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Frank Cho will be writing and drawing the upcoming Marvel NOW! series.

Last week we saw the Marvel NOW! teaser 'SAVAGE' that only listed Frank Cho's name. The slash marks lead us to believe Wolverine would be involved. The question was, why would suddenly be savage in a new ongoing title?

Today, Marvel has released some more information on the title.

As you can see, the title does involved Wolverine. Frank Cho will be writing and drawing the title, which debuts in January 2013. Frank Cho is no stranger to the savage element. Cho gave an idea as to why the title will have the savage adjective at

Oh, it's gets pretty bloody and savage—in a good way.

As to how Cho got involved, Marvel EIC, Axel Alonso, called up Cho and asked if he wanted to work on Wolverine.

I came up with a cool Indiana Jones/Cthulhu type story that I've been toying around with, modified it and turned it into a Wolverine story. Axel loved the story and told me to start working.

It won't be all gruesome action. Cho reminds us that he does come from a humor background. He also pointed out that it's not just a Wolverine solo story. It'll be a team-up with Shanna the She-Devil. Surprisingly, Ka-Zar will not be seen in the story. What are the chances of Wolverine trying to hook up with her?

Check out the full interview over at

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Posted by Grey56

Indifference is choking me.

Posted by feargalr

Shoot, I was hoping for Savage Beast

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

I might add this to my pull list

Posted by SmashBrawler


Posted by Billy Batson

What a shocker! :o

Posted by Psycho_Soldier

Meh. x2

Posted by EnSabahNurX

@feargalr said:

Shoot, I was hoping for Savage Beast

I was hoping beast or a savage land book

Posted by GundamHeavyarms

Another wolverine book, blah.

Posted by CRTrobinson

Thank God all these haters let us know that they aren't interested. Could be a good pick up after all.

Posted by Outside_85

I suppose it was as inevitable as the sun rising.

Posted by GR2Blackout

I knew it!

Posted by DATNIGGA

wolverine is awesome but... come on now

Posted by jcj145

@CRTrobinson said:

Thank God all these haters let us know that they aren't interested. Could be a good pick up after all.

The wisdom in your words is astounding, and I second that opnion

Posted by eregecardoso

Cho writing Wolverine? Expect more macho bullshit from an overrated character. Not a very auspicious star for Marvel Now with this title.

Posted by zackattack529

*sigh why cant we ever have a good looking or good written wolverine series :/

He has soo much potential for a great series but no we get:

"ohh, its pretty bloody and savage --- in a good day."

that's what we've always had from wolverine!?! how bout' " ohh we got a pretty solid story for wolverine to go through, much of his past will be here to fight him as well as new enemies and new challenges. " THAT'S what i wanna hear. until then NO ill never pick up another issue of wolverine haven't in years

"I came up with a cool Indiana Jones/Cthulhu type story that I've been toying around with, modified it and turned it into a Wolverine story. Axel loved the story and told me to start working."

I swear that sounds like something my 12 yr old brother would say if he was writing Wolverine.


Posted by guttridgeb

Wolverine is better as a team character than a solo one. They should have given someone more deserving a comic.

Posted by wmwadeii

Hope its just a mini-series. From Cho's comment it seems that way.

Posted by SoA

doesn't look to savage on the cover. thanks Marvel NOW.

Posted by Cafeterialoca

You know, if they were going to do an ongoing about Wolverine in the Savage Lands, why are they doing a 5 issue arc of Wolverine and his kids in the Savages Lands in Wolverine and the X-Men?

Not to mention:

Captain America in Dimension Z for 10 issues

Avengers Arena about characters stuck in Murderworld

Captain Marvel is stuck time traveling

Dark Avengers are stuck Time Traveling

Original X-Men stranded in the present.

Stop stranding heroes in places Marvel! It's getting old! Especially since the Savage Lands is one of the most boring places in Marvel!

Posted by sj_esposito

If this is a mini, cool... I hope it's a mini at least...

