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That was awesome!
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funny stuff man  ^_^
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Anbody else sick of MODOK being the focus of, or appearing in every episode?

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Thats the best thing that lame-o Dorken has been in.
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HA HA HA HA Frank Castle WOULD be an older version of Clint Eastwood !! ROFL  LOVE IT!! 
Lol best line - "Hello Jarvis, my glass is empty. Hint hint ."  - I like how Daredevil & Cap are watching the Japanese Spider-Man show.....How DD is able to watch T.V. , I have noooo idea. ha ha ha

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LOL briiiiiiinnnnnggg iiiiiiiiiittt

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@AlfredPMcLovely said:
" Thats the best thing that lame-o Dorken has been in. "
yeah i kinda feel the same way
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I half expected a reference to "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest". The video was really funny, but that would've made it amazing!
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Hawkeye & Bullseye playing darts... Thor's drip of turkey leg & mead... Daredevil with glasses... win!  The  intro from Joe Que?sada... Pass!

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LOL @ Daredevil with glasses and wheelchair

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Lol. I thought there'd be an old man Deadpool. Oh well, it was still funny.
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still good

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This rule so HAAAARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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These things are better than some of MArvels movies.