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Marvel Cancels X-23

Looks like Wolverine's clone will be seeing a little less action at Marvel.

Earlier today a source revealed that Marvel's ongoing X-23 title has been canceled by the publisher. The news comes on the heels of a string of cancelled books from the publisher including ALPHA FLIGHT, VICTOR VON DOOM and the DESTROYERS. These cancelations were a result of, according to Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso in a recent Q and A, "new budgetary mandates" which forced Alonso and his team to "rethink the strategy."

X23 #20

Looking at the solicits to the upcoming February 2012 X-Men titles, X-23 is clearly missing, and according to a previously released solicit for issue #20, the issue will have the character returning to Utopia to decide whether or not she will take part in Regenesis. Whether X-23's title is missing for this very reason or not, remains to be seen. Will her book end now that she will be joining AVENGERS ACADEMY starting with issue #24 as well as a VENOM miniseries? We reached out to the series' writer Marjorie Liu to ask about the book's status, and are still awaiting her response to the news. As of last week, Liu reported on her blog that she is presently working on the lettering for X-23 #19 as well as two projects she cannot yet disclose.

The reveal that X-23 may be canceled is somewhat shocking considering the title sold fairly well compared to other Marvel books like AVENGERS ACADEMY and X-FACTOR. What do you think of the news? Have you been reading X-23? Will you be sad to see the title go?

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Posted by threeheadedmonkey

Maybe they've cancelled it to make way for a Wolverine & Deapool team up book. Seems Marvel gets angry when it's new characters books actually do well and starting finding a fan base....

Posted by Cafeterialoca

@slapz88: Well GOOD NEWS! She is JOINING the main cast of Avengers Academy.

Posted by moviegeek17

@Cafeterialoca said:

@slapz88: Well GOOD NEWS! She is JOINING the main cast of Avengers Academy.

well at least i found a way to retaliate at marvel now, I'm going drop new avengers for that. I was going to give new avengers another shot but now I'm in a screw it mood

Posted by Cafeterialoca

@moviegeek17: New Avengers? Bendis' Avenger books have been pretty terrible. You'll be doing yourself and Academy a favor.

Posted by RainEffect

What the heck happens to Sanada Takeda and Majorie Liu now? Two of the most talented employees of Marvel.

Posted by moviegeek17


yeah, i agree. His regular avengers book is ok but i definitely am not finished reading about x23 yet so ill gladly sacrifice a bendis book to keep a smaller marvel book alive.

Posted by Fantasgasmic

awwwwwwwwwwww. that sucks.

Posted by Cafeterialoca

@moviegeek17: And I fully believe you'll like Academy.

I mean, Bendis is redoing the Dark Avengers with just plain obscure villains. He even redos the whole Venom to Spider-Man scene to the T and it's even more nonsensical the second time. He's running out of ideas.

Posted by thatlad

Are you kidding me!?! The only marvel books I get these days are x-23, uncanny x-force, daken and new mutants. I'm dropping the pedestrian new mutants and I'd drop daken without a second thought. I thought marvel wanted to build a female character? Bad move marvel, it's no wonder most of my money is in dc pockets these days but x-23 is better than most of the dc comics I get. Shocking decision

Posted by difficlus

Never liked it...

Posted by andrea_mendoza1997

I am so pissed now, my heart sailed DOWN .

Edited by mightiness

Thanks goodness. Hopefully they kill the character off in the final issue. Although I do enjoy Marjorie as a writer. I wish she had written Black Widow for a bit longer.

Posted by sparty-dbq

This is the second bit of devastating news I've gotten in the last half-hour. The first is personal so I'd rather not go into it, just know that this hasn't been a good afternoon for me and my family.

Posted by LordRequiem

Why don't they cancel the Bendis garbage and keep something good for once. I don't read this, but it's a shame they are removing their interesting characters and teams, but still able to saturate their release of events and deaths for better known teams and characters.

Posted by Mayo88m

Man a little heart-broken over this one. This was one of my favorite series, and probably my favorite character. Sucks they decided to cancel this one, and I don't really understand why. I would have much preferred they canceled one of the other trillion X books.

Posted by moviegeek17

@Mayo88m said:

Man a little heart-broken over this one. This was one of my favorite series, and probably my favorite character. Sucks they decided to cancel this one, and I don't really understand why. I would have much preferred they canceled one of the other trillion X books.

true but that wouldn't piss off fans of this series

Posted by novakidx

I have a feeling it's not really "canceled" as more a natural end

as explained, X-23 will be in AA [avenger's academy], the venom crossover...and if she's involved in reenesis she might join one of the two teams...I don't think she needs an ongoing for now, especially with "budget cuts"

Posted by Tyrannotaur

Truly a shame. I really got interested in X-23 after Marvel Vs Capcom came out and I started to main her (I'm not very good, but w/e). I then went back and read Chris Yost's stuff that he did for her and loved them both. Then I went and read New X-men, and finally started reading her own series. A shame to see it go. I liked the work Liu was doing on it. Oh well, here's hoping she joins up with Wolverine again or gets another book sometime in the future. I will be checking out Avengers academy too.

