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Marvel Releases First 'Marvel Universe' Promo Shot

With a free model and a story by Bendis, could this title be what Marvel needs to go up against DC Universe Online?

Marvel's released their first promo still from their upcoming Massively-Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game, Marvel Universe today to the closed circle of their "Marvel Massively Multiplayer Society" blog.

The game, which will be written by Marvel superstar Brian Michael Bendis, will let players take control of the Marvel franchise characters, as opposed to creating their own. The game will also feature a free-to-play model.

The still looks is interesting, as if it's any indication of how the finished game will look, the art style will be bordering on cartoony. Characters look as if they're carved from bright plastic, and look to remain accurate to how they're currently portrayed in comics.

Letting players assume their roles, however, could be a bit difficult. Part of what MMORPGs successful is their ability to let players invest time (and money) into the development on their own personal escape. Allowing players to be Thor or Captain America might not be as special as making their own hero, as, well, everyone else can, as well.

It should be noted that DC's MMO, DC Universe Online has been still chugging along all this time. It'll be interesting how two games using competing models, written by two industry figureheads, will fare against each other.


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Posted by TheMess1428

I'm glad they have the black and red Spider-Man as opposed to the accidental blue and red Spider-Man costume.

Posted by pulseangel666

Sounds as bad idea, thousands of people running around doing raids as spider-man and iron man, comeon man, superhero mmos don't work!
Posted by SpidermanWins

Looks good but I will only get excited once I actually figure out how they will make it different than its competitor. Also, will anyone care? They have to make it big and succeed in what DC Universe can't if they want a successful mmo.

Posted by Mercy_

LOL Bendis. Because he knows so much about continuity...

Posted by BlackRoseTessa

it looks so boring , i love dcuo for all they styles you collect . it looks like it will be an older looking version of super hero squad mmo .  doesnt get me hyped  like dcuo did
Edited by Shadowdoggy

six thousand Storms all chatting about Vampire Diaries and questing until 4 am
yeah, I'll pass 

@The Dark Huntress:
you took the words right out of my fingers

Posted by Jake Fury

something else to cause a Marvel/DC flame war...
Posted by Aqua11500

i play Super hero sqaud online too..yeah i said it! 
Storm looks bad ass <3

Posted by quiksilver70777

Where is Gambit?

Posted by Blizaga101

Oh God No! This is gonna be a game ill seriously want, but i can just see a giant emoty void in my wallet at the end of it  :I
Posted by Baddamdog

Thank the LORD we can play as real characters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
That is why I didn't buy DC online and why I may not get X-Men Destiny, thank you Maaaaaaaaaaarvel

Posted by BransonHuggins
@Shadowdoggy: Exactly.  At what point did this seem like a good idea.  Oh, let's have a crap ton of Wolverines running around.  I'm all for letting people play as franchised characters, but not in an MMO, that's just asking for trouble...I mean unless you can play as like D-Man or Frog Man, or some other loser characters.  That would just be funny.
Posted by DoomDoomDoom
Posted by Ry Fryy

I would basically make Thor with my character, so there's no difference to me.  xP

Edited by Marshal Victory

Dcuo is not bad  grafic wise .Real behind on costum creation tho CoH owns that feild imho.An Dcuo is light on levels an content.Also haveing a mmo based on dc with out a super strength an invul set is just dumb. 
Marvel mmo sounds like each super hero in the marvel universe is a player class almost.Which may make it a mmo but not a rpg.Unless each super hero is realy a class an that would be a design nightmare on balance.

Edited by Shadowdoggy
this game is for fanboys and mmo-addicts 
such a terrible idea 
and you knwo the gamplay will be terrible 
it always is in MMos 
@Marshal Victory: 
why not just make an RPG with Marvel characters and online arenas (PvP, deathmatches, co-op missions) 
but no, um...Marvel has jumped on the mmo bandwagon with the rest of the crap 
way to appeal to 12 year olds only 
don't the idiots who can't get enough Wolverine and Storm play Superhero Squad and be fine with that?


 ummm they only showed like 8 characters on that picutre....out of possible hundreds 
he's wherever the rest of the marvel superheroes are 
Posted by MatKrenz

To those who are saying that there will be a million Wolverine's running arounf seem to forget that a while ago that Bendis said that in each server there will be only 1 version of each character. You will be able to play as alternate versions as characters but nothing more. And really as somebody who doesn't play MMO's or reads taht much Marvel this is a game I can get into.
Posted by Manchine

The game will suck.  You have to play one of the Marvel and not your own character.  That alone puts this game on a scale of 1 to 10 at  -11.  At least DC did a little better by allowing you to make your own character, even though the game bombed.

