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Marvel Apes #1 Preview!

Marvel Apes #1

Marvel Apes #1—These Simians Have A Secret!

I can't wait for this.  I know some people have been quick to question this or simple put it down without having more information on it.  I say bring it on.  Who doesn't like monkeys (and chimps and apes and etc)?  If you don't think it's a good idea, you do have the simple choice of not buying it.  I'm sure some people were just as skeptical about the Marvel Zombies.  Look at how successful that's been. 

Get ready to see all your favorite Marvel Characters – as you’ve never seen them before! You’ve seen the Zombieverse, now plan to go bananas for the Ape-verse in Marvel Apes #1!   Welcome to the jungle as talented star-writer, Karl Kesel (Fantastic Four), introduces readers to a world where apes–in–capes run amok and humans are scarce! But just what is the terrifying secret behind this universe? And how does it relate to the Marvel Universe? Join the loveable loser, Martin Blank aka Gibbon, and the spunky villain, Dr. Fiona Fitzhugh, as they are transported to the United Simians of America!  With stunning interiors from red-hot artist, Ramon Bachs (World War Hulk: Front Line, Civil War: Front Line), meet the incredible primate super-heroes and villains, such as: Spider-Monkey! Doc Ook! Iron Mandril! The Simian Torch! Iron Paw! The Ape-vengers!  And many more ape-tastic characters!  Plus, this issue contains no ads, as Marvel is thrilled to present exciting backup tales exploring the Ape-verse in this extra sized issue!

Something has gone awry for the Ape-verse and it is up to the chimp-like mutant, Gibbon, to save the day – if he can survive this strange new world!  Prepare to run wild and for all the guerilla warfare you can handle this not-to-miss first issue, Marvel Apes #1!


MARVEL APES #1 (of 4) (JUL082298)
MARVEL APES VARIANT #1 (of 4) (JUL082299)
Written by KARL KESEL
Pencils by RAMON BACHS
Variant Cover by RAMON BACHS
Rated T+ …$3.99
FOC-- 08/14/08 On-Sale-- 09/03/08

Posted by Spider-Pantrelli

This actually looks pretty good, might be even better than Marvel Zombies.

Posted by pixelized

i wonder if beast will be in it

Posted by Last_Guardian


heck.....I'll read

Posted by KillerZ

pictures Tigra as tiger-ape.... o.O