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Marvel Unveils ORIGINAL SINS--A Five-Issue Series

You'll get more secrets and more reveals this June.

This June, prepare yourself for more secrets, more reveals and more impact on the Marvel Universe than could be contained in just one series! Spinning directly out of the events of the highly anticipated Original Sin –ORIGINAL SINS, a new 5-issue companion series set to flip the script on some of your favorite Marvel superheroes as the best and brightest creators in the industry explore the deepest darkest skeletons in their closets!

Featuring top-tier creators including James Robinson, Charles Soule, Mark Bagley, Dan Slott, Nathan Edmondson and many, many more – each issue of ORIGINAL SINS contains three all-new stories spotlighting fan-favorite characters throughout the Marvel Universe.

Everyone has a deep, dark secret – from the Avengers to the X-Men to everyone in between. Truth’s hidden for years. The omniscient cosmic being known as The Watcher has borne witness to every event and every secret in the history of the Marvel Universe. But now he’s dead, and the knowledge he’s collected has been released. And those secrets are about to come out.

Now, uncover the earth-shattering secrets behind the extended Marvel universe too big and too shocking to be contained in the main Original Sin series!

“No matter who you are, hero or villain or even merely a bystander, the Watcher saw everything that you did—every dark secret, every embarrassing indiscretion,” says Executive Editor Tom Brevoort. “It’s too late for the MU to erase its browser history—all of the sordid and scary and sadistic secrets are now being brought into the light of day, and the shockwaves will ripple across the Marvel Universe and its denizens in ORIGINAL SINS.”

What secrets lay in the past of Deathlok, the Young Avengers, Black Bolt, Doctor Doom and even Howard the Duck? Those are just a taste of the characters whose lives are about to change. No fan can afford to miss the most salacious secrets of your favorite Marvel heroes this June in ORIGINAL SINS!

Everybody has one. This is Marvel’s ORIGINAL SINS!





On-Sale This June!




On-Sale This June!

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Posted by 2cool4fun

This sounds awesome, but I just hope it does not have too many tie-ins. Cause I'm getting sick and tired of them.

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Event after event after event...

Posted by Arkhamc1tizen

Looks cool.

Posted by Maddpanda531

I love that Thane is on the first cover. Can't wait for him to come back. He's going to be big player in the MU, I hope.

Posted by Zeeguy91

I'm gonna say this. I hate mohawk Storm! I wish they would just go back to her previous look. I really don't understand what was so wrong with it. The way she looks now, its like she just stepped out of 1993.

Also, what the hell is Doop doing there?

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if they're gonna go the route of "everything's been seen" and "even if it was retconned, he saw it," Peter and MJ's marriage BETTER have some page time. otherwise than that want, I'm for sure getting the book.

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Oh hi Scarlet Witch.

Posted by MagnificentStorm

@zeeguy91 Hey get out of here Storm looks amazing with that Mohawk an it also fit her current costume more than her Big her would.

An Storm needed an change after all the crap Marvel put her through. An a lot of people loved her first Mohawk appearance most definitely a Mark in comic History.

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5 issues? Are you sure? There's not dozens of tie-ins this time is there? I kinda wanna see how Thane's doing but I'm not getting roped in to buying dozens of filler issues.

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I too dislike the mowhawk

Posted by Deadpool2325

What I'm wondering is what's with all the random character names at the top of each cover?

Posted by Renchamp

@deadpool2325 said:

What I'm wondering is what's with all the random character names at the top of each cover?

Three stories per issue. Three characters atop each cover...

And is the Black Knight ripping into a medieval-looking Apocalypse?

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@farkam said:

Event after event after event...

They've been doing that for a whole decade now.

Posted by thewalkingdeadpool18


Original Sin 0

Original Sin 1-2

Avengers 29-30

Deadpool 29

Mighty Avengers 10

Original Sin 3-4

Original sinS 1-2

Hulk Vs Iron Man 1-2

All-New Invaders 6

Avengers 31

Deadpool 30

Fantastic Four 6

Mighty Avengers 11

Nova 18

So this comic event will have tie ins

Posted by RemiRose

YA, Howard the Duck, Deathlok, Lockjaw, sounds so cool.

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Posted by TheCupcakeAvenger

@thewalkingdeadpool18: It's not so bad that list since for the most part it'll include ongoing titles rather than dedicated series for the event. I get nearly all those titles with the exception of Deadpool.

Posted by ZbvmX

Wow! Doop is even on the cover. Everyone has one indeed :P

Posted by thewalkingdeadpool18


Funny Deadpool is actually the only series in that list i recurringly pick up. I don't like alot of Avengers titles because i feel like their almost always overcrowded with a bunch of character just kind of there not doing crap and having 0 lines. I picked up the last Nova so i might start picking Nova up i hate the Fantastic Four so definatly won't pick that series up. But i'm intrested in the event so i will probbably pick up the tie in issue for each series. Would recommend the current Deadpool series i know there are people out there who hate Deadpool so never gave the current run a shot but i know people the CBC for example who hate Deadpool who like the series alot because it's Deadpool done right it's actually funny and also has a story and dramatic moments.

Posted by BuNKiTZ

So, wait, this is different from the event...? Which is called, "Original Sin," as in singular. Hmm...

Posted by Diasmosis

Howard the Duck? Really? Apart from that it looks pretty interesting, though I'm going to wait it out a bit and see how "Original Sin" works out.

Posted by leokearon

@skinja said:

Oh hi Scarlet Witch.

She faked her death, that's her secret :D

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"Oh Sinnerman Where Have You Run To, Oh Sinnerman Where Are You Gonna Run Too" by the Great Nina Simone (:)