Posted by jstarzyk

Darn!  I love Marjorie Liu.  :(

Posted by ClawFist

@EnSabahNurX: Well Wolverine the Best There Is is essentially being cancelled as no one is taking up the book after its current writer.

This is extremely upsetting news however, along with Wolverine, Daken, and X-Force, X-23 is on my monthly pull list. There just has to be some way to change Marvel's mind on this matter, there just has to be.

Posted by moviegeek17


Unless people start buying the book like crazy I'm afraid not. In fact that actually got alpha flight cancelled faster.

Edited by Danial79

It's not really that surprising. Of the 3 books mentioned, X-23 is dropping the fastest. Here are the year's sales so far, and you can see X-23 (blue) has the steepest decline. By comparison, Avengers Academy is very stable at around 24k.

Posted by daredeville

@Danial79: nice chart!

Glad to see Academy is pretty solid.. it's a great book...

If you've never read it, this is the perfect moment to jump on as they move to a new location, and new members are added.

I have not read X-23 since I've cut a lot of X-Men out of my diet.. but I loved Marjorie Liu's run on Black Widow, it was the best Black Widow series I've read in years... I hope she gets another series to work on... maybe even return to Black Widow..?!

Posted by VioletPhoenix


problem with that is that I'm not familiar with the Academy, I don't want to have to backtrack on their issues as well just so I can understand the context in which X-23 fits in. Her solo series was fine to keep up with after Second Coming and her X-experiences

Posted by Omertalvendetta

@Danial79: That's an awesome chart.... funny thing about X-23 is that the last arc was the better one out of everything that book's delivered. Funny how sales represent the opposite of what I feel.

Posted by Alch21

They should bring it back for her Fans. Kinda feel flat on me but she has fans, the book sells, why the hell not.

Posted by ImperiousRix

I left my in-depth thoughts in the other story. As for this one, I leave my reaction to Michael Scott...

Posted by moviegeek17

@ImperiousRix said:

I left my in-depth thoughts in the other story. As for this one, I leave my reaction to Michael Scott...

I had a similar reaction when i first found out the news lol

Posted by shawn87

Well that sucks. I'd say cut one of the four or five (can't keep track) Avengers titles to make room for X-23

Posted by Xenozoic Shaman

To be honest, the recent storyline seemed a bit weird to me. I had been picking up issues before that, but temporarily stopped with hopes that the next story would be better. Guess I'll have to wait a lot longer than I thought...

Posted by laabitres

thats some bs

Posted by Ultimate_MiracleMan

NNOOOOO!!! MY favorite X-character! She'd better be on AA permanently or there will be consequences.

Posted by jcbart

This is ridiculous. It's a very good title with brilliant writing by Liu and the stellar art of Noto. Silly Marvel.

Posted by halfpastwhenever

That's a shame I really liked what I read of this series.

Posted by perry_411

She gets moved to uncanny x-force

Posted by fodigg

@Babs: Once again Marvel's harsh budgeting axes a decent book, and surprise surprise, once again that book is their sole female solo ongoing title. What the hell Marvel?

Posted by Kairan1979
@perry_411 said:

She gets moved to uncanny x-force

Not with Wolverine's "kids shouldn't go to battle".
Posted by Spartacux_23

X-23 is one of my favorite character (look at my pseudo...), so i'm disappointed

Posted by Metatron_Da_Don
@halfpastwhenever said:
That's a shame I really liked what I read of this series.
@jstarzyk said:
Darn!  I love Marjorie Liu.  :(
Thought this was popular!  Did not know it was even in danger :(
Posted by perry_411

@Kairan1979: i thought she was 25 or so.

Edited by ka385385

No...This just not going well for me and Ms.Kinney recently.

Posted by evanescencefan91


not cool man, this is my favorite comic

Posted by Hakudoushinumbernine


I agree with that.

Posted by Hector

I was really liking the series especial with Phil Noto was doing the artwork.

Posted by DAKEN1

I will be very sad if they end X23s comic shes bin going so well, i really wanted to see where she would go, i hope this isnt it for her and all the other titles

Posted by muggerrooster

That's fine with me that last artist was itching my craw,I hope possibly Mike Choi's working on something with her those were and still are classics.

Posted by CellphoneGirl

Hey Marvel thank you so much for cancelling yet another amazing series that had a strong female lead -________- First Ms Marvel and now X-23? You guys really don't know how to please fans, because where i come from in a place called Common Sense land Happier Fans = More Money. Think next time please before you make an idiotic choice like this. I will however feel better if you guys do change your mind and bring back the title to make up for this. Though that probably won't happen :/

Posted by theQman121

This makes me sad. I only just picked up the first trade a few weeks ago and hadn't gotten around to reading it yet. I'll be reading through it tomorrow in mourning.

Posted by LoganX360

not to fond of x-23 , wolverine has been around for atleast 300 years , they could of came up with a better origin for an offspring .

i say have x-23 find Gateway & somehow get teleported to the future 31st century guardians of the galaxy for some soul searching ends up finding rancor & travels back to 616 present with her or just have rancor show up flinging x-23's corps in front of the avengers hq & say here's ur " wolverine" marketing for your team .