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Marvel concludes their week of teasers with quite a few creative team announcements.

We have come to the final day of Marvel NOW! teasers and the publisher clearly intends to go out with a bang. Today’s teasers come from all over the Internet, with USA Today, iFanboy and MTV all getting a piece of the pie.

The first is from USA Today with the keyword being “family.” And no, it isn’t an Olive Garden advertisement.

This one's actually an easy one to decipher – Matt Fraction and Mark Bagley will be taking over the adventures of the Fantastic Four.

With Fraction moving on from both INVINCIBLE IRON MAN, which Kieron Gillen is taking over, and THE MIGHTY THOR, which Jason Aaron will be helming, it frees him up to write Marvel’s first family. As for Mark Bagley, his energetic and colorful art should fit in nicely with the overall tone of a book like this. It still remains to be seen if Bagley will continue working on Avengers Assemble with Brian Michael Bendis come November.

It’s also worth pointing out that Matt Fraction definitely has his work cut out for him on Fantastic Four. Jonathan Hickman is about to wrap up a four-year stint on Marvel’s first family that has spanned two series and reached all kinds of epic heights. Fraction better have something good hidden in the chamber if he wants to make an impression on Fantastic Four fans right out of the gate.

Next up: iFanboy has the exclusive on what appears to be the new Captain America creative team of Rick Remender and John Romita Jr.

However, this could be Marvel's way of throwing us a curveball. Maybe this is a teaser for a new Winter Soldier series. Or, maybe it's for Cable, who is also a soldier and was featured prominently on that original Marvel NOW! teaser image. For now, though, we're going to assume this is for El Capitan.

UPDATE: Brubaker mentioned on Twitter that these fellows are on CAP. Looks like Brubaker will still be on WINTER SOLDIER.

Lastly, MTV has the scoop of the new team taking over X-MEN: LEGACY -- Simon Spurrier and Tan Eng Huat. This one's surprising because these teasers have primarily focused on the big guns of Marvel's portfolio. But it looks like Marvel will be making a bigger push with X-MEN: LEGACY come November and Marvel NOW!

So that does it for this week’s Marvel teasers. If you need to play catch-up, here's the breakdown on everything you might have missed from earlier this week:

  • Kieron Gillen and Greg Land on IRON MAN.
  • Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic on THOR.
  • Mark Waid and Leinil Yu on HULK.
  • Brian Posehn, Gerry Duggan and Tony Moore on DEADPOOL.

What say you, True Believers? Satisfied with the creative team reveals? Sound off in the comments below.


One more has surfaced. You can bet this has us very very excited!

Erik Norris is a freelance writer for sites such as ComicVine, IGN and You can stalk him on Twitter@Regular_Erik.

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Posted by Billy Batson

Bwahaha at Fantastic Four XD

Posted by Billy Batson

Also there are rumors that Fraction and Mike Allred will take on FF.

Posted by DDangelico

I'm digging these new creative teams! My wallet is going to be taking a beating in November.

I think the one I'm looking forward to the most is Waid & Yu on Hulk. I've never really been that interested in Hulk as a character (never disliked him, just never felt particularly drawn to him), but if anyone can knock it out of the park its these guys...

Posted by Pwok21

Remender on Cap?

With what he's done for X-Force and Venom I'll be picking that up.

Posted by DDangelico

Also I really hope the teaser is for Cap (I'm about 99 percent positive it is) and not Winter Soldier. Brubaker is killing it on WS!

Posted by jinxuandi

I was worried about Cap post-Brubaker but Remender's got a good track record. I feel sorry for Fantastic Four fans though.

Posted by webofthornns

Bummed about Romita on anything

Posted by The Mighty Monarch

Weren't there rumors about Nick Spencer taking on FF?

Posted by TDK_1997

Remender and Romita on Captain America.....Hell YEAHHH!

Posted by MrArrogant

@Billy Batson: yeah apparently there was a teaser with "extended" for Fraction and Allred, although I wish FF were getting cancelled, I love the series but it served a purpose and the only reason it's continuing is so marvel can make more money.

Was gonna drop Cap but with Remender on the book I'm sticking with it, except I'm gonna hate Romita's art, wish we could get new artists in and not one's living of an old legacy (like Walter Simons on avengers)

Posted by saoakden

Soldier could mean a lot of things. Is it Cap, Cable Winter Soldier, all three of them???????? Man the suspense is good. So Matt Fraction is going to be writing Fantastic Four & FF?? Should be interesting. Is Legacy talking about X-Men: Legacy or something new that I'm not aware of?

Posted by G-Man

@Billy Batson: @MrArrogant: The image has been added. I CANNOT wait for more Allred.

Posted by DerfelMacklin

Help me out here. What is Extended supposed to mean?

Posted by notarandomguy

and extended means?...

Edited by Billy Batson

@DerfelMacklin said:

Help me out here. What is Extended supposed to mean?

@notarandomguy said:

and extended means?...

Future Foundation.

Posted by Gordo789

:-( Matt Fraction on Fantastic Four? The only thing I've read of his was Defenders which I thought was totally awful. This is a real bummer. I'm loving Fantastic Four and FF as they are now.

Posted by Mercy_

If Romita is on Winter Soldier... heads will roll.

Posted by Funrush

@Billy Batson said:

@DerfelMacklin said:

Help me out here. What is Extended supposed to mean?

@notarandomguy said:

and extended means?...

Future Foundation.

