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Marvel Makes Deal to Deliver Digital Comics Around the World

Teaming up with iVerse will allow comics to be accessible in foreign languages worldwide.

Comic Readers in the U.S. have it pretty good. With the major publishers located here, we know we can get our new weekly comics with no delay. There are also readers in other countries that get to read new comics weekly but there are many countries that have to wait months in order to buy these issues. When it comes to major stories and trying to avoid spoilers, it's almost a lost cause.

There is a new solution for readers of Marvel Comics. Marvel Entertainment has announced it will exclusively distribute single issues and collected foreign language comics worldwide with iVerse.

This marks a multi-year agreement to bring Marvel comics to the widest possible global audience. The content will launch late this year with staggered releases worldwide.

Peter Phillips, SVP & General Manager, Marvel Digital Media Group made this statement:

Marvel and iVerse both recognize the opportunity global publishing content expansion brings to Marvel fans worldwide. This partnership with iVerse allows us to introduce Marvel’s rich history of exciting, action packed stories to new audiences who want to know more about the Avengers, Spider-Man, Wolverine and more in their native languages.

What this means is readers around the world will now be able to read comics with their favorite Marvel characters in foreign languages for the first time digitally.

I know members of the Comic Vine community come from all over the world so I'm curious how they feel about this.

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Posted by zell5001

Sounds good.

Posted by DeusVult

At long last unhindered access to the Marvel universe. There is a God!!!

Edited by wowylied

It is a good stp taken to increase and help the digital market but there are still 3 thing to do :

- use good translators (because sometime it is like they use google translator)

- selling digital at their right price, not more than 1 $

- put a option to download them with no drm, because online reading = renting the right to read what you put money in, you are not buying them with online reading

Posted by SolthesunGod

I think it's a great idea. Doesn't affect me personally. I've been to Paris and those guys are months behind.

Posted by War Killer

I think this is a great move for Marvel and will open the doors for new readers from all over the globe. Honestly, the more and more industries like Marvel and DC move towards digital comics, I've found myself considering dropping print comics all together and switching to digital. As time goes on, I'm feeling that's where we as readers are all heading eventually, which I believe is a good thing.

Posted by Teerack

I like how the logo is just a rip off of the halo marathon symbol lol.

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

YAY More people will now be able to read comics

Posted by livlig

I live in Sweden and it's usually quite easy (if you live in Stockholm at least) to get hold of the latest comics on the day they are released. Today I picked up Wonder Woman #0, Batwoman #0, TWD #102, Revival #3, UC: Spider-Man #15 and the amazingly, spectacularly, sexy Spider-Men #5 form my LCBS.

The only drawback is that you usually have to order the books, and usually 2-3 weeks in advance (I use subscriptions). It sucks when you hear about a new series or an especially good issue a couple of days before they are released. My LCBS just decide to get a handfull of issues that are not for subscribers each week. So spurr-of-the-moment purchases are in general not that common.

And I never buy translated comics. Translations isn't really a thang in Sweden, although it's fun to look at very dated, old comic books that have been translated.

Posted by feargalr

Doesn't really affect me, but still this is real cool

Posted by Vulshock

Absolutely! If it helps the industry i can't see the problem. I don't think it's something i'm going to see in my country. I'm danish and we are a small country. Also I don't think I will be using it, since reading a comic book in my native language would feel weird.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Good idea I say!

Posted by fodigg

A good move on Marvel's part.

Posted by weromex

I like the idea, only thing is see how the translate could be... I'm here in Mexico and the publisher of Marvel books (Televisa) ah had several translation errors.

Posted by Squalleon

Digital comics is a good idea but only when the comics are made to be digital ex.Marvel Infinite Comics AvX

Posted by jesusdisciple001

I live in africa and don't get comics early

Posted by Lvenger

Big move from Marvel. This is gonna reach a huge audience.

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

i used to read really old comics in bengali.

Posted by RedOwl_1

So I learned english for nothing!

Kidding, kidding. I think it's a good idea,

Posted by Cavemold

Smart move as long if they get solid foundation it should be a good sales Increase

Posted by Zenistar

This is a really good idea as long as the original language comics are still available in parallel. My worst nightmare would be Comixology seeing that I live in Switzerland and then only making German / French / Italian translations available.

Posted by MilosRadmilac092

Personally it doesn't change anything for me... I live in Serbia, but I can read english very well so it's ok for me... I like it in original language because some of the meaning of the words is lost in translation, but it is great move for people that don't know english that well, and they wanted to read some of the marvel stuff... I have a few friends who wanted to buy Marvel/DC comics, but didn't want to do it because of the language barrier... Good move marvel!

Posted by Shotgun

Good move on Marvel's if only DC could do the same! Even better if I could just buy physically translated versions to show to my friends and classmates. Though I am curious as to whether or not the translated Chinese version will be done in butchered/simplified or traditional characters.

Posted by Michiel76

Well this is certainly a great step in the right direction, although i haven't read an american comic in my native language for over 20 years and i'm not about to start. 
I do hope the price is better since in my country we pay like 2 or 3 times the cover price.
I'm all for going digital since living space is limited here in Amsterdam and after 25 years of collecting you kinda need a room to stash your comics. 
I do however feel that american publishers should make it a bit more interesting for foreign readers to buy their comics. I sometimes get the feeling that the Marvelverse and the DCU consist of only the USA and the rest of the world hardly exist.
Still some effort is being made, Batwing is a good example. 

Posted by ReVamp

Magnificent move.

Posted by Aiden Cross

As a Dutch person i prefer to read comics in English anyway. Some things just get lost in translation, besides it helps me to get better at the English language ;)

Posted by thethistle

Ok. But are the pages that are written in untranslated Spanish still going to be untranslated? I'd like to know. And why in the first place is an English publication even in Spanish? Read Daredevil before Waid and the Power Man mini....