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Marvel Zombies Cartoons...From The 60s?

Those Zombies always give us such wacky fun times.

Just when you thought you've had enough of the Marvel Zombies, it turns out you can't get enough.  We've seen the Marvel Zombie craze get out of hand with mini series after mini series.  The problem has been that some of that innocent fun they first gave us seemed to be missing.  With the current Marvel Zombies Return, things feel like their getting back on track.
With all their popularity and longevity, imagine if they had a cartoon.  Okay, now imagine they had a cartoon the 60s.  I saw this over at Topless Robot yesterday.  You might be familiar with the original Captain America and Thor cartoons from the 60s.  If not, search their opening themes on youtube or something).  While these might be pretty simple and not high tech, I think their absolutely brilliant.

What do you think the chances of getting an actual Marvel Zombies cartoon are?  I know they might be getting a little tiresome but can't you imagine how much family entertainment we could get out of a Marvel Zombies cartoon?
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 " I think their absolutely brilliant. "
"They're" not "their".
Posted by sora_thekey

These aren't real? right?
Still it would be awesome!

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Those are hysterical!  Cap's is the best :D

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Real ones if you haven't seen them:

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Lol. They should make one of the 60s Spider-Man cartoon.
Posted by plong979

Lmao. I wonder if they're gonna do the Iron Man one
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I don't know if we will ever see a marvel Zombies cartoon. Seeing how it has Marvel Heroes eating people. Probably the best we could hope for is a cameo or something from some other cartoon.

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pretty neat!!

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HA HA I love these !!  They need to do the Iron Man and Hulk themes as well. 
I always thought this was a pretty good fan film. I was impressed on how they did the Hulk and Colonel America suits. 
*Wait for after the credits* 
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 Thats really clever. I love the Cap one.

" " I think their absolutely brilliant. "  "They're" not "their". "

Grammar police on patrol.

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@Bruce Vain:
i love this video, best fan made video ever
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