won't be a huge event like Secret Invasion.  The images show that Vulcan, the Inhumans, Guardians of the Galaxy, Nova, and the Starjammers will be involved.  It's set to be a winter/spring event.  No other info. was given.

As with most panels, it was mainly a Q & A session.

The ongoing Spider-Woman comic is still coming out after Secret Invasion.  The question is who will be in the costume...?

There was some argument with Joe Quesada over Spider-Man, Brand New Day and the break up of Peter and MJ.  This wasn't the right time and place in my opinion.  Joe didn't brush it off.  He wanted to know what was liked and not liked.  There were a few in the room that do like the stories happening now.  Joe mentioned that Spider-Man is about having problems.  When he was in the Avengers Tower, he got hate-mail saying that wasn't who the character was.  Yes being married to a former super-model is pretty damn lucky but wiping out all that seems a bit drastic to me.  Joe may have agreed that he can see how the execution may be seen as a negative move.  He's more concerned with where Spidey is at now.  He promises that all the questions about what has happened or hasn't happened, how much time passed from Mephisto's move, etc will be answered in the next 12-14 months.  They really want to establish the new characters and villains and stories rather than just throw everything at us.  We will see some resolution between Norman and Harry Osborn and their current states.  How is Harry alive?  How does this affect Norman? Etc.

Back to the Invasion.  Bendis had all of this in motion for quite some time.   Joe claims that Bendis started all this without telling him.  He said that's the best way to get away with it, don't tell the editor.  As far as who could and couldn't be a Skrull, Bendis sat firm that he wanted Spider-Woman.

A question was raised about the Infinity Gems.   Brian Reed has been wanting to do something with them but the time hasn't been right. 

We will see more of the Young Avengers around.  It didn't sound like in their own book.

A fan came up and said Bendis was a chump for not being there.  Jim McCann wiped out his phone to text him that.  A few minutes later, Quesada's phone rings.  It's Bendis.  The guy was called up to the stage and asks him where he is.  He claimed with Alan Moore.  Joe's phone was put on speaker phone and held up to the mic.  Bendis apologized for not being there.  He thanked us for our support.  Questions to Bendis were taken.  Someone asked if he had this planned as far back as Alias.  Bendis quickly said no.  He did promise us a "killer/super ending."

Will Deadpool and Cable meet back up?  Daniel Way (writer for Deadpool) said he couldn't answer that right now.   They both have their current missions.  When asked to elaborate on Deadpool's Secret Invasion activities, Way looked at Joe and panel, paused, and said, "...He's doing...something for...someone."  He'll soon be getting the attention of everyone and will be "running ramant throughout the Marvel Universe."

It was hinted that we will see more about the Hank Pym Skrull.  Seems very doubtful that he'd be dead.  It was mentioned how he is a character with a lot going on.  A flawed hero and all.

Peter David was asked if we'll find out about Layla Miller's past sometime soon.  David said he is in no rush to tell her story.  He mentioned how Wolverine went on for years with nothing being known.  Will she be back with X-Factor?  "Yes."

Will the Scarlet Witch re-surface?  "Yes, but not here."

Will the Punisher get involved with Secret Invasion?  In October.

Could a depowered mutant be a Skrull in hiding?  This got a lot of oohs.  It was said to be possible but not likely.

Will we (and our wallets) get a break after Secret Invasion or will there be another huge "event"?  There will be a little break before the next one.  They have stories they want to tell first.

Posted by Last_Guardian

uh....Brand New Day was just too much..

..i bet Deadpool was hired by the Skrulls...idk why..that's what it sounds like...

ooh i'd love to see Punisher in SI...