Posted by Marshal Victory
I disagree on gameplay being terrible in mmos.It all depends on how you play depending on the system of the game. Dcuo was good for its combos i thought an was fun with a x box 360 controller even reminded me of Batman arkham asylum actualy alot.Or even Darksiders a bit. 
Now their are games that need little game interaction auto attack an maybe a button mash here or their.But it all comes down to the game .Age of Conan was great game play wise an grafic wise .While i play everquest its simpler in some respect an more complacated than AoC .Warhammer online was not bad at all game play wise . 
In a super hero mmo i want freedom to make my own characters as close as i can. City of heroes does that an some would sugest Champions online to but i actualy had bad play times with it when it came out. 
But if your talking World of Warcraft ya it simple gameplay is reason theirs so many play it .Lord knows its not for the comunity.An i wouldnt call it crap just bland.
Posted by danhimself

just to let everyone know there will be only one Spider-man, Wolverine, Hulk and so on per server......well not really since you'll be able to choose alternate reality versions of the same there will be a 616 Wolverine and an Ultimate Universe Wolverine and others....this is still pretty confusing since I think they'll still run low on characters and have to have hundreds of servers

Posted by sora_thekey

I trust Bendis with this... I might even play it!

(Comic Viners should get together and play once the game is out!)

Posted by #1ElderScrollsFan

I must be the green guy :)

Posted by pixelized

@MatKrenz said:

To those who are saying that there will be a million Wolverine's running arounf seem to forget that a while ago that Bendis said that in each server there will be only 1 version of each character. You will be able to play as alternate versions as characters but nothing more. And really as somebody who doesn't play MMO's or reads taht much Marvel this is a game I can get into.

That's disgusting.

Posted by Nova`Prime`

My only problem with letting players use established characters is, are we going to see a multitude of Wolverines or Captain Americas running around?

Posted by WonderBoy1132

I'm sure the details to this game haven't been fully released yet. A few years back they were in talks about releasing the same type of game. I believe that project was lost. 
I'm sure this MMO will give the player everything they want. 
Hey I'm trying to be optimistic, instead of freaking out. 
In my opinion its to early to tell what this game really will be. I'm excited either way... 
Hopefully it will be released on Xbox 360.. unlike freakin DC Universe.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Wow, more DC/Marvel stuff to compete over. This, just when we already have DCU Online. Should be interesting to see how this goes.

Posted by Mr. Dead Pool

I'll give it a try since it's free.

Posted by HellionVulcan

Can't wait for this as its has no monthly fees .

Posted by Grimoire

I would be hyped for this if not for the current storyline in the Hulk comics. lol

Posted by nobodythere

After playing DCUO for two months I can safely say this will be getting a pass from me. DCUO was a fun game, played it totally solo from start to finish cos there was absolutely no one on. Shame too, cos it was a great game and had a lot of great things in it. Marvel's idea of letting everyone take on known characters may draw in some, in the end I feel it won't stick cos people want to make their own heroes and enjoy their own stories.

Posted by kimeraevet

YAY!! A game that doesn't look as good as Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2!! It is what I have hoped for for so long... a downgrade! 
Marvel needs to pull their head of the collective writers 4th point of contact.

Posted by Trodorne
@DoomDoomDoom said:
damn clones. lol
But I won't be playing that. I would find it more interesting to pay the DC universe online and go toe to toe against the heroes of the world.maybe get trained under Black Adam. 
 besides anyone who goes villain would want to fight under doctor doom.
Posted by Joe_Amazing
@pulseangel666: City of Heroes has been doing it for seven+ years.  And has beaten both Champions and DCUO consistently.
Posted by harleyquinn12

Please tell me Aunt May will be playable...
Edited by Norusdog

well let's be honest.  it won't be hard to "trump" DCU:O...because it's minimalist garbage and should, at the very least, be free to play.

Posted by StarKiller809

Looks good but I'm still not bough on this one.

Posted by IllyanaRasputin

people are never happy 
end of discussion. 
stop your bitching and complaining and make your own paper cut outs and you can have fun with them.  

