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Marvel Eyeing Vin Diesel

It looks like Marvel is aiming to reel in some extra star power.

According to Vin Diesel, Marvel has its sights set on him. The Fast & Furious 6 actor announced via Facebook that the House of Ideas wants to meet with him and he has "no idea what for," but I think it's safe to say we can all assume they have him in mind for a specific role. Now we're just left wondering what the potential role may be.

"Marvel has requested a meeting... no idea what for... haha, you probably know better than me..."

Some time ago, Diesel generated speculation when he posted two pictures of Vision on his Facebook page. it's entirely possible someone thought he looked the part, randomly sent that image his way and he dug it so he posted another image of the character as well. But, could it be this image eventually ended up in front of a Marvel exec and he or she loved the idea? Or maybe this is way off and he's being considered for another role? Thanos, perhaps?

What do you think, Viners? Could you see Diesel as Vision or Thanos... or do you think they have another role in mind for the actor?

Source: Facebook

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Posted by RedQueen
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I remember a video where he talked about being interested in playing Namor

Posted by khaos8791

I could see him playing the part of Eddie Brock/Venom.

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I can't see him playing Vision but he would be an ok Thanos but he would be perfect for the role of Drax

Edited by Oscars94

@daredevil21134: Yeah I don't see him as a good fit for Cage. Also , I thought he was going to be in the S.H.I.E.L.D Tv series?

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New Avenger?

Posted by SpectrumBlur
Posted by Barkley


bautista is playing drax....

Posted by The Mast

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I could see him as Vision, but he'd make a good Namor as well.

Honestly, I like the Masters of Evil idea that another member posted. Boy would THAT be cool... Get him in there as Executioner or even one of the Wrecking Crew...

Edited by mightypug78

i say dont use him at all, i want to see vision and thanos as vision and thanos. Not vin diesel/vision and vin diesel/thanos. I would use unknown actors so the actors become the character instead of the characters becoming the actor.

Posted by The Mast

S.M.H. at people in this thread, openly known as haters regarding Waid's Daredevil, saying this man could be Bullseye.

I cannot even. You do not get to say Waid knows nothing of Daredevil again. There is nothing about Vin Diesel that screams ANY character in Marvel besides the new Drax.

Posted by Lvenger

They should steer away from Diesel. I think it would be a mistake for any role.

This. He's not a good actor in the slightest.

Posted by MrMazz

Fast and the Furious crossover with the Marvel Universe!!!! The Avengers need Dom and his crew to steal The infinity gauntlet

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My money's on the Vision myself.

Posted by TheAmazingImmortalMan
Posted by girzaznot

When I read GotG his voice is close to what I imagine for Drax, plus he has the build for it. I would prefer him to Dave Bautista (pro wrestler) for Drax.

Posted by The Average Bear

I can only think it's Drax or Gladiator or someone bald-ish but then again hair can be slapped onto anyone to make anyone look like anyone so I'm clueless. I'm not too confident in his acting ability though and I know he isn't particularly known for it so I doubt he'd be anything more than a supporting role

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Why didn't you use "HOUSE OF stealing money making IDEA'S" ? Lol

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

He is great for Vision! Man Marvel is killing it! WTF Dc?

Posted by gumflabica

Drax would be the best choice, but most people who watch Disney shows have no idea who drax is... but then again, alot of people are completely oblivious to vision's existance. hell, i even knew someone who didin't know who wolverine was! she isn't with us anymore.... it wasn't an open cascet... too many pieces...

Posted by Fetts

Eh... I think Vin Diesel should stay out of the comic genre. I don't think he fits.

Posted by SadiaVicious

HELL YEAH, Vision running on Diesel now.

Posted by MyNameWasDeleted

He might make a suitable DareDevil. I hope it's tht because he really needs a re-boot

uh... no. Daredevil is lithe and not that bulked up.

I can see Vin as Punisher, or WonderMan, or MoonKnight- but I just don't think he can pull off the role of Vision. It would need someone that could affect a slightly deeper performance than Mr. Diesel can probably pull off.

