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Marvel Weekend Previews continue - Young X-Men #5

Marvel has given us an early look at Young X-Men #5.

Was anyone else besides me wondering what Cyclops was really up to?  Issue 5 promises to give some answers.  Let's not forget Blindfold's vision from the first issue.  I'm starting to get on board the Young X-Men express.  At first I was a little skeptical but I do think this series has a lot of potential.  Plus Marc Guggenheim is a great writer.

Check out this issue on Wednesday, 8/20.

Young X-Men 5

The numbers are in and it's official: Young X-Men is Mighty Marvel's newest hit!!! It's Marvel's youngest mutants in their final showdown with and one of them won't be walking away from it. The Young X-Men's first story arc ends here and nothing will ever be the same again. Yeah, we know lots of books make that claim, but with Marc (Eli Stone, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN) Guggenheim and Yanick (ULTIMATE X-MEN) Paquette delivering the goods, you know this one's for real!

Posted by grimm

this is the worst comic ive ever read.

how dare you marvel?
you are bastards.
they had amazing characters and storylines in new x men
.....but you cancel that for this crap?
and you also decide to kill shadowcat (my favorite x men) in a magic bullet?