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Marvel Announces Uncanny X-Force Day

Mark your calendar, October 6, 2010 is when the first issue is released.

Without a doubt, X-Force has been one of the hottest X-comic published lately. With the end of Craig Kyle and Chris Yost's run, most of us are unsure what the future will hold. We saw in Second Coming #2 that a new team would be debuting.  
To coincide with the release of the new title, UNCANNY X-Force, Marvel has announced "Uncanny X-Force Day" for Wednesday, October 6, 2010. Rick Remender and Jerome Opena take over the reigns and have big things in store for us. For readers lucky enough to go to a participating retailer, there's the opportunity to pick up an exclusive Uncanny X-Force print featuring the team's first appearance in Second Coming (with Greg Land art!), exclusive variants, mini-posters and more. There will also be an Uncanny X-Force #1 Blank Variant so you can draw your own cover (or get one drawn at the next convention you attend). Variant covers will feature art by Marko Djurdjevic, Clayton Crain, Rob Liefeld and J. Scott Campbell with a regular cover by Esad Ribic
If that wasn't enough, check out the preview for issue #1 below. 
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Posted by goldenkey

looking forward to this.  Loved the last X-force run.  The stories, the art was incredible.  This looks very promising too.  Hope they make Deadpool more badass then ass tho. 

Posted by PugSuperStar

Mmm, looks great!

Posted by Morpheus_
The art seems amazing (not Mike Choi amazing, but we can't have it all), and X-Force has been my favourite X book, especially when no crossovers where involved. Add Fantomex to the mix and I'll surely be giving this one a chance.
Posted by sora_thekey

Okay so we had an Avengers day, and X-Men day and now an X-Force day...
Is there a reason we aren't getting a Fantastic Four or a Spider-Man day?

Posted by Jake Fury

Havok and Polaris!!!!! I am in, in, in!
Posted by Kurrent

HAVOK.....WTH I am all over this now!

Posted by 604comics

Is that the interior art preview? I like it! Although I'm not sure about the look on Psylocke's face when they are flying down.

Posted by Thunderscream

Are Havok and Polaris gonna join the hunt for Apocalypse? If so this lineup is even more badass! come out 2 days before my b-day too XD

Posted by comicscott

x-force is awesome.
Posted by Mumbles

looks great

Posted by xerox_kitty

These themed days don't do much for me.  In fact, it's pretty much nothing.  They don't even celebrate Free Comic Book Day in most stores, and since comics aren't released till the Thursday, then no British comic shops bother to 'celebrate' these self-congratulatory Marvel days.

Posted by Cherry Bomb

Psylocke <3

Posted by Sheep-Kill

looks like this is going to be a good one.


Roll on October!

Posted by Man of Lengend

WOW this looks amazing i'm very excited

Posted by uncanny89

this is in my buy pile already lol, Psylocke is there, imo she always should have been

Posted by Metatron_Da_Don

archangel with full auto=win

Posted by haydenclaireheroes


Posted by Jordanstine

- Wolverine 
- Archangel 
- Deadpool 
- Psylocke 
- Fantomex..??? 
I am in.  
This is the X-Roster I've always wished would come true. 
This is what X-Treme X-Men should've been.  
I actually want an X-Force movie out now!
Posted by N7_Normandy
"Roll on October!"
Posted by Sobe Cin

Okay how are Havok and Polaris back on earth, and for that matter. Where's Marvel Girl (Rachel Grey?) Like to know where she is right now.
Posted by Bestostero

WOOO Looking forward to this!!!  Archangel and Psylocke are enough to make me go crazy...but if Havok and Polaris joins in too... #($*%#!!!!111!!!

Posted by Kid_Zombie

I'm in. Kyle and Yost are my favorite x-men writers so im a bit upset they are gone. Anyone know what they are doing next?
The team seems sweet, although I miss Warpath. Wish he was still on it. And I don't like how cyclops wont know about this team. He was the leader who fought tooth and nails to keep it a secret, don't like how he know doesn't now. but dig fantomx on the team. I really really hope deadpool doesn't break the forth wall in this book.

Posted by NXH

Loved the last X-Force. Wasn't too sure with this new one because Chris Yost and Craig Kyle did such an amazing job on that title., but after seeing a preview it has now made me more convienced that this may be pretty decent. I heard Rick Remender and Jerome Opena done a great job on The Punisher together. Don't know why Deadpool's custome is a different colour, probably to match rest of the team.

Posted by Wimjet

i loved x-force and the srt is still looking good so hopefully the writing will still be great, and X-Force day is the day after my birthday! :)
Posted by SupremoMaximo

It's good to see that Storm Shadow from GiJoe the Movie made it to the big leagues..

Posted by daken_2513

cant wait for this
Posted by TheWiFiJedi

Cant wait!!

Posted by DragonOFmarvel

Its been a while since ive seen havok or polaris. Im glad to see them in here.
Posted by Amegashita

  Art is great, I'll check it out just because of that.

Posted by Pizawle

Cannot wait! This will be fucking awesome!

Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt

Im so proud of Wade *sniff* hes finally where he belongs.  
it seems like just yesterday that i changed his diaper......... 
maybe hell finally settl down that psylocke girl seems nice.
Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt

but wait are we sure Havok and Psylocke actually joining the team or are the starjammers getting their own series and the characters just to close
Posted by carnivalofsins00

oh god! i was worried i wouldnt like this X- Force run, but i am already excited beyond belief.
Posted by jamdown

OMG the art work
Posted by Union of Europe
This looks a really good comic and is certainly a team with attitude.  Can I make what will probably be an unpopular observation...... this isn't a very powerful team. Althought they've got the "we're happy to kill mentality" are these characters really powerful enought to beat Apocalypto?  Maybe with Polaris and Havok but I didn't think they were in the team.
Posted by DMC
@Jake Fury said:
" Havok and Polaris!!!!! I am in, in, in! "
Hold on there, just because they're in the pic doesn't mean they're on the team. Besides they're not wearing the team colors ^_^
Posted by Jake Fury
@DMC said:
" @Jake Fury said:
" Havok and Polaris!!!!! I am in, in, in! "
Hold on there, just because they're in the pic doesn't mean they're on the team. Besides they're not wearing the team colors ^_^ "

Posted by Acewild

Its gonna be problems!!

Posted by Edamame

I like the artistic depiction of Apocalypse here.  Does anyone know when this trade paper back comes out? 
Also, I do not think that this team can defeat a fully powered Apocalypse, but that is what would make this story interesting. It will be a huge challenge for this team to take on Apocalypse. Maybe they will get Apocalypse weakened somehow? 

Posted by Journey Into Chaos

Awsome. I'm so looking forward to this hopefully someone will drive me. *marks date in calander*

Posted by wolfman54

Going to be the shit
Posted by Tmul501
@goldenkey said:
" looking forward to this.  Loved the last X-force run.  The stories, the art was incredible.  This looks very promising too.  Hope they make Deadpool more badass then ass tho.  "

Posted by shanagn7

after reading sex and violence i wish they would put domino back on this team that would complete the line up and it does'nt look like they have any other plans for her
Posted by jordama

I miss the old X-Force already
Posted by goldenkey

well one thing is for sure, people seem to really like the art, and I agree with that. 
Posted by jstarzyk

Yes! Blank cover two days before NY Comic Con!

Posted by jordama

I still wish toad made the team.
Posted by longas91
@Jordanstine: agreed! haha Psylocke=Win! :D
Posted by Despero is the beginning
Looks cool...
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