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Marvel Announces 'All-New Marvel Now plus New INVADERS and INHUMAN Series

New jumping one points for new series are coming up again.

Today Marvel has announced that due to the success of Marvel Now, an initiative offering new "entry points" into their characters, they are doing it once again. It all begins on December 24 with AVENGERS #24. This second wave will continue through April and will launch new books for January including INHUMAN (by Matt Fraction and Joe Madureira) and ALL-NEW INVADERS (by James Robinson and Steve Pugh).

INHUMAN will focus on what happens when a large population of people are exposed to a mist (Terigen Mists, we can assume). Those exposed become powerful Inhumans.

Captain America will be teaming up with his old WWII buddies in ALL-NEW INVADERS.

Along with Cap, the series will have Namor, Bucky Barnes (as the Winter Soldier) and the original Human Torch. They won't be revisiting old war adventures as Cap's team has to fight off the Kree Empire as they try to "rediscover a device that can control gods and create an unstoppable army."

Source: USA Today

Here's a cover of AVENGERS #24 courtesy of Marvel.

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@wwajfan: They actually did a half decent job of addressing the continuity thing in Uncanny Avengers a couple issues ago. IDK if you're reading that book, but if you're not I'd recommend it.

But I would like to see that Venom relaunch also.

@kilowog52: He turned up alive, somehow. His perceived death did allow Steve to smoothly transition back to being the main captain america, while Bucky went back to his old job. Then a bunch of craziness happened which lead to Bucky getting his own Limited series, Winter Soldier. Comic Vine made a huge deal about when it came out too. I read it and I think it actually did live up to the hype CV gave it.

In a side note, DC is on time-out for me after that Batwoman fiasco. Homophobic or not, that book was too good to ruin with executive meddling.

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Inhumans will interest me.

Posted by TheIncredibleSuperHulk8642

Inhuman looks good, Might have to check it out.