He's gonna be writing FF and Fantastic Four?

Posted by xAnimosity

Brubaker tweeted awhile ago he was staying on Winter Soldier and that he had years of script already written out and that it was his best work yet.

Sucks Romita Jr will be on Cap, but with Remenders awesome dark and gritty writing, it should be good.

Posted by jcbart

What the hell could the 'Extended' one be?

Dang. I was hoping for Legacy to end so that would be one less comic for me to get! Now they're going to be pushing it forward? For goodness sake.

Posted by Dernman
@Billy Batson: Well I don't see anyone doing very well after Hickmans run on F4 and FF so if it's going to suck anyway they might as well give it to Fraction.
Posted by jcj145

I thought Legacy was supposed to be ending/canceled in a few months along with the New Mutants title? Don't get me wrong I'm thrilled its not but whats going on?

@Billy Batson: I don't follow Marvel's first family, but how does "Extended" time in with FF?

Posted by Mokey

Hmm, guess I'm hopping off, in October, with Hickman. It was a fun ride.

Posted by pmvaun

We are up to 7 new series in November, I thought Marvel promised only 1 new book a week? I haven't looked at a calender but you usually don't see 7 Wednesdays in a month...

Posted by kingjoeg

Don't care about any of these annocements except maybe hulk. Would of given captain america a chance but romita on anything is bad.

Posted by kingjoeg

Dan Slott and Caselli would of been great for Iron man.

Posted by zombietag

as long as slott doesnt leave ASM everythings okay by me

Posted by marvelbeast

i bet the soldier is falcon

Posted by feargalr

@Billy Batson: What are you basing that on? That Extended means FF?

Posted by mikeclark1982

i wont be reading any. sorry, marvel isnt my cup of tea anymore. they ended x-statix too soon years ago, and now all they do is just re hash crap. somehow, i think this will be their mix of the new 52, heroes reborn and heroes return. and 5 months later everyone will be burning their books in anger and rage.

Posted by xAnimosity

@zombietag said:

as long as slott doesnt leave ASM everythings okay by me

I asked this question at SCC, and they wouldnt comment on it. I am assuming he is leaving shortly after issue 700. Marvel and Slott just keep saying he is going into "hiding" for awhile shortly after 700. Which makes me sad if its true.

Posted by Mutant God

well since its red I guess Extended could be spider man

Posted by cc1738

I hate Romita Jr. art. That basically eliminates Captain America for me, even though it has Remender on it.. I'm getting All-New X-Men so I won't get X-Men Legacy. I also don't like Fantastic Four. So out of the new titles I want to get Thor, Uncanny Avengers, Iron-Man(Kinda want it)and All-New X-Men. I can't get all of them so this is a tough choice since I refuse to drop all my DC titles.

Posted by danhimself

Bagley doing FF is pretty awesome...Fraction is hit or miss...his X-men was bad but his Iron Man has been great so we'll have to see how he does with the FF....Remender on Cap is freaking awesome and I'm one of the few I guess who loves Romita Jr's work so I'm cool with that...I don't really have any opinions on Spurrier so I'll have to wait and see what direction that goes in....overall most of these creative team announcements have been alright

Posted by PrioritySeven

Any chance "Extended" is Daredevil?

Posted by Necrotic_Lycanthrope

Hulk for me. Maybe Deadpool, but seeing that DC's bleeding me dry as it is I might have to pass on it.

Posted by X35

Why would Extended be Daredevil, Spider-Man or god knows half the stuff suggested.

It's FF. It obviously means "Extended family".

Posted by ArtisticNeedham

EXTENDED? Whats that? I get the others. Whats Extended? I must get that, maybe.

Posted by xAnimosity

@PrioritySeven said:

Any chance "Extended" is Daredevil?

Waid already confirmed he is still doing Daredevil.

Posted by broo1232

Remender win

Romita I am not buying this.

Posted by Cap10nate

Pretty pumped for Remender on Cap. Bru is my favorite writer so to see him leaves hurts a little but Remender is a good choice for the follow-up. Really the only title I care about except for Winter Soldier which is fantastic.

Posted by Invisible_Witch

Matt Fraction writing Fantastic Four .....

I hope this is just a rumor cause if isn't I'm sorry F4....

Posted by Lvenger

Fraction's not the right writer for the FF IMO. I'll drop it once Hickman's finished. I wonder what the extended teaser is about? It's the only one I can't place.

Posted by zombietag

@xAnimosity said:

@zombietag said:

as long as slott doesnt leave ASM everythings okay by me

I asked this question at SCC, and they wouldnt comment on it. I am assuming he is leaving shortly after issue 700. Marvel and Slott just keep saying he is going into "hiding" for awhile shortly after 700. Which makes me sad if its true.

HE BETTER NOT. he's the best thing thats happened to ASM in a long time! i guess it dopends on whos writing it though...

i can see the teaser now: RESPONSIBILITY with two names above it

Posted by Danfortunes

Why in the hell is anyone still giving Romita jr. work? He sucks, majorly.

Posted by Mucklefluga

I saw Remeder and shouted YES! but then i saw Romita and went oh.....

Posted by broo1232

Might buy Legacy when it comes out.

Posted by Mucklefluga

Personally i have the highest hopes for Deadpool. It seems as its gonna be awesome :D

Posted by Or35ti

Sounding good... I'll need to see some previews before I decide to buy any of them or not. My pull list stretches out my budget pretty thinly as is