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Marvel Reveals Ultimate Covers, Discusses Ultimate Rebirth At New York Comic Con

The publisher gives fans their first look at the upcoming covers for their "Ultimate" comics books.

The Marvel stage at New York Comic Con is the first time that Marvel has brought creators together to discuss the "rebirth" of the Ultimate Comics Universe since it's launch with Marvel's new Ultimate Spider-Man, Miles Morales. The discussion began with Editor-in-Chief at Marvel Comics Axel Alonso stressed that the over-arching theme of the books would be the "connectivity" between three of their major titles; "Ultimate Comics Spider-Man," Ultimates," and "Ultimate X-Men."

"Ultimate Spider-Man" #6

According to a report, Marvel started the discussion by stating how proud and excited they are over the discussion of a half-black, half-latino character (i.e. Miles Morales). They then procedded to show the audience preview pages to an upcoming issue of Ultimate Spider-Man where Miles has his very first encounter with Spider Woman. According to Alonso, Marvel is taking a new character through a similar process to the one Peter Parker endured decades ago.

I think it's beautiful now that ten years later we have a new launch and a new guy on his own journey of self discovery...we're peeling back the mask to reveal a new face, and that's what comics is all about...Peter Parker has been around for decades, and he's got fans who are all colors. At the end of the day, Miles also transcends race, and that's all I'll have to say about it."

The paelists also discussed Ultimate X, and the premise of that book being about a group of X-Men who want to take back their identities. Below you can check out upcoming covers to "Ultimate X-Men" as well as the new Captain Britain gracing the cover of "Ultimates." Which is your favorite? What do you think of a younger Kitty Pryde?

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"Ultimates" #6
"Ultimate X-Men" #6
Posted by DarkChris

The UXM cover is awesome!

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Captain Britain FTW

Posted by feebadger

Love the idea of both. Captain Britain looks a bit more human and real than the Marvel version has become. And Kitty looks like a character that goes back to her teen roots, but with a bit more attitude to her (never mind resembling a young Christina Ricci). Am definitely intrigued by both new versions.

Posted by _jackbauer

It almost looks like "With great power comes..." is written on the wall behind Spidey.

Posted by elayem98

@_jackbauer said:

It almost looks like "With great power comes..." is written on the wall behind Spidey.

that is probably what it is supposed to be.

Posted by Duo_forbidden

ABSOLUTELY LOVE the Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man, and Ultimate Comics: X-men covers.

Posted by Daveyo520

Nice covers.

Posted by Om1kron

All of the Ultimate books should be an example of what they should be doing with all of their other books, condense break off titles. 

Posted by ArtisticNeedham

I wanted to get Ultimate Spider-Man now, but I am getting so many books at the moment. I will have to wait to get it as a trade. LOVE the cover though. So what are Miles' powers anyway? Same as Peter's? Different?

And what happened to Brian Braddock? Is his brother still crazy? Has reality altering powers?

Posted by Hector

Pretty exited about Spider-Man and X-Men so far they've started out great!

Posted by sora_thekey

I'm sorry to say that I have not been liking the artist's covers... I loved all of the variants but these are not that "appealing" to me. I don't want to be rude because it is beautiful art but aside from the Spider-Man covers I have no been feeling them. My favorite character in the Ultimate U is Kitty Pryde and while I do love the spotlight Marvel is giving her... I just don't like it.

Still the Spider-Man covers have been okay. I've been surprised by the poses for Miles and now I am interested about his powers...

Posted by goldenkey

Already only 3 issues in and we have a feeling of what Ultimate Spider-man is going to be like and it works. It has the same feeling of what the Peter Parker book was like when dealing with the non-Spider-man issues and it's good. For the readers who were already on the book I would asume that they are happy, and with the new readers I would asume they are happy as well because the book is good, it's moving fast enough to get to what we want to see, and all I can say to the new readers is that this is what they've been missing from Ultimate Spider-man when Peter was still alive. Even tho Miles hasn't put the suit on, I think it's safe to asume (boy I'm doing that a lot with this title) that it'll be similar to what it was like when Peter was adjusting to becoming Spider-Man. In fact, even tho the book was ten years old, Peter was never completely comfortable as S.M. Even when he seemed to finally be getting the hang of it, he had to get hero lessons from other hero's. Iron Man and Captain America. Funny thing is C.A. was the only established hero. Iron Man was only a hero for 10 years, and he's a drunk Not the best example if you ask me. As for the new Ultimate title, I don't like how they gave Captain Britan the 616 look. I wish they'd stop doing that and make on of the changes to the Ultimate line the costumes. It's one of the cool things about the title.

Posted by iamtheteam

Love the Kitty Pryde cover I'm a huge fan of her!

Posted by iLLituracy

Is she going to stop being the Shroud?

