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Marvel Teases New Creative Team Taking Over Iron Man

Who will be piloting the Iron Man armor this November? We now have a pretty good idea.

Marvel sure does love their teaser images. Today, the publisher sent out a new one to tease a new/old series coming down the pipe as part of the Marvel NOW! initiative. We’re going to go out on a limb and assume this is for the upcoming new Iron Man series. Agree?

It looks like the rumors of Kieron Gillen and Greg Land taking over Iron Man from Matt Fraction and Salvador Larroca are indeed true. That is, unless this teaser is a vicious prank on Marvel’s part. If it’s not, it’s probably safe to say Gillen and Land will be piloting the adventures of Tony Stark with a new #1 this November.

Gillen and Land definitely have their work cut out for them. Since 2008, Matt Fraction and Salvador Larroca have been creating some of the best long-form Iron Man stories ever published. They’ve broken Tony Stark down only to build him up again, as well as have introduced a plethora of great characters to Iron Man’s supporting cast. Essentially, INVINCIBLE IRON MAN under the leadership of Fraction and Larroca has been one of Marvel’s best titles on a consistent basis.

Therefore, it should be interesting to see what Gillen and Land have up their sleeve to try and justify starting a brand new Iron Man series from scratch.

But those are just our thoughts, so what say you, dear readers? Are you looking forward to Kieron Gillen and Greg Land taking over Tony Stark? Or do you think this teaser is, ahem, teasing something entirely different? Sound off in the comments below!

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Posted by longbowhunter

Gillen is great. Not a fan of Land. I'm sure this series will be awesome though.

Posted by Billy Batson

Greg Land. LOL :)

Posted by Webjaker

So Mark Grayson will be Iron man!?

I am not a fan of Greg Lands art style, but that is generally the style of IIM so... good choice? i guess.

Posted by Obsurity

Im going to have a hard time supporting the ironman if Land is on it. Despise his work...

Posted by Omega Ray Jay

Huge Gillen fan but I'm not sure about Land, will be interested in seeing some preview pages if they turn up closer to the day.

Posted by Night Thrasher

Marvel Now! is sounding worse and worse.

Posted by ShirEPanjshir

Crap. I'm not exactly Greg Land's biggest fan either. I'm guessing due to budget cuts for my comics and Land being on art duties Invincible Iron Man will unfortunately drop off my pull list. Too bad, loved the Fraction/Larocca run.

Posted by JohnnyWalker

yey land's same face females. oh wait..... no it sucks!

Posted by zombietag

this looks like it was made on MS Paint

Posted by leokearon

Gillen: Hurray

Land: Boo, the only reason he's around is because he's cheap to pay

Posted by AndyPhifer

Is there anyone who actually likes Land? How does someone so unpopular still get work?

Posted by brucecapell

I think it's because Land can get art done on time

Posted by RobinRX

'Creative' and 'Greg Land' don't belong in the same sentence.

They don't even belong in the same article.

Posted by danhimself

but Iron Man has never been in a porno is Land going to trace him?

Posted by _Zombie_

Marvel really isn't trying all that hard to sell this stupid NOW concept to me..

Posted by Mucklefluga

Your all wrong. Marvel have bought the rights to Rob Kirkman's Invincible ;)

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous
Posted by __transgojobot__

@brucecapell said:

I think it's because Land can get art done on time

This is the theory I've been running with too.

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

I had a feeling Iron Man would not be cancelled for long

Posted by Solarflare32

Oddly with the exception of his melter this is one of the few series fraction can actually write well

Posted by Tony_Shark

It's sad to see Fraction and Larroca go :( Invincible Iron Man was probably one of the best series in the last 4 years.

I do not mind Land's art at all. I was afraid that they'd hire John Romita Jr... ugh

Posted by Vermoot

Whoa, this Greg land guy surely know how not to be creative. I never read anything drawn by him, but after a bit of research on the guy... He is CLEARLY known for swiping, recycling, and tracing photographs.

I mean look at this :

That's just plain sad. Gimme Larocca and Fraction back. What if I say please ?

(Also, I recently received an e-mail from marvel about "Popular demand" and a Doom figure if you subscribe to MDCU. I laughed my ass off when I read "We listened to you" and "Popular demand". When I see people complaining about Nick Fury Jr. and that kind of crap, I wonder what power "Popular demand" has. Let's say they listen to us when they want subscriptions and a ton of money.)

Posted by Lvenger

Now the curse of Fraction has been afflicted on the Fantastic Four. Good thing I'm moving onto Hickman's Avengers once Marvel Now! kicks off.

Posted by AgeofHurricane

Lol. I feel sorry for Gillen, Marvel always wants to pair him with Land by force, and he's such a fantastic writer, it really is such a shame.

Always getting stuck with Land, i'd be a pretty sad writer if that were me. Oh well, i'm sure he'll be able to impress this time around.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous
@Lvenger said:

Now the curse of Fraction has been afflicted on the Fantastic Four. Good thing I'm moving onto Hickman's Avengers once Marvel Now! kicks off.

