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Marvel Teaser: Rick Remender's MINDBUBBLE?

What could this new teaser possibly be about?

Marvel has released another teaser for another All-New Marvel Now! title.

Same as yesterday, we do not have any more information besides Rick Remender writing and Pascal Alixe and Nic Klein doing the art. The information will be revealed at New York Comic Con.

The other question is, is MINDBUBBLE the actual title or some sneaky adjective to describe what the book could be about?

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Posted by longbowhunter

Really like Nic Klein and it goes without saying Remender is great. Color me curious.

Posted by BR_Havoc

Oh it's his Captain America villain Dr. Mindbubble (one of the worst names in comic history) So I guess this might be a Cap spin off maybe a mini series about Nomad in the Z dimension?

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Ugh Remender get ready for pointless deaths so he can write a depressed hero only to bring back the characters he killed as he ends his run. Remender is Marvels most overrated writer.

Posted by turel_hash_ak_gik

@inkink: oh yeah. just the other day i read a book with daken back from the dead no problem. oh wait no.

Posted by SC

Will be about psychic twerking obviously. Do the mind bubble yo, etc #mindbubble #psychictwerking.

Posted by BR_Havoc

Yeah its for an upcoming Captain America storyline he is a villain he seeded in X Force.

Posted by Nefilim927

That is so weird I just thought about this the other day and if it would be re-visited. In an old issue of his Uncanny X-Force run, I believe Dark Angel is walking through a hall of statues which contained the likes of En Sabah Nur (Apocalypse), the Skinless Man and Dr. Mindbubble. Rick mentioned it in an interview but it was so long ago I didn't think we'd ever see it.

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@turel_hash_ak_gik: I stopped reading UA at issue 6 is it worth picking up? I have found Remender's Captain America to be a let down so far is he doing better on UA?

Posted by Perfect 10

what about that marvel teaser stay vigilant? no more news on what title that will be?

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New Uncanny Avengers arc. I'm really disappointed by Remender's Marvel Now! stuff though, but after Brubaker it's going to be extremely hard for someone to write a Captain America story I like.

Posted by turel_hash_ak_gik

@br_havoc: havent been reading that since issue 3. sorry.

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From what I've heard, Remender's work has nosedived since UXF ended.

Which is a real shame, because I love that book so much.

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@turel_hash_ak_gik: Its all good I read the first story I liked it but did not interest me enough to continue.


@kurtisimus:I agree with you there I loved Brubaker's work so reading Remender now it seems he wants to get rid of everything that Brubaker brought to the table. So I had to drop Captain America for the first time in 8 years after the Z dimension.

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Will probably read it but Pascal's art is sh*t

Posted by MaccyD

@br_havoc: @kurtisimus: He's said several times though not to compare him to Brubaker. He went in a different direction and interpretation on purpose as he didn't want to compete with Brubaker.

Posted by sora_thekey

For some reason this made me think of The Ultimates, Mr. Fantastic and the Future Foundation in the Ultimate U.

Posted by BR_Havoc

@maccyd: That is true but what annoys me about his current run is that he seems to want to act as if Brubaker's run did not exist and when he "killed Sharon" it just killed my enjoyment of his series I liked seeing Steve growing up but when we get this all hope is gone doom and gloom it's hard to want to continue

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First post in months, this is exciting. Pascal Alixe is a phenomenal artist, just look at Sever Soldiers: Mister Miracle #1 , great issue with some insanely intricate traps and layouts. Will be looking closely at the news to come from this.

Posted by butters911

I love me some Remender. He's on my list of people who's stuff Ill read just because it's them

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@dondave said:

Will probably read it but Pascal's art is sh*t

Are you sure you have the right guy. There are a lot of Pascals, and Pasquals, and Pasquales in comics. As far as I'm concerned Alixe is probably the best one.

Posted by bloodguts

I'm starting to think these teasers aren't going to be the titles of books.

Posted by RulerOfThisUniverse


Posted by ShadowSwordmaster

I wonder....

Posted by Teerack

@br_havoc: Good memory! I forgot all about those statues once the book was canceled.

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@br_havoc: I have to recheck that issue of Uncanny X-Force but dang you have a good memory.

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@inkink: every single person who read his Uncanny X-Force run disagrees with you. The same people who are reading his current Uncanny Avengers run. Plus the new readers who jumped on because they are Avengers fans too. ALL DISAGREE!!!!!!! His Venom fans, his Secret Avengers fans. ALL DISAGREE!!!!!

Posted by JamDamage


It's kind of hard to compare anything to UFX. That run, when it was going on, was getting some of the highest reviews I've seen from a book. The Dark Angel Saga was a masterpiece. If the art was better, the Final Execution storyline would have no doubt been waaaay better. I loved his Secret Avengers run. That was great. I'm enjoying the shit out of what he's doing on Uncanny Avengers right now too. The first arch was good, but once again the art sucked. I don't know why they keep giving Remender such shitty artists after he had Opena. Put Open on the title again. Or have Yu jump from Avengers to Uncanny Avengers since UA is so much better. Yu would do great on it. The current story line is a direct sequel to Dark Angel Saga and it's ripping it up right now. So much fun. long story tho. At least we were getting 18 issues a year with UFX, now this story is taking so long to finish. I can not wait to read the ending tho. Where it's going now is fantastic.

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does anyone have a clear idea on what this will be about? Cap? Uncanny avengers? anyone?

Posted by Xwraith

@jamdamage: Opena has deadline problems. That's why you don't see him much anymore.

Posted by InkInk

@jamdamage: His Secret Avengers was terrible he surprised no one by going in a dark sci fi direction and had a premise that attempted to be deep but fell into being nonsense. Marvel did not even like his run if they did you think they would of kept robopym and robowasp.

His X force was good I can not disagree with that but that was his only work that was great all his other books he tries to capture that same dark ambiance with pointless deaths for shock value which the next writer brings back after he leaves.

I never said he can not write a good story but there few and far between now he is extremely overrated. Read his Captain America its a mess.

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Posted by The_Titan_Lord


Posted by GraniteSoldier

Mindbubble = Sue Storm? I don't know spitballing outside the box I guess.

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hmmmm, this sure is a teaser. Gotta love it when Marvel comes up with these vague teasers.

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I like Uncanny Avengers, but people overrate UXF too often. While Kyle/Yost's X-Force stopped real threats (Purifiers, Legacy Virus, Stryfe/Bishop, Necrosha, Nimrords), what did Remender's X-Force do? I'll tell you what, they cleaned their own **it whole the time.