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Marvel's Assembling a Universe Gives Fans a Look at Ant-Man and More

ABC's special lets fans see the process in putting together some of their favorite characters

Marvel Studios: Assembling a Universe recently appeared on ABC, and with it, came a slew of pictures and art from upcoming Marvel films. This is really the first time that fans got to see some new imagery of Ant Man since SDCC a couple years back. We also got to see some Avengers: Age of Ultron stuff and Guardians of the Galaxy concept art.

Here's some new Ant-Man images.

The costume looks pretty dang cool, and we even get a little bit of action. The helmet design actually really works well here, since it can be hard to translate some comic book ideas over to film. Next up is some Age of Ultron stuff.

Here's your first look at Elizabeth Olsen and Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. Quicksilver's outfit seems to fit into the Marvel cinematic universe pretty dang well, and while Scarlet Witch's outfit isn't really a costume, there's no way that would work on the big screen.

Lastly, there's some concept art for Guardians of the Galaxy featuring Rocket, Groot, and Starlord. What do you guys think of all this? What do you love or hate?

UPDATE: How could we forget the Iron Man Hulkbuster armor?

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Posted by Fallschirmjager

well I guess its better than 70's reject, but QS (and SW) look...kinda lame?

Ant-Man looks cool though

Posted by KidChipotle

Well, here I thought I couldn't get any more excited for these movies and then I see THIS.

Edited by Mutie199

i like these. marvel seems to have done a better job with quicksilver's outfit than the one in fox (although nothing could be worse than that)

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch look kinda crap it it's pointless even having them in this film because the only real similarity to the comics will be their powers.

Edited by doombot890

so is that the the same Ant-Man that we've been seeing for ages now? Every thing else look ok tho

Special note to Quicksilver and for a second there I thought that was Ultimate Jean Grey and not Scarlet Witch

Posted by AWeekInGeekdom

I'm guessing Scarlet's "outfit" will be temporary and she'll switch to something else (maybe Ultimate inspired?) later in the story. Quicksilver looks great much better than whatever FOX is doing with their version.

Edited by marvel_dc_heroes_villains

Goddamn, Marvel knows hows to get the hype train going. Super stoked for all these films, and seeing Cap 2 next Friday (comes out early in the UK). I don't think I can get more excited, unless they announce a Black Panther film in which case I may have a mini freak-out.

Edited by daredevil21134

Was there any mention of the Netflix series?

Edited by Dogofwarorion

I really love scarlet witch "costume", it fits with her gypsy origin

Edited by iaconpoint

Hate: that the human actors will age and eventually have to either be recast or we will have to suffer through a reboot.

Love: the grand plan of Disney to weave this tapestry of one giant universe. And Thor.

And Scarlett Johannson.

Posted by SoA

so is quicksilver never gonna look like the comics?

Edited by TommyJones1945

Ant-Man looks pretty rad.

Quicksilver could use more detail and some much needed quirks.

Scarlet Witch looks awful. I hope to TOAA it isn't her final costume.

Posted by LiveForever

@soa said:

so is quicksilver never gonna look like the comics?

Lightning bolt spandex? Nah, pretty safe bet it won't.

I like it. Hard to make it out completely but it's simple yet evocative of the character.

Edited by sora_thekey

That's actually just screenshots of the Ant-Man test footage shown at Comic-Con a few years ago. It's not from the movie.

I really like the look of Wanda and Pietro! Just wondering why there's no white/silver hair.

Posted by ALFMutant

Posted by Tman11199

I just wish dc would put at least some concept art out from their movie endeavors.

Posted by KidChipotle

Truthfully I'd be completely okay if that was Wanda's costume for the movie BUT it looks a little strange being that Quicksilver seems to be in full gear. Perhaps she'll wear something Ultimate-esque.

Posted by AmazingWebHead

As mad as I am about an Ant-Man who yells "get off my lawn you damn kids",this all looks pretty cool.

Posted by zabrewolf

really like scarlet witch "costume", prefer this than a tight suit, never really liked modified tight suits costume in superhero movies(hello xmen movies?), so prefer wanda wearing some "normal" clothes.

Posted by Xwraith
Posted by JeanRalphio


Posted by zombietag

i saw this documentary. it was okay, a lot of it was about the plots of the movies, though, which was a bit redundant because ive seen all of them a couple of times

Posted by HexThis

I want her to be in ALL RED and I also want some kind of reference to her tiara.

Posted by Oscars94

Knowing Whedon he'll give Wanda a new costume during the movie. He wants to wow the fans by taking them by surprise. I think that when Quicksilver goes all out (to save Wanda, the lninigs of his suit light up, showing a blazing lightning sign on his chest.

Posted by bflynn316

Hey guize whatcha talkin bout?

Posted by inferiorego


Fixed! It wasn't on the Marvel site, so I sadly forgot.

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Posted by Mapuia_Ralte

Wait that Ant Man stuff is from the small clip that was 'leaked' a while back, right?

Posted by Experio

Whedon wont go with that Scarlet witch costume as her uniform in the Avengers, I dont mind Pietro's

Edited by TheManInTheShoe

Love this. Quicksilver looks a thousand times better here than in X-Men

Posted by Black_Arrow


Posted by Sachmoo

Also had a slightly better pic of Ronan the Accuser.

Posted by ccraft

I thought more was going to be released about Ultron, guess I was wrong. I really liked this documentary though. GOTG looked good, and Ant-Man should be interesting.

Quicksilver and SW looks fine, the comic versions would look extremely lame on the big screen, but I do hope SW gets a moderate costume.

I was really hoping for another Hulk vs one of the Avengers, and I guess IM will make an interesting fight.

Posted by MasterBelmont

Awesome! This was so sick last night. Awesome to see how a simple idea became such a big and awesome thing and to see stuff from the upcoming projects. Makes Fox even more invalid than they already are.

I just said "awesome" three times in one paragraph, didn't I?

Edited by G_leno

Hell yes for the hulkbuster suit! I have a friend who has been waiting to see the hulkbuster suit on film for years!

Edited by deadpool25mm

Wait that Ant Man stuff is from the small clip that was 'leaked' a while back, right?

yeah, that video was real. looked kinda awesome.

Posted by goobot

No grey hair?

Edited by laabitres

they look dope, love quicksilver, scarlet witch and the hulkbuster

Edited by Hellos

Good chance that isn't what Scarlet Witch is going to wear the entire film. Though if she did I probably wouldn't care - we're going to get enough comic-book costumed hero goodness throughout an Avenger movie.

Posted by Grimoire

I guess Ultron takes over the Hulkbuster armor and the Hulk has to deal with it.

Posted by Smurfboy

I'll bet that the battle between Hulkbuster Armor and the Hulk probably worth the ticket alone to see the movie!

Edited by Rabbitearsblog

Awesome images! Ant Man looks fantastic and the Ultron scenes are even better! I'm kind of torn on Scarlett Witch's outfit since it doesn't scream "superhero," but maybe we might see her in her superhero costume whether it's from the Ultimate Universe or the 616 universe. Quicksilver looks pretty decent, although I was kind of hoping he had the lightning bolt on his shirt. But, he does look better than Fox's interpretation of his costume.