Posted by TheCrowbar

I'm not gay, but damn that's one attractive Captain Britain.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

I like that Cap Britain cover the best of em all!

Posted by blur1528

@iLLituracy: Yea I think all the characters will come together as a team and actually get some costumes so that they can be the X-Men.

Posted by FoxxFireArt

I just don't like the color scheme of this new Ultimate Spiderman. Just because he's a black/Hispanic kid behind the mask is no reason to give him the black costume. Replace the black with blue, and you'd have a pretty good costume. If you really want him to be a Spider-man. Just give him a redesign of the same color scheme.

Something about the Ultimate X-Men cover doesn't resonate with me. Not sure what it is.

Edited by gethere
@ArtisticNeedham: I think the ultimate version of Jamie(or James as he called in the ultimate universe ) is not a mutant so thus never have  gained realty warping abilities and gone insane. Besides  I think the point here to come up with what would it be like if there was a sane Jamie (James) Braddock and he was Captain Britain
Posted by zombietag

can we just say that kaare andrews is the man and hes not been getting that much credit for these cover? the guy rullleeezzz.

Posted by blur1528

I hope Kaare Andrews does these covers forever.

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

I am excited for Ultimate Spider-man #6 and Ultimate X-men #6 the covers look awesome.

Posted by Unwritten Duck

So far I've been loving the new Ultimate Spider-man and I hope my enjoyment of it continues. Never particularly cared for Ultimates or X-men.

Posted by Rabbitearsblog

Are the other X-Men characters besides Captain Britain and Kitty going to come back to the Ultimate Universe?

Posted by carnivalofsins00

I reeeeeally dislike the covers this person is doing. Except for the Ultimate Spider-Man covers, they all look so bad.

Posted by Fantasgasmic

oh my god, that drawing of Kitty Pryde actually LOOKS like she's a teenager! AMAZING!

Posted by ApolloBob

Eh, what the hell, I believe I'll put my arm through my head simply because I can....

Posted by War Killer

Ultimate Kitty Pryde FTW!!!! ^___^
I really hope she goes back to her X-Men uniform, really not a fan of the whole "Shroud" look she's got going on currently...

Posted by jcj145

All the covers look good, and it may just be me but Kitty Pryde looks like the girl from the Addams family movies, Wednesday if I remember right

Posted by Meteorite

Those covers are all awesome as! Love the Kitty one!

Posted by GothamRed

I don't know, I think kitty's pose is unnecessarily dangerous, what if someone disrupts her powers, i mean really... who else thinks that?

Posted by Or35ti

Gosh these covers are gorgeous!

Posted by jcbart

Finally, a teenage girl that looks like a teenage girl.

I love the idea of Captain Britain being a more prominent character. Loving both Ultimate Spider-Man and Ultimate X-Men so far and will be getting Ultimates soon.

Posted by Marshal Victory

Um the ultimate x men cover. could be forced perspective an the colors used but..he left for arm looks shroter than her right.

Posted by daredevil21134

GO Spidey Go

Posted by cryoflar3

Has anyone else noticed that the message that Miles is stand/crawling on says "With great power comes great responsibility"? At least that's what it looks like its saying.

Posted by Lukassrod

Man, the new line of the ultimate universe is simply awesome!!!!

Posted by ArtLit

Does miles really have adaptive camo? Awwwwwwwwwesommmmmme.

Posted by mikeclark1982

can marvel ever have a universe or year where they do not have tons of crossovers?

Posted by fACEmelter88

@Marshal Victory said:

Um the ultimate x men cover. could be forced perspective an the colors used but..he left for arm looks shroter than her right.

Wow good point...but not really, my 1st complaint i they made a high schooler look like a 5th grader

Posted by Eyz

Go Miles Morales, Go! Kick the ass of Ultimate Peter OUT of our memories! :D

Posted by Marshal Victory
@fACEmelter88 said:

@Marshal Victory said:

Um the ultimate x men cover. could be forced perspective an the colors used but..he left for arm looks shroter than her right.

Wow good point...but not really, my 1st complaint i they made a high schooler look like a 5th grader

 "Wow good point" except shes a bartender to how many high schoolers you know tend bar?Could be cause she is a   College Graduate  

Valid point on the looking way younger than she should be tho.Well minus the snark that is.
Tho seems to be from looking at the images a trend to make her look younger an younger.Which i do not like.Cause its creepy .Rather have her look her age like. ..
College Graduate

Posted by waruikumo

Ultimate Spider-Man has been just fantastic. Between the art, pacing and development, just outstanding.

I really appreciate the fact he's not just a Peter Park knock off, between the power set changes (awesome) and the home dynamics. Just fantastic.

Posted by Omegalpha

UXM is brilliant.

Posted by thestepfordcuckoos

I'm so excited to for this. Though for some reason I wish a little that Miles was a mutant and Spider-Man. Ah, wishful thinking. XD