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Marvel Debuts EMBRACE CHANGE Commercial on ESPN2 Tonight!

Embrace Change?

Any Minor League Baseball Fans?

I am curious what this commercial will be like.  I don't normally watch Minor League baseball so I'm not sure what the chances that I'll see this tonight are.  This isn't the first time Marvel has teamed up with Minor League baseball.  I recall a free comic book giveaway that they did in the past.  The comics were exclusive and had different heroes dressed in baseball uniforms and such. 

As far as these "Embrace Change" ads.  I am a little worried.  What is this going to mean for the (immediate) future of the Marvel Universe?  Are the Skrulls going to be victorious?  Someone let me know if you catch the commercial.  Hopefully it'll be up on youtube or Marvel's site soon.

It’s the comic book event that has everyone from Entertainment Weekly to The Wall Street Journal  buzzing and now the years top-selling comic, Secret Invasion, makes its television debut on ESPN2 tonight! During tonight’s telecast of the Bricktown Showdown, the minor league baseball championship, beginning at 8pm EST, an ad for the Skrulls’ “Embrace Change” cause will run multiple times. As part of this partnership with MiLB, fans attending the game will also receive Thunder Stix promoting the upcoming Iron Man DVD & Blu-Ray discs (on-sale 9/30); Skrull Masks promoting Secret Invasion; and copies of Marvel Adventures: Iron Man #11and Marvel: Your Universe Saga.

So, tonight, no True Believer can afford to miss Minor League Baseball’s Bricktown Showdown, as Marvel’s brand new television commercial makes its television debut on ESPN2!

Posted by LightBright

The ads with Skrulls and people on are just plain creepy.

Posted by Mr. Wilson