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Marvel's New Teaser - - O.M.I.T.

And they're omitting a lot of details.

Marvel has mastered the art of the tease. Seriously, if it were a branch of Okinawan martial arts, they would most definitely have the black belt. Remember the KING and 1602 teasers that positively maddened the entire fan community? They weren’t just elegant in their simplicity… they were DIABOLIC.

If you were flipping through this week’s worth of comics from the House of Ideas, you might've noticed a one-page ad from something called O.M.I.T. by Quesada and somebody named Rivera.  I probably should resist, but I won’t, I can’t, I shan’t resist saying that Marvel’s chosen to omit a lot of relevant details from this ad.  What does that acronym stand for? Could it be the love child of M.O.D.O.K. and M.O.D.A.M.? Is the Quesada named in this the “Cup of” Joe Quesada of Event Comics and Ash fame? What about that Rivera person? Could it be Marvel creator Paolo Rivera, collaborating with Mr. Queseda, here?

Actually, I’m deeply wishing, hoping, desiring that this is a celebrity comics connection stunt like we used to see so how often during the Bill Jemas era of Marvel.  And by that I mean, I’m really hoping that Geraldo Rivera (and his mustache of credibility) is involved in this book. This is the man who dug up Al Capone’s secret bunker! Who knows what secrets he could find lurking deep within the greater latticework of the Marvel Universe?

What we have here is some red meat, oh ravenous Comic Vine community, and I’m tossing it into the pack of raging hunger dogs that you all represent so metaphorically. I don’t want to see any simple speculation in the talkbacks here. I want howling and gnashing of fangs as you tear this gristle of O.M.I.T. teasing between you all.  I don’t want to see any suppositions omitted from your posts! Not a one!

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Posted by defaultdefaultdefault
Posted by thetitan0

it has something to do with x-men

Posted by G-Man

I say it has to do with Spider-Man since it's Quesada and Paolo Rivera.

Posted by biggkeem89

I was thinking it would be the repurcussions of Spiderman "BND". Maybe "One Moment In Time" and it would focus on that turning point deal with Mephisto
Posted by crimsonspider89

Thinking that it will have to do with Spider Man with it undoing some functions of BND.

Posted by thetitan0

i have a question, i have only seen this teaser in x books. have any one seen them in any other books?

Posted by danhimself
@crimsonspider89 said:
" Thinking that it will have to do with Spider Man with it undoing some functions of BND. "
they are not going to undo BND...get used to it
Posted by Sparda

One Mutant Is _______
Just my guess, personally, though I have nothing to back it up.

Posted by crimsonspider89
@danhimself:  Not completely. LOL. Just saying that some of the portions. Like his organic web shooters or one of those.
Posted by Crymsun

One More Irritating Teaser?
Posted by Yolk
That is it. No boubt.
Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir


Posted by spiderguylll

Spidey's getting his old life back BABY
Posted by VicDiGital

I find it interesting that these four letters are all part of Miracleman/Marvelman's magic word, KIMOTA. 

Posted by Crymsun

Hmmm... having thought about it a little more.. i'm thinking they just left a 'V' off the front of it..
Posted by doordoor123
@Crymsun:  YOURE FUNNY!
yeah. ive only seen these in "X" books.
Id like to know if anyone has seen it anywhere else.
who knows? i just hope it means a good read.
Posted by thetitan0
@doordoor123 said:
" @Crymsun:  YOURE FUNNY! yeah. ive only seen these in "X" books. Id like to know if anyone has seen it anywhere else. who knows? i just hope it means a good read. "
i've only seen them in x books too. and it starts right at the end of second coming.
Posted by mrduckluck

hey a rivera just like me! hahahahha

Posted by Nyogtha
@thetitan0: Yea, it was in the new Moon Knight.
Edited by SlightConfuse

One Moment In Time - something to do with the Mind wipe that OMITTed people's memories of spiderman's idenntiy

Edited by Mr.Hulk_Smashin'!

One Mutant is Terrifying?
One Man is timid?
One Moment in time?
Only Mom is tough?
I've OMITted enough

Posted by Zerosub33

Office of Marvel's Internet Technician - a comic about their office IT guy
Only Magneto's in Interstate Traffic - why oh why didn't he follow mystique on to route 28

Posted by mattydeNero

I kind of hope that it has to do with Spidey.  But DAREDEVIL, perhaps?  Or maybe Joe's tackling something different.
Posted by sora_thekey

I can't even guess!

Posted by SlightConfuse

Speaks for It Self 
Posted by sora_thekey

Anybody think this has to do with Marvel Man? 
One Man I.T....
Posted by defaultdefaultdefault

from Paolo Rivera's blog comes his theory....
Paolo Rivera said: 

Obviously Mistaken Internet Theories

Posted by warlock360
@Cryoedge said:
Speaks for It Self