But.. But I don't like the Avengers! Hickman and the FF were a marriage made in heaven :(
Posted by Lvenger

@Jonny_Anonymous: I only started reading Hickman's FF at Fantastic Four #607. I'm gutted I didn't start sooner. Ah well I do like the Avengers and it is a good jumping on point for me. For you, not so much.

Posted by VioletPhoenix

I LOVE GREG LAND! Said no one, ever.

Posted by Mercy_

Is it me or do Fraction and Gillen play musical books?

Posted by TheGoldenOne
@Billy Batson said:

Greg Land. LOL :)

Posted by KRYPTON

So marvel released the teaser with the identity of the new Iron Man, it's Mark Grayson the super hero Invincible from image comics, well I didn't expect that

Posted by Kallarkz

yes! lands art is awesome...and I have not liked fractions run on all.

Posted by Cafeterialoca

@Kallarkz: Really? Land is awful. He traces from pornos.

Posted by Kallarkz

@Cafeterialoca said:

@Kallarkz: Really? Land is awful. He traces from pornos.

Land is awesome.

However he does it I love the result.

Posted by sesquipedalophobe

It will be nice to see Iron Man in sexier positions.

Posted by JamDamage

love Greg Land

Posted by Senor Salsa

Welp, there goes my favorite book.

Posted by DMC

I'll admit, a part of me thought it would be Fraction/Larroca forever, I don't think anyone would mind that.

I can tolerate Greg Lands art on a few X-Men books but that's about it.

Marvel needs and artist like Brandon Peterson on Iron Man.....well at least the covers

Posted by AdamChapman

I recently cut most of my ongoings to switch to trades, but I just couldn't quit Invincible Iron Man, as I've been buying it since Fraction and Larroca launched it a few years ago (and was also quoted on one of their hardcover collections from a review I wrote). But this is the opportunity I was looking forward to, to be able to finish out the Fraction/Larroca run, and then walk away cleanly. Not looking forward to Gillen on the book per se, nor Greg Land on the artwork for this particular character. I miss Greg Land's older stuff, before it became so stylized and so blatantly ripping of his own prior artwork and photo references. Give me his Sojourn artwork over his more recent stuff any day!

Posted by doddsm92

Okay, being a relatively new comic reader (about a year or so) I'm not all too familiar with either Gillen or Land, is Lands work really that bad?

Posted by Teerack

Can't wait to see iron man draw in the poses of all the x-men.

Posted by Baddamdog

Rejoice X-Men fans....Land has finally been slain.

Posted by AdamChapman

@doddsm92: It's not that it's bad necessarily, it's just that his work these days is very repetitive. He bases all of his artwork on photo references, and often reuses poses from his own work, over and over again. When I was first exposed to his artwork, I really enjoyed his style, especially with the colorists he had on his work, but over time I've noticed that his work doesn't progress, because of how he swipes from himself. He's more of a pin-up artist than a storytelling artist, and for a character like Iron Man, I think you need a better storytelling artist than a pin-up artist. I want Iron Man to have a sense of movement, especially with his high-tech suit, so I'm very wary of what he'll do with Iron Man in the new book.

Posted by Don_Jay

God, I hate Land's art. But still not as much as when they make Dillon do super heroes.

However what I still can't get over with is the whole renumbering thing. I just read Marvel Previews and it full of last issues. A few year ago Marvel made such a big deal out of the fact that multiple titles hit the 500-600th issues (around Dark Reign-Heroic Age) like the Incredible Hulk, Daredevil, Iron Man and now (or should I say Now) they're throwing all those landmarks out in for a cheap marketing ploy. They already killed off Uncanny, Daredevil, Incredible Hulk and w goes (probably) Iron man. This is just annoying. Making the titles start from #1 might make new readers pick it up, but having an issue number of 500+ just makes a book more prestigious for surviving this long. The renumbering just feels wrong, especially after they made such a big thing about the landmark issues.

Posted by Serberus08

@JohnnyWalker said:

yey land's same face females. oh wait..... no it sucks!

Would you rather they had Leifeld on as the entire creative team?

Posted by Don_Jay

@Serberus08 said:

@JohnnyWalker said:

yey land's same face females. oh wait..... no it sucks!

Would you rather they had Leifeld on as the entire creative team?

Liefeld's unrealistically buff characters with shoulder-pad fetish vs Land's female faces traced from porn that look like they're all sucking on invisible dicks. Now that's a dilemma.

Posted by judasnixon
@Don_Jay: Ones man's dilemma, another man's dream! 
Posted by Man of Lengend

my god people your pessimism is so annoying , please see one page of it..!!! before everyone judges this whole book...

Posted by Don_Jay

@Man of Lengend said:

my god people your pessimism is so annoying , please see one page of it..!!! before everyone judges this whole book...

The great thing about comic book artists is that if you know their previous work, you know what to expect from their new projects. I case of Land, well, if you saw his run on Uncanny and some ultimate projects he worked on, you can probably photoshop together the first few issues, you just have to change Emma's hair to red , shorter and give her freckles and you got Pepper. Take away Cyke's visor, give him a goatee and you got Tony. Should I continue? Sorry or the pessimism, which in this case is more like experience.

Posted by jaredbright


No kidding.

Posted by ShockTrooper

I like Greg Land's art. The way I see it, the more people who hate Greg Land the more books he draws.

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