Posted by Dark_Vengeance_

I'll give it a shot.

Posted by ArtisticNeedham

What about Supreme?

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

Love Wolverine but PASS!

Posted by Mutant God

not another wolverine book

Posted by evilvegeta74

They need to give Wolverine some air, he's an okay character but I preferred him before marvel seemingly made him larger than life.I prefer him as he was in the 80's uncanny xmen, now the guy is all over the place.

Posted by Novemberx2

Oh good lord....

Frank Cho Writing and drawing,

1) Expect Hyper sexualised women with massive breasts and very little clothes.

2) Heavy Delays

3) Bad Reviews

Posted by Cafeterialoca

You know, seeing how indifferent everyone is to Wolverine here...maybe it is time to cut back on him. God, that would make me beyond happy. I'm tired of him being Mutant Jesus.

Posted by x_29

I like Wolverine, but this sounds incredibly lame!

Posted by jwalser3

I'll probably pick it up.

Posted by God_Spawn

I think Wolverine can have great solo series, the guy can fit the loner perfectly. I'll probably pass on the book but we get enough of "Savage" Wolverine. I want Wolverine being the disciplined fighter he really is instead of just RAAAAGH! *SNIKT* getting lit up like the sky on the 4th of July. Running through hoards of bullets has lost its flair but Wolverine using skill is something that has to be a treat lately and it kind of sucks cause that is a huge part of his character.

Posted by theTimeStreamer

where is that genius detective that said this wasnt a wolverine book? and haters can suck it.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous


Posted by fodigg

Does it bug anyone else when they draw wolverine's claws longer than his forearms?

Posted by spinningwebs

@fodigg: It makes me wonder how wolverine bends his wrists at all.

Posted by Blizaga101

I really dislike how wolverine is drawn on the cover, the backgrounds nice though

Posted by Sixsoda

Wow I'm so intrested for Savage Hawkman Wolverine looks like this New 52 Marvel Now thing will be Interesting.

Posted by Mrfuzzynutz

Putting Cho on a book without a female lead..? Question the wisdom of that lol

Posted by feebadger

I hate you, Marvel.

Posted by Psycho_Soldier
@Sixsoda: it could always get worse... after some issues you could get Liefield on board to make it extreeeeeeme
Posted by sweatboy

those caveman look very feline. like say Romulus or the tribe Wildheart and wolverine come from

Posted by Twentyfive

Cool. Can't wait. I used to hate Wolverine for some reason. But I like him now.

Posted by bladewolf


Posted by BritishMonkey

Sounds good.

Posted by Danial79

He had me at Cthulhu :)

Posted by ectoborge

They had me at wolverien vs Chthulhu

Posted by TheAmazingImmortalMan

As a huge Wolverine fan I'm on board as @theTimeStreamer said:

haters can suck it.
Posted by daredevil21134

I really wish Marvel would give some of their less popular characters a solo instead of just throwing them on team books or not using them at all.Wolverine has enough places to show up already

Posted by MagmaGazer

Have to say...this sounds pretty weak for a relaunch of a title... lackluster as it was...

Edited by DMC

After reading about this my first reaction that's it? So far it doesn't seem like Cho isn't bringing much to the table, though he and Marvel are "keeping mum" about what lies ahead.

Would I have preferred for Cho to lay out his blueprint? Elaborate on the new elements he's going to bring to the character/mythos, new villians, concepts etc? Maybe, but this book comes out in January so there's still time. Plus, raising expectations so high, so early isn't always the best strategy.

Hopefully we'll find out there's more to this book and it won't rely on cheesecake.

Posted by DJ1107

I'm just hoping that this will get the bad taste that Jeph Loeb left on the character outta our mouth. And to the hater who compared Marvel NOW to New 52. Not all the books are getting cancelled. Marvel isn't rebooting there entire universe while leaving 2 characters unchanged leaving everything in the universe a mess on how it works. Read the book before you condemn it.

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