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Marvel Plans For More Season One Graphic Novels

Doctor Strange, Hulk and Ant-Man will each get their own graphic novels starting next Summer.

Back in September we talked a little bit about Marvel's decision to publish their "Season One" books, retelling the origins of many of their most popular characters only instead of reprinting the classic, original stories; the origin stories would be re-told with all-new creative teams. The idea was to draw in new readers through the graphic novel format of the Season One titles and give them a closer look at the characters, who they are and how they became superheroes.

The books were originally teased during San Diego Comic-Con and in September we saw the release of the Season One books centered around Daredevil, X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Spider-Man. These books must have had considerable success because Marvel revealed plans to release a "second wave" of Season One titles. According to the publisher, next up for Season One books will feature the Hulk, Doctor Strange and Ant-Man.

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“As a result of the great response from fans and retailers, we realized we couldn’t just stop with one wave of titles” said David Gabriel, Marvel SVP of Sales. “We’re showing our continued support for this line by insuring that fans have a reason to come back into comic shops month after month to get the next volumes in the Season One line of original graphic novels.”

The publisher claims that the graphic novels will appeal to both old and new readers alike because the stories will offer "new revelations" and a "fresh introduction" of the characters to readers. Will the promise of "new revelations" be enough to draw in long-time readers? Chances are that whatever "new revelations" these books are offering, they won't be tied to the current continuity of Marvel comics. -- meaning that you probably won't need whatever information appears in these volumes to follow the current Marvel universe. You can check out the covers to all three titles Marvel is planning to release sometime between July and September of 2012. Ant-Man: Season One will feature the work of Tom DeFalco and Horacio Domingues (July), Hulk: Season One will feature Fred Van Lente and Tom Fowler (August), and Doctor Strange: Season One will feature Greg Pak and Emma Rios (September).

What do you think of Marvel's plans to release more Season One graphic novels? Will you be picking these up?

Source: Marvel

Posted by Illuminatus

Can't wait.

Posted by mikeclark1982

and after these end, where does lead "new readers"? tossing them in the marvel universe which is super convoluted? really? REALLY? there are NO plans of 2nd volumes of these books!

Posted by thanosrules

I really like the cover art! :)

Posted by Cafeterialoca

@mikeclark1982: At least Ant-Man and Dr. Strange aren't told to death origins.

Posted by BlackArmor

I'll check X-men and Doc Strange but other that I'm not really interested

Posted by ka385385

Wonder if there going to be a ghost rider.

Posted by Larkin1388


Posted by AngeTheDude

Shouldn't they swap Pak and Van Lente?

Posted by Mr.Hulk_Smashin'!

@AngeTheDude: That's exactly what I was thinking.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

The Hulk one I might consider...

Posted by Gambit1024

Ant-Man! <3

Posted by intothetempest

Great! I can’t wait for Doctor Strange season one, it’s actually very exciting for me

Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

Pak. Rios. Strange.

I am buying the hell out of this.

Posted by The Impersonator

This is really interesting. I can't wait to read them.

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

I heard that Tom Defalco is going to be writing Ant Man season 1. So, I am defenitly going to pick it up.

Posted by xX2nite_alriteXx

So ace. XD

Posted by Video_Martian

Can't Wait, Love me some Hulk & Ant-Man! :D

Posted by jrock85

No thank you.

Posted by InnerVenom123

I'll just wait for the Spider-man one.

Posted by ReVamp

Basically, a rip-off of Earth-One. I like.

Posted by Zarathos022

A retelling of Hulk's origin sounds interesting. Too bad it doesn't come out until August.

Posted by Deadcool

Dr Strange =)

Posted by LoopLeon

I might pick up the Doctor Strange one. This might be a good way to get into Marvel characters I had no idea how to get into.

Posted by RainEffect

Ant-Man? Strange and Hulk I get, but Ant-Man?

Posted by Ganthetsward20

I really want the Ant man, Dr Strange and Daredevil season one books!!! So excited about them :D

Posted by Eyz

I really dig where this is all going! Love these "Season One" thingies! Keep 'em coming^^

Posted by shrmntnk62

I'll pass.

Posted by ntb1124

I like, will buy!

Posted by daredeville

@Emperor Gonzo Noir said:

Pak. Rios. Strange.

I am buying the hell out of this.

Yes! Me tooo! Love Emma Rios's art. It's going to fit beautifully with Dr. Strange..!

Posted by Grimoire

@RedheadedAtrocitus said:

The Hulk one I might consider...