Posted by herrweis

I'd love him as Luke Cage.I think people forget that Vin is black..well half black anyway.

Posted by LordRequiem

He'd be good as a hero, like you say, the Vision perhaps I think his persona would fit well into that role in this cinematic universe. I could not, however, condone him portraying any villain.

Posted by danhimself

@lifeboy said:


That's what I mean... the poster was a great idea but unfortunately had the side effect that to read the comic you had to destroy it; causeing you to buy 2 to keep one mint. Marvel loves stealing money making idea's like that poster idea. they are going to be all over that. Marvel can suck my hairy nuts...

exactly what ideas have they stolen from DC....I want specific examples to

Edited by lifeboy



Just right off the top of my head, how about miss america for start...

How about that new title where they ripped off Battle Royale for there avenges comic. They should have been sued...

How about when they stole that raccoon from the StarFox video game? And don't say dc stole Dexstar because they had Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew way before StarFox cameout...

How about the fact that the vast majority of there comics are avengers and xmen. They can't come up with any original ideas. House of Ideas my @$$.... lol

Ps. I'm sorry I didn't come to fight with you. I just got mad when I saw that "house of ideas" line in the topic.

Posted by Perfect 10

too big and simple to be the vision. groot yes. or even wonder man

Posted by greenenvy

Actually I always wanted or imagined him to be the choice for Richard corben's den which I think he is best suited for since he has the look and can pull it off what do guys think?

Posted by fantasyfreak

Vision definitely suits his actor skills, oh no, I didn´t!! :D No but seriously, that is probably the height of his acting capability.

Posted by Mrfuzzynutz

Maybe they want him to play a villain? I can see him playing the Wrecker of the Wrecking Crew

Posted by doombot890

@greenstone: welcome! Yeah your right he wouldnt be great for the role. He might be playing a villain...I think I'd like to see him as a villain

Posted by loQ_on

He'd make a perfect Black Bolt (he's got the voice for it too when needed). I doubt they would waste his voice (or pay him his price) just to say Groot. I also imagine they would go for more a guy with more angular features (model look) for Vision. In my opinion he would also make a great Namor.

Posted by loQ_on

@greenenvy: no doubt he would be an incredible Den. Looks exactly like him

Posted by V_Scarlotte_Rose

Nooo, not Vision! :(

Edited by M1cAL

@greenstone: 1. welcome to the vine. 2. i think he'd be alright as vision, but like u kinda said, he's too much of a badass. i'd like to see vision on the big screen & it's not like vin diesel is a bad actor, so im curious to see where this goes...

Edited by lifeboy

@perfect_10: send me a picture of you and I will tell you what comic character you would be a good cast for... your a chick right?

Posted by cloudzackvincent

He will be a very bad Vision

Posted by kid Apollo

if they only used his voice and they made it sound a little flatter it might work, but i dont think he should play the character if the vision. or thanos. maybe Groot or Rocket Raccoon

Posted by Loki2u

Who cares. I'm sick of these crappy articles posted to generate speculation.

Post it when an actual role is announced and its called 'news'.

Posted by ravisher

he can be the voice of rocket raccoon for all i care

Posted by stu

NOOOOO!!!!! not vin diesel !!! hes awful!!!

Posted by MartianManhunterIsBetterThanCyborg


Edited by k4tzm4n

@loki2u said:

Who cares. I'm sick of these crappy articles posted to generate speculation.

Post it when an actual role is announced and its called 'news'.

And yet you opted to click the article because...?

Vin Diesel announcing he's going into a meeting with Marvel is news. What, you think they want to ask him if they can use him in a comic book or something? It obviously has to do with the movies. From there, it's speculation about what role he'll have, but the fact they want him is news and is interesting to many.

Edited by thetonester89

It's a good idea to hire actors who are popular for films. That's just good business sense. When you think of Vin Diesel you think of action films. This should have happened already.

Posted by WallCrawlerCapedCrusader

Hopefully they cast him as a villain.

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