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Marvel Unveils the Cover to New Avengers #24 - Avengers Vs X-Men Tie-In

What the the arrival of the Phoenix Force mean for the teams?

Things are heating up with the news for Avengers Vs. X-Men. Last week was saw a bunch of teasers with members ready to face each other and yesterday we saw the cover to the first issue. Today Marvel is unleashing a look at NEW AVENGERS #24, a tie-in to the event.

This April, as the flames of war are stoked by the impending arrival of the Phoenix Force, the New Avengers have received the call to arms by Captain America to go to war against the X-Men. Except where does the loyalty of Wolverine lie? Find out in New Avengers #24 from the blockbuster creative team of Brian Michael Bendis and Mike Deodato!

Pencils & Cover by MIKE DEODATO
== TEASER ==

Phoenix Force? If that wasn't enough, check out the exclusive look at NEW AVENGERS #25 our friends at Newsarama got.

Uh oh.

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Edited by sa5m

3 fighting all together

Posted by clemj
@sa5m: that means a great fight
Posted by stu

hopefully scott will be a bad ass!!

Posted by TheRedRobin96

Iron Fist is getting the Phoenix Force??? Wow, serious sh!t is about to go down in the Marel Universe now.

Posted by wowylied
Pencils & Cover by MIKE DEODATO

I hope he will not make the same thing that he do in new avengers and secret avengers, using ugly 3d poser...

This thing is really the cancer of the artist now.

Posted by bigsoto74

I did not care to much about the Avengers vs X-Men event coming up, but the picture of Iron Fist with the Phoenix Force just made this into a must read. Holy SH-T that cover looks soooooo

Posted by ethanrjc

you know, i figured i was going to stay clear of this avengers vs xmen event just like i completely avoided Fear Itself...I was planning on saving money not checking out this event (mostly because the horrible matchups in the teasers), but now that i can see that:

A. The only interesting fight to me is Captain America versus Cyclops, and seeing how Wolverine is there too it'll show which side he's taking, especially after Schism

B. Said fight will be happening in the one Avengers book ive actally been following for its new dark avengers arc in New Avengers

C. Ironfist with the phoinex force is seeming to get a bit of bad feedback, but I for one think thats quite an interesting idea, and it's also happening in the same book.

so, looks like im following New Avengers for a little while longer than anticipated!! These two covers changed my mind about an event that was otherwise totally not interesting to me at all!

Posted by cobra88king8

Maybe Iron Fist being in the Defenders will make sense now

Posted by phoenixofthelight

I am not sure that I am OK with this... Why is Fist getting the Phoenix Force? What happened to Hope being the "messiah" and Sinister even going so far as to tell her that the Phoenix will bring her more misery than she can imagine? I really hope that this is just a teaser of some sort, Marvel, cause I am not sure if I buy it. Then again Phoenix has been know to take temporary hosts (see Emma or her little birds). I just want Jean back.


Posted by PrinceIMC

Iron Phoenix?! Oh man, I love this book before it even comes out.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

This is stupid

Posted by Mutie199

Doctor Strange said during in iron man 2.0 fear itself tie ins that a bigger force was coming for Iron fist but i didnt think it would be the Phoenix Force. the phoenix in the end will go for Hope or Scarlet Witch if Jean Grey is not alive.

Posted by WildStyle

Both covers are cool

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

I'm totally feeling that Iron Fist cover right there...

Posted by ReVamp

@spiderbat87 said:

This is stupid

I was going to write "This sucks" but that works too.

Posted by SPM1M

yes finally some incentive danny with the force is worth looking at

Posted by Peerless1

Very Interesting. I'd be interested to know how in the world Iron Fist could manage to host the Phoenix Force. One he's no Psi but a Qi. I would think it would burn him out or kill or worse. I do like the Cyke Cap match-up though.

Posted by Sir_Deadpool

seems like Wolverine tries to prevent cyclops and captain america from fighting. This could maybe explain why wolverine was on the Avengers side on the AvX cover. Maybe cylcops started the fight...we'll. I'm exited as hell!

Posted by KainScion

WAIT a MINUTE!!! iron fist getting the Phoenix force too?? didnt he get a boost already from strange's mentor, agamoto or ancient one or whoever he is??? they are really pumping him up, but i feel an EPIC FAIL coming from this. still i like the idea that wolverine tries to stop this fight.

Posted by Meteorite

Pretty cool covers, but I think that I'm gonna sit AvX out, unless I hear really good reviews. Even then I might just get the trade.

Posted by kamionero

Wolverine:" Please! PLEASE! Boys! Don't fight over me! I'm not worth it!"

Posted by sora_thekey

Maybe the phoenix force will inhabit various characters during the whole event before it takes over Scarlet Witch or Hope Summers... I want to read this!

Posted by InnerVenom123

... What.

Posted by Decept-O

Have to say I was already impressed with the covers, but that doesn't guarantee good interior art and stories. Now with Iron Fist supposedly harnessing the Phoenix Force??? That has me very interested indeed.

Edited by Mr. Kamikaze

Isn't Iron Fist already infused with some mystic power of Shuma Gorath or something....which somehow turned his costume white? So now his costume will turn,, white, red...just like Jean :P

Cool nonetheless.

Posted by jayk

Video game tie in is inevitable

Posted by Pyro_Jack

Phoenix force will get Iron Fist!? What a waste of power... Totally lost the interest I had in ths series.

