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Marvel Zombies: Evil Evolution Reviewed

Marvel Zombies fight Marvel Apes and we lose.

From what I've been hearing, it seems that some people are getting a little tired of both Marvel Zombies and Marvel Apes.  What happens when the two meet?  Who wins?

Part of me was a little surprised by this book.  I've always rooted for the Marvel Zombies.  I really dug the idea when it first came out.  With Marvel Zombies 3 and 4, it started getting overused.  I was pleased with the recent Marvel Zombies Return mini-series.  When I picked this up, I didn't notice the Marvel Apes on the cover.  
Speaking of Marvel Apes, when I first heard about that, I thought it could be humorous.  To me, it didn't work as well as Zombies.  Now we have both together in the same book.  As I mentioned, it was a struggle to get through this book.  I wanted to like it but there wasn't really anything that brought joy to my heart.  I liked that it was all contained in one issue.  It was interesting having different creative teams working on the book.  Some of the zombie scenes just didn't feel gruesome enough.  I'm not sure if it was simply the art, the inks, the colors or all combined.
While this is a self-contained story, I'm not really sure what we get out of it at the end.  Is there a clear cut winner?  You'll have to see for yourself.  I would say that unless you're a big Marvel Zombies fan or a fan of Marvel Apes, there aren't too many reasons to pick this up.  I hate to say it but I only found a couple humorous moments.  Before I was half way through I wanted it to end.  I would like to see a break from both franchises.  I do think they both have potential but this is just too much yet not enough to be entertaining.
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Posted by danhimself

Is that the new G-Lair?

Edited by Decept-O

Sounds like Marvel "aped" this from DC--pun intended---, because I think DC also had "ape" versions of their heroes a few times.   Sorry, just wanted to use that pun.  
I think all this would have been a lot better if Zombie G-Man showed up to wreak some havoc: 

Edited by BKole

Clearly the minority on this but I really enjoyed all of the Marvel Apes stuff. It just appealed to me more than the Marvel Zombies, which is quite odd. I thought this was good, much more meat for my money than other issues. I could really have done with a more satisfying ending myself, but you know. 
I do like most of the 616 cast of characters they used as well, such as Martin Blank, who I feel got a really intense and very well handled over-haul from crap super-villain into potential Peter Parker territory.

Posted by FoxxFireArt

NOW, when zombie Susan says she loves sushi....., does she really mean sushi or eluding to something else from Atlantis she'd like to bite into? How sad is it that Zombie Namor can keep his kingdom together, but the regular one can't? lol I also wonder if Ape Namor also waxes his brows.
So zombies' appetite is like an Almond Joy bar. Sometimes they feel like a human. Sometimes they don't. We've learned something today.

Posted by InnerVenom123

"Marvel Zombies fight the Marvel Apes and we lose." 
Why am I receiving a subtle vibe of "Alien VS Predator"?? lol.

Edited by Archetype

This is ridiculous!
they will waste their resources on something like these two books but can't devout time and money to the Malibu/Ultraverse...I really enjoy Wildstorm and I wish Marvel could have their own.

Posted by FLStyle

If I could add some constructive criticism, the background music would've better suited a 4.0 - 4.5 - 5.0 scoring comic, it would've sounded great during 
Pinocchio Vampire Hunter, something really positively spoken about. Just my opinion :)
I'm not surprised at all that this got as low as it did, I'd never buy it.

Posted by goldenkey

Posted by reaper2923

If you have a new office then why does your basement look the same?

Posted by G-Man
@reaper2923: The new office didn't come with a new basement...
Posted by TheOmegaMan

GMan is this your lowest review ever?!! I don't like the idea of this book, and I won't be getting it. But a 2 out of 5 by the great GMan?? Usually when you don't like a book you give it a 4 instead of a 4.5!!! (This was all done in jest, please don't banish me!)
Posted by reaper2923
@G-Man: Even in your new office they still make you work in the old basement
Posted by Media_Master

Marvel apes always sounded like a ridiculous concept anyways.

Posted by G-Man
@TheOmegaMan: According to my stats, my average is a 3.5 so that means I've given some scores lower than 4 in order for the average to be lower than 4.  I'm pretty sure this is my lowest review (  The reality of it is, I usually review comics that I want to read which is why the reviews sometimes tend to be higher.  It's not easy reviewing bad comics.
Posted by manbat

As soon as Robert Kirkman stopped writing marvel zombies, the series went to crap

Posted by ElJuano

i don't know why they're doing it but it seems like Marvel is on it's way to jump a shark or two!

Posted by Moomin123

I prefer Marvel Zombies to Apes. I hope they eat or even zombify the Apes.
Posted by Lydian Sel

Great to hear some Midnight Brown in the background!!

Edited by victorvndoom

soon zombies got aped and the apes got zombified :)

Posted by TheOmegaMan
That's true GMan, i've had a few comics that were painful to try and get through...
Posted by NXH

wtf??!! this looks awful!
Posted by BKole
@manbat said:
"As soon as Robert Kirkman stopped writing marvel zombies, the series went to crap "

I think Van Lente did a great job on Marvel Zombies 3 + 4, in fact, I thought Marvel Zombies 2 was utter dross.
Posted by Da Talking Beaver
 I'll echo what BKole said: I guess I'm in the minority that likes the whole Marvel Apes thing and it appeals to me more then the whole Marvel Zombie thing. 
I liked the story & didn't feel it was hard or painful to get through.
Edited by Legend of Zelda

Wow wow wow wow wow wow.... G-man I didn't know you had it in ya! I love marvel Zombies do you really think I should get it if it is good for zombie fans?

Posted by theevilhotdog

creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy ! thats gonna be one hell of a book p.s i will go pee 
Posted by wadey wilson

the first marvel zombies series was the best, I even liked the crossover with the army of darkness, but... this?? I honestly haven't read marvel zombies 3 and 4, but I guess they're better than this stupid ape/zombie idea