Posted by Pizawle

I am wondering how exactly this will work. Will each server be reserved to one per each character or will it be a free for all? Because the latter would be an utter disaster. And how will it work in terms of battles? Imagine losing to say, Shocker, as mutha-bleepin' Thor! That would be absurd!
Creating your own hero would have been a far better way to go. And Marvel actually had classes and races to employ. You could have bee a human, a mutant, a god, a demon, an alien, and the power sets are vast, as well. 
(sigh) Very disappoint.

Posted by hitechlolife

If they still allow you to customize your own guy from costume pieces from all alternate universes and time eras it could actually be fun. 
I loved DCUO and played it to death, but unfortunately it didn't have much to keep me around after the game became running the same 3-4 raids over and over. Would love another game set in a world I love. Hope it doesnt suck like SHS did. That was hardly a 'game' at all.

Posted by BlackRoseTessa

lol dcu did not bomb its still going well , it maynot be busy all the time but it can be , and the guy who said he soloed it  is bs , once you gt to level 30 you have to team up ,  it forces you 2 . thats when the real fun and hard work starts . cant wait for the gl dlc on dcuo
Posted by Golden Cod
@MatKrenz said:
To those who are saying that there will be a million Wolverine's running arounf seem to forget that a while ago that Bendis said that in each server there will be only 1 version of each character. You will be able to play as alternate versions as characters but nothing more. And really as somebody who doesn't play MMO's or reads taht much Marvel this is a game I can get into.
Playing as alternative versions of each character sounds like a bizarre compromise between being able to play as the iconic heroes and getting to customize your character.   Its not going to work.   Marvel needs to do its homework and read up on the Star Wars Galaxies jedi debacle and study the MMOs that have gone bust over the years.  
Posted by sesquipedalophobe

This has to be the worst April Fool's joke that kept on going.

Posted by Omertalvendetta

The biggest problem with this is that it'll be free to play... how many games are actually successful that are free-to-play??  That is why WoW or Aion are successful, because the money you pay is invested back into the servers, the gameplay and the patching.  (Not saying that WoW or Aion are great games, just saying that they are successful...)

Posted by LB70145

I think everyone needs to calm down. You don't even know how the game will work. It might not be like WoW and be open world. Most likely the game will be instance based like Guildwars. Especially since it will be free to play. There will probably be "towns" which will consist of places like the Avenger's Mansion or the Helicarrier where people can meet up but when they go out in the world the only people you will see are npcs, your party members and yourself. I think everyone is pitching a fit over nothing. Give the game a chance. There's no gameplay footage, no concept notes, no dev diaries, nothing. 
Also for those of you out there that doubt a superhero MMO can't work look at City of Heroes/Villains and Champions online. Just because the DC MMO is crap doesn't mean Marvel's has to be bad as well.

Edited by LB70145
@omertalvendetta: Guild Wars, EVE online, Runescape (kinda), Dungeon Fighter and Champions Online. Also depends on your meaning of successful. 
Posted by D_Pooly

ok why would i play this if a can just play DC Universe online and create my own personal hero or villan i mean DCUO is great its pretty short considering you hit lvl 30 in a week but but once the bugs where straightend out it was awsome...but really an mmo with no character creation it kinda feels like a slap in the face 
Posted by D_Pooly
i didnt think dcuo was crap well on ps3 theres almost no one one on any server but on but pc shouldnt be bad and everyone played it for a month and just dismissed the game as buggy and crappy but other then a few sound bugs i havent had any problems as of lately 
Posted by Omertalvendetta
@LB70145: Guild Wars, while free, was the first of its kind (to provide those kinds of graphic and gameplay without having to push out $15 a month...) and hence it's popularity; albeit, I think that GW2 will continue to be successful because of the gameplay elements that they have already introduced (yet there may not be necessary patching...).  EVE online is definitely not free, and neither is Runescape (if you want to enjoy the game, really...) and sadly I have never heard of the last two and I'm a pretty big gamer, so my statement still stands... free to play is not really a successful marketing ploy.  Not that that's what makes or breaks a game since it really just comes down to the product at hand.  My statement simply stems from the fact that a vast majority of free to play games are not as successful as those that aren't free...
Posted by Donovan Montgomery

I so wish I had the time and money to get into these games, they look cool fun.

Posted by CrimsonTempest

I wouldn't trust Bendis to write a story for an MMO. Hence, I'm passing on this. Let me play my DCU Online.

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