Posted by pspin

This looks so awesome! I can't wait!

Edited by ThomasElliot

Is the level of excitement for this event directly correlate with how many characters and how 'loud' the characters are screaming on the covers?

Oh, just took a second look... I bet Wolverine is doing a grand and epic "Noooooooooooooo!" ala Darth Vader. He's very concerned about his fellow heroes' deadly pose-off.

Posted by Crowingaboutcomics

The phoenix force will try different hero's before it is going to be interesting to see if the editorial staff have worked themselves in a corner over this and how they are going to handle it. I.E. X-men pretty much wanted to neutralize the Scarlett Witch (read: kill) and the Avengers wasn't going for it, now are we going to have to believe it's the reverse, I.E. Avengers want to kill the Phoenix force welder and the X-men won't go for it? I like the whole concept of what is going on, the fact that it started way back in World of M - and they're completeing their cycle with this story telling, but we'll see if it ends up reading like Schism, a fairly unrealistic story due to prior characterizations...made by and for the fan boys...

Posted by TheGoldenOne
@WildStyle said:

Both covers are cool

Posted by Azrael66

Giving Iron Fist the Phoenix Force would be my favourite thing that Marvel has done in the last decade.

Posted by fodigg

Iron Phoenix Fist? I'm down.

Posted by Super_SoldierXII

Scott should get his arse whooped. Written correctly, Steve should walk all over him. Scott's turning out to be a great leader, but he's not in Steve's league. Captain America is akin to a Wolverine, only with the means (read: shield) to neutralize Scott's optics Wolverine is not so fortunate which is why Cyclops gives him hell. I can see a scenario where Steve hurts Scott, goes too far, and Wolverine intervenes on Scott's behalf. Despite their differences, Logan's always had Scott's back when the chips are down. This might explain a Wolverine versus Captain America scenario as seen in the previews.

Posted by BKole

While New Avengers has been getting progressively better, I find that Deodato's art has been slowly sliding downhil. That Cyclops Vs Cap is a perfect example of...I don't know what he is doing. Is he drawing straight to tablet and PC now? It shows. There's something different and his work lacks the same expressive depth it used to have.

Posted by bigsoto74

Its nice to see The Phoenix Force merge with a Non-Mutant. I think Spider-man was possessed by the Phoenix Force once, but I think that was a while ago.

Posted by goldenkey

@bigsoto74: it wasn't the Phoenix Force. It was the..............cosmic force or something like that. It turned him into Captain Universe. Todd McFarlane was the artist until Eric Larsen stepped in. We're talking like 1989 or 1990 so you're old.

Posted by BlackArmor

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes, Cap vs. Cyke my dreams are all coming true.....okay just this one but still

Edited by bigsoto74
Spider-Man as Phoenix

@goldenkey said:

@bigsoto74: it wasn't the Phoenix Force. It was the..............cosmic force or something like that. It turned him into Captain Universe. Todd McFarlane was the artist until Eric Larsen stepped in. We're talking like 1989 or 1990 so you're old.

I am old, but I am also right about Spider-Man as the

P.S. He only morphed once in Spider-Man Issue 25 "Why Me?"

Posted by wdchefdave

It may just be Iron Fist re-directing and absorbing (For a few seconds!) the Phoenix force. He does have a little experience channeling these energy things!

Even if his original costume did look a lot like the eventual Phoenix outfit... I doubt that Marvel would make that big of a leap!

(They do not seem to remember their own past... these days.)

I'll be watching from the sidelines before I will drop a dime on this potential dog-turd!

Having waited for over 30 years for an Avengers/JLA crossover... I was snoring by the second of four issues.

I hope that this turns out to be a good story.

I can't wait to buy the whole series for $1.50 on EBay... a couple years from now.

I can wait.

(And, "Cyclops vs Captain America"... CAP ALL THE WAY!)

Posted by saoakden

I'm going to wait for the trade or trades to come out. Plus the cover of New Avengers Vol 2 24 does bring up the question that has been on my mind. What side is Wolverine on? I want to know that for sure. He has his own X-Men team and is on the X-Force and is on the New Avengers. So this has to be interesting siing which side he will ultimate be on.

Posted by Rixec

You see! This is something I've been wondering about because previous teasers have shown Wolverine on both sides. At least it'll be addressed here.

Posted by Avalonia

So what the fck happened to the whole 'no tie-ins' thing?!?!

Posted by mikeclark1982

marvel: "we are making NO tie in issues to avx. you can read the book without looking for other issues of other books"

2 weeks later: marvel: "you want action and fights, read avx VS. you want to read the core story, read avx. you can;t go wrong with either.



Posted by Bestostero

Iron Fist and phoenix force!?

Posted by The Impersonator


Edited by frogjitsu

@mikeclark1982 said:


You should have known this, seeing as practically all of Marvel's characters are either on the Avengers or the X-men anyways. :-P

I'm just glad that Cyke is battling Cap. This should be good. I still say it would be better if they were fighting over Wolverine though. The cover even suggest it! XD

Posted by Namor1987

Are Iron Fist's powers even psionic in nature if not how the heck does he wield the Phoenix Force? He's a chi wielding martial arts master not a telepath or TK user.

Posted by ApatheticAvenger

Just give me a decent Cyclops vs. Cap fight, and I'll be okay.

Posted by One_Eye

@stu